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How to Program your Crystal in Seven Ways?

How to Program your Crystal in Seven Ways?

When you program a crystal, you are charging it with intentions for manifestation. Programming crystals is easy. It depends on the technique you choose. First step is to clean your crystals with salt. Next, cleanse it with a clear quartz or selenite wand. All crystals need cleaning whether it is new or been with someone else or been in the attic for too long. Got it? So, what did you clean your crystal with? I would love to know. Share it in the comments below!

Once you are done, pick a method from below and program your crystal.


Table of Contents:

What Is The Meaning Of Programming Your Crystal?
How To Program Your Crystal In Seven Ways?


What is the meaning of programming your crystal?

How to Program your Crystal in Five Ways?

When you program your crystal, you are setting it for the manifestation of a clear and direct thing you desire in life. It could be wealth, beauty, money and anything you desire.

Programming your crystal makes it powerful as the energy in the crystal is then focused to a finite point. Programming your crystal is important for making it work in ways you want. It is not demanding something of your crystal, but learning to communicate in ways the crystal can understand.

How to Program your crystal in Seven  Ways?

How to Program your Crystal in Five Ways?

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced crystal user, getting all the ways to program your crystal in one sheet can be time taking. Don’t worry, our experts have drafted Seven ways to help you out.

Let’s begin!

1.    Program Your Crystal With A Wand

Natural Labradorite Quartz WandWand

Crystal wands are four to six faced polished crystals with one or two terminations. They focus the energy of your manifestation. Crystal wands programming is the easiest among the techniques of programming your gemstone.

  • Pick your crystal wand with the right hand.
  • Circle the wand over the crystal you want to program.
  • Repeat the circle thrice in clockwise motion.
  • Focus the tip of the wand on the crystal.
  • Touch it gently on the crystal.
  • Set the programmed crystal aside for a few hours.

2.    Program your Crystal with a Dowsing Pendant

Natural Amethyst Stone PendulumsPendulumGold Color

When you have a crystal pointed to create dowsing, it recharges your chakras and programs it. For manifesting the best energy from your crystal, hold the dowsing pendant over the person by chakra points. Learn to speak the vibration of the crystal by determining the vibrations for ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

  • Take your dowsing pendant in the right hand.
  • Hold it over the chakra you want to program.
  • Chant the name of the chakra.
  • Continue for five minutes and move onto the next chakra when the vibration stops.
  • You can also ask the crystal when the programming is done and it will respond in vibrations.

3.    Program Your Crystal With Affirmations

100% Natural Pyramid Clear Crystal Quartzraw stone

You can create affirmations for your intention and use the crystal to focus the same thoughts. To create affirmations, you should meditate and find out what you desire in life. You are directly communicating with the crystal when you’re making affirmations.

  • Write down your affirmation such as “I am beautiful or I am energetic”.
  • Take your crystal in your palms.
  • Hold it against your eye level.
  • Chant your affirmation looking into the crystal.
  • Repeat the incantation for five minutes.
  • Set the crystal aside.

4.    Program your Crystal with a Palm Stone

Charming Natural Red Onyx Agate Palm Stonesraw stone

All you need to do with a worry stone is hold it. It works automatically and directs you on what to do. Palm stones are best for changing your mood and clearing negativity or panic. Programing your crystal with your palm stone only requires you to ruffle the stone in your hands.

  • Pick up your Carnelian Agate Worry stone in hand.
  • Ruffle it from the first finger to the last finger.
  • Chant your affirmations under your breath with closed eyes.
  • Continue for ten minutes.

5.    Program Your Crystal With Meditation

Natural Dolomite Sphere Crystal Ballraw stone

Some crystals can help you enter thetawave meditation easily. Recognize it by programming your crystal with meditation. Your charged mindset can charge the crystals even more to make your manifestation work.

  • Sit down on a yoga mat.
  • Pick your crystal with right hand.
  • Close it with left palm.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Focus on your meditation.
  • Visualize the energy

6.    Program Your Crystal With Chakras

Seven Matrix Topaz Crystal Ballsraw stone

Explained as wheels of life in Sanskrit, there are 7 major chakras and 114 total chakras in the human body. Provided is an example of root chakra charging. You can work on each chakra as you want depending on which energy you want powered up.

  • To charge root chakra, lay down on the yoga mat.
  • Place the crystal on your root chakra.
  • Close your eyes and visualize energy rising from the end of your spine.
  • Remove the crystal from the body.
  • Get up and relax for five minutes before moving on.

7.    Program Your Crystal With A Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowldecoration

A copper bowl that comes with a Himalayan wood mallet with a leather wrapping for acoustic programming. Tibetan bowl creates acoustic programming that helps you connect with nature in a way very few shamans can.

  • Take a Tibetan Bowl.
  • Place your crystal to program inside the bowl.
  • Take the wooden mallet.
  • Rub the mallet on the edge of the bowl.
  • Continue the same motion until you hear vibrating sounds.
  • Do it for five minutes.

Before you go

Which is your favorite way to program a crystal? Tell us in the comments below! Our crystal community loves hearing about programming crystals.

Are there any experience of programming your crystal that you stumbled upon? Tell us everything in the comments!

Stay powerful~

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