How To Improve Leadership Skills With Crystals In 10 Minutes!
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by Ceida Uilyc July 29, 2017

Being a leader is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of skills. Moreover, just being a leader is not self-assuring. If you want to steer your personal and professional career as a leader, chief or head forward, seek the right gemstones for Crown, Third-Eye, Throat and Heart Chakra Powers.

Effects of Gemstones on Leaders

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

Leaders are not born with superlative management to organizational skills, but they work hard through professional experience to attain where they have reached.

In fact, every chakra point can be systematically awakened with gemstone energy to upgrade your leadership skills.

1.       Success

Activating the all-seeing Third Eye Chakra, Success is the first symptom on leaders using gemstones. Colors such as yellow to bright shades emanate energies of positivity and success in the wearer. By programming your crystal with the 3rd-Eye Chakra, you also awaken the intuitive powers within your subconscious.

2.      Creativity

An important power for leaders, creativity and imagination helps in growing your career forward as well as help your comrades. To activate creativity that captures your audience in a wink with functional fundamentals, Crown Chakra power is activated with the right gemstone as a crystal patch or within a grid.

3.       Confidence

Leaders without self-confidence will not convert others to trust in him. Using gem elixirs to crystal massages with sacral chakra crystals will power the kundalini or life force energy. By activating the Sacral chakra, you can boost your confidence and traits that truly make you a great leader.

4.       Authority

Another omnipotent trait of a good leader is how well he or she expresses goals and plans to his crew. To sound authoritative and factful, use a Throat Chakra Crystal to calm your nerves and bring clarity to speech. If you want gemstones to help you with oratorical skills, throat crystals are your best pick!

5.       Understanding

A good leader must understand his crew and extend a helping hand whenever they are in need. For the same, a big heart is a necessity for every leader. If you’re deaf to your children, how will you lead them? Use a Heart Chakra crystal to emanate feelings of empathy, comprehension and trust amongst your team.   

6.       Will Power

In fact, a good leader must have will power to commit to hundreds and thousands of followers and give courage too. Using the Solar Plexus Crystal, you can boost your will power than an ordinary person!

7.       Stability

Commitment and stability are the two mandatory traits in a good leader. For this, use Base or Root Chakra crystals that are ideal for grounding your beliefs and ideologies. Gemstones help in stabilizing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually without wasting time or money.

7 Must-Have Healing Crystals for Leadership Skills

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

Leadership healing crystals boost the ideal virtues that every leader must have. Healing crystals that help in boosting concentration to positive traits are necessary for a leader, regardless of the field. Use the follow healing crystals as elixirs, patches or massagers to imbibe healing energy within your vital chakra points.

·         Tiger Eye for Intuition  

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

Intuition helps to see what ordinary people don’t see. In a leader, tiger eye brings clarity and clairvision when used on higher chakras such as Third Eye and Crown.

·         Red Aventurine for Optimism

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

Another aspect of self-esteem and confidence, Red Aventurine brings faith, trust and belief in one’s own potential through intellectual reasoning. Red Aventurine is a Base or root chakra crystal that also helps in balancing work with life, love and spiritual quest.

·         Sunstone for Responsibility

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

To grow maturity, seriousness, heightened dedication and commitments as a leader, you need a gemstone that enlightens you. Sunstone carries the bright energy of Sun God Ra which activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

·         Citrine for Manifestation

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

A gemstone for Solar Plexus, Sacral and Crown Chakras, Citrine brings the power of transmutation. A high-level magic stone, citrine is a stone that ticks the cosmic hidden truths and help you realize the bigger picture on destiny in life.

·         Sodalite for Innovation

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

Sodalite charges the neural pathways to logically deduce creative plans for success and higher productivity. Sodalite is a calming crystal that activates the heart chakra and helps in understanding your team better.  

·         Sapphire for Communication

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

A good leader must be amicable and fluent in talking as well as listening. Wear a blue sapphire to lift your powers of expressing thoughts helps in conveying goals and duties to your troupe by activating the throat chakra.

·         Iolite for confidence

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

Yet another important trait of leaders is confidence. To convince your team into trusting you, trust yourself. Iolite is a crown chakra stone that rewires your aura as well as brain.

Before you go …

How to Improve Leadership Skills with Crystals in 10 Minutes!

To unlock the secret leadership skills, you need to understand the cycle of merits you can unlock being a leader using the immense power of healing crystals.

Which gemstone gave a flashback of the best leader you know in the world?

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