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7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

Stress is a slow-killing parasite. If you let it gnaw your peace, you will forget how to get rid of it. For all those people trying to free from the clutches of Stress, we have 7 Amazing Ways to Skip Stress from Life and live happily. Start exploring!

7 Rocking Ways to Skip Stress from Life Easily

7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

Wondering about the most effective ways to evade stress in life? It is not easy until you stumble on how experts do it. We will tell you all about preventing stress in life using household items and a few minutes of peace like the Crystal Hermits do.

1.      Use Positive Affirmations

7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

When stress is building up, physically, it is the stress hormone named cortisol building up in the brain. Once you use positive affirmations that counterbalance the stressful thoughts, you have a good chance at beating stress.

Sample of Positive Affirmations you can use to Skip Stress from Life

  • If you’re feeling stressed because of love, say, “I’m loved and special”.
  • If you’re feeling angry at your finances, say, “I can manage money efficiently/ I will find a way”.

2.      Meditate at the Onset of Stress

7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

Meditation is the newfound key in modern psychology to beat stress. It works your cognition or consciousness to remove stress mechanically.

How to Meditate to Skip Stress from Life

  • Sit comfortably on the Yoga Mat.
  • Close Your Eyes.
  • Take Deep Breaths.
  • Focus on every Breath.

3.      Go Out for a Walk on the Green Side

7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

Greenery is soothing to the eye biologically, so is it for the body. Take a walk outside and let the wind run through when you’re stressed.

How to Skip Stress from Life Using a Walk Outside

  • Find a Park close to your location.
  • Walk to the park focussing on your breath.
  • Watch the flora and fauna in the park once you’re there.
  • Stroll until you’re calm.

4.      Share your Stress with a Friend or Mate

7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

Another way to lessen stress is by sharing it. You can call up friends or family members to listen to you if you’re a good listener too. It also gets you actionable goals and solutions for your stress when you’re sharing it with a person.

How to Share Your Stress With Friends to Skip Stress from Life

  • Call up you Best Friend.
  • Share what happened in your life with him or her.
  • You can voice your opinions because your friend will not judge, but show you the right way.

5.      Make a Mind Map

7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

The best way to clear the mind chatter with a realistic method is using the Mind Map. You can use the mind map to transfer the clutter in your head to the paper.

The Right Way to Use a Mind Map to Skip Stress from Life

  1. Take an A4 Size Sheet of paper.
  2. Now write your Name in the Middle.
  3. Write 4 fields stressing you out, like, Money, Love, Stability, Shelter and so on.
  4. Add everything stressing you under each field.
  5. Once the paper is filled, pick out five stressful things.
  6. Write action plans to resolve those five stressful things.
  7. Continue to the rest of the list!

6.      Write a Letter to a Friend

7 Ways to Skip Stress from Life Like a Rockstar

Another interesting way to get rid of stress is by venting it out through positive channels. You can get an old-fashioned blue letter and write one full page of an expressive message to your BFF or mate. It will clear your mind and thicken your bond!

How to Write an Excellent Letter to a Friend for Stopping Stress from Life

  • Buy a Letter.
  • Start Writing without stopping, cutting or pausing.
  • When you’re finished, skip proofreading and send it!

7.      Use Stress-Relieving Gemstones to Help You

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant

Healing crystals are filled with powerful energies that can get rid of stress quickly. They do so by powering the higher chakras such as Crown Chakra, Third eye Chakra, Throat and Heart Chakras. Once you do the crystal programming with any of these crystals, you can get rid of stress in a wink!

How to Use Stress Relieving Gemstones to Skip Stress forever

  1. Take a Stress Relieving Crystals such as Clear Quartz.
  2. Place it on your Crown Chakra.
  3. Now close your eyes and meditate.
  4. Chant positive affirmations while you’re using crystal rituals to skip stress forever.
  5. You will notice instant effects.

Hold On …

We didn’t tell you which the best gemstones to skip stress in life are. You can use Selenite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and even Howlite to avoid stressful situations physically and spiritually in life.

Stress is not the biggest disease in the world. You’re powerful and with a history of beating many more visible evils. So, brace up and ready to kill stress with these powerful crystals.

Stay poweful~

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