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How to activate selenite?

How to activate selenite?

One of the powerful crystals that can make you intuitive, selenite has to be activated at first. It’s a stone that needs direction once you clean and bond with the stone. Moreover, selenite is a crystal that can be activated to amplify the powers of your crystal grid and other crystal jewelry too. To put it to the best use, I will describe five ways to activate selenite with things around your house.

What is the meaning of activating Selenite?

When you activate your selenite, you are programming it for a set intention. This is a thing you can do with every one of your crystal once you bond with it. Mostly, your crystal guides you on what to do. But, if you’re new to crystal healing, activating selenite will help the crystal manifest your intentions.

How To Activate Selenite?

Selenite Crystal Candle Holder can purify you

It is easy to activate your selenite crystal. Rock gypsum selenite is already clean as it is a self-cleansing crystal, but you can rinse it under water. Don’t soak it. Next step is to bond with the crystal by spending time with it. You will know when your relationship is flourishing!

  1. Full Moon Night Incantations

The best thing to activate selenite crystal is the full moon energy. As selenite is the crystal blessed by the Moon Goddess Selenite, it can be charged with healing energy of third eye with a soak under the moonlight.

  1. Tibetan Crystal Bowl

You can place your celenite crystal in a Tibetan singing bowl and acoustically program it. All you need to do is rub the edges of the copper bowl with the Himalayan wood mallet.

  1. Crystal Wand Selenite Chakra Activation

Just point the selenite wand at your crown or third eye chakra and meditate for ten minutes.  


Bonus Tip- Smudge the selenite crystal with sage to activate it. Sage is a blessed purification herb. Wanna know more about selenite? Leave us a comment!

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