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Hessonite Garnet History, Meanings and Properties

Hessonite Garnet History, Meanings and Properties

One of the unique stones in the gemstones family, hessonite is a garnet with a different chemical composition than any other garnet. It is a special stone used in the past for wealth, abundance and prosperity. Highly valued for its metaphysical values, hessonite awakens the power of stability by opening your first chakra. But more on the powers and history of hessonite garnet below.

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Table of Contents:

What Is The Meaning And History Of Hessonite?
How To Identify Hessonite Garnet?
Where Is Hessonite Found?
Which Finger To Wear Hessonite
When To Wear Hessonite?
What Is The Chakra Of Hessonite?
Which Planet Rules Hessonite?
Who Can Wear Hessonite?
- Hessonite Garnet For Astral Travel And Meditation
- Wealth With Hessonite
- Hessonite For Health
- Protection Using Hessonite Garnet
- Hessonite For Courage
- Focus With Garnet Hessonite
- Hessonite For Success
- Infections Curing Crystal Hessonite
How To Wear Hessonite?
• How To Clean Hessonite Garnet?
• Charge It With A Tibetan Bowl
• Affirmation Programming
• Focus A Wand First
• Talk With Hessonite Garnet


What is the meaning and History of Hessonite?

Originating from the Greek word ‘esson’ meaning inferior as Hessonite garnet has inferior harness and density compared with other garnet varieties. Hessonite is a type of Grossular garnet popular as the Gomed stone and the cinnamon stone for its eponymous colors. It scores 6.5 to 7 on MOHS.  

Another famous name for hessonite is the honey stone for its multiple inclusions that mimic a honeycomb. It was widely popular with the Romans and the Greeks for healing and ornamental values.

How to Identify Hessonite Garnet?

Hessonite is easy to confuse with hyacinth the orange variety of zircon. Although the key differences to lookout for are the colors. Presence of iron and manganese gives the stone its special orange color. There are hessonaite garnets in pink to brown and honey yellow too. Hessonite stones do not have cleavage. They are often found in sand and gem gravel.

You will notice a particularly greasy texture on a hessonite variety of garnet. They can exist in transparent to translucent varieties. Chemically, hessonite garnet is calcium aluminum silicate. They are often seen with vivid inclusions. It is not as strong as hyacinth too, both physically and metaphysically.  

Where is Hessonite Found?

Hessonite is found all over the world. Primary locations for hessonite garnet mines are Southern Switzerland, India, Germany, Russia and Mexico. Sri Lanka and Brazil also produce good varieties of Hessonite garnet. Canada, Italy, Siberia and United States are other origins of hessonite garnet.

Which Finger to Wear Hessonite

Astrologically, it is important to wear hessonite on the Middle finger of your dominant hand. If you eat or work with your right hand, right is your dominant hand, and vice-versa. When you wear hessonite on the central finger of your power hand, you will attract success and amass wealth closer to you.

Hessonite blesses you with increased chances of success. It is a stability stone that you should wear if you’re going through a tough time yourself.

When to wear Hessonite?

The best day to wear hessonite is on Saturday mornings from 7 am to 11 am, precisely. When you do so, you are pleasing the planet that is ruling hessonite. As hessonite is influenced by the shadow planet of rahu, you need to follow the right rules when wearing hessonite jewelry.  

What is the Chakra of Hessonite?

When you touch a hessonite, the energy of the crystal opens your root chakra. Hessonite is a stone of stability because it grounds you by connecting you to Mother Gaia.

When your root or base chakra is out of place, you will feel disoriented, ungrounded, dizzy, confused and irritable. When your root chakra is aligned, you will feel peaceful, stable, calm, stress-free and clear. Root chakra is located at the end of the spine and it connects you to the Earth energies. It is the first major chakra in the human body.

More on Root Chakra here.

Which Planet Rules Hessonite?

You might not know about Rahu because it is a shadow planet according to Vedic Astrology (Indian). Rahu is often believed to the doer of all things bad as it is a demon god. Do you know the malefic effects of Rahu lasts an 18 years?  

The first and foremost effect of hessonite is protection from the demons unfolded by Rahu, the shadow planet on you. You can be weak and fragile or full of fear when you’re influenced by Rahu. Kids under the influence of Rahu don’t expect elders and adults under the influence of Rahu disrespect others. You will find them unhygienic and infertile.

Rahu problems will be resolved and remedied by wearing the hessonite garnet on you.

Who can wear Hessonite?

There is no universal answer to who can wear hessonite. You, me and everyone can wear Hessonite. But, if you’re looking for the benefits of hessonite, you’re at the right place. We’ve collected a list of nine benefits to wearing hessonite if you religiously follow all the rules around it.

-       Hessonite Garnet for Astral Travel and Meditation

The first and the foremost energy of hessonite that you will feel are its high vibrations. Hessonite encourages cosmic consciousness so that you can travel the universe without your body. This garnet variety is known to make your mind calm by inducing special frequency waves.

Hessonite garnet helps you relax and communicate with the spirits of the earth and the universe we live in.

-       Wealth with Hessonite

Another little known power of hessonite is to attract wealth into your life. Hessonite can eradicate the blocks of energy in your chakra points by flushing energy of positivity through you. This grossular garnet is known for attracting abundance into your life by cleaning your karmic debts. Wealth comes quickly as your career begins to progress when you wear a hessonite.   

-       Hessonite for Health

People never share how hessonite works on the physical body. Well, I will tell you. Just as garnets can heal the digestive system, hessonite can heal all your gut problems. It will resolve the underlying problems of lethargy or stomach trouble you are feeling. Hessonite can even help with allergies to food and other materials with regular wear.

-       Protection using Hessonite Garnet

Are you sure you need protection? Is someone trying to harm you? Tell somebody close to you about it and take the help of hessonite to remove the harmful element from your life. Hessonite connects with the root chakra to create a cocoon of protection from the energy of the earth. It can also protect you from energy and psychic attacks.

-       Hessonite for Courage

Are you afraid of something or somebody? Don’t worry. Talk about it to a friend or family and then talk to your crystals about it. Hessonite powers up your self-confidence to face your fears. You will feel power and courage to face your challenges when you have hessonite by your side.

-       Focus with Garnet Hessonite

For those of you who want concentration and clarity, hessonite works well. That’s because hessonite garnet has the ability to clear negativity from your mind and space. Garnet hessonite increases your wit and decision making skills. You will find uplifted and confident or even intelligent when you wear a hessonite on you.

-       Hessonite for Success

Are you facing failures at work? Hessonite can help you out. A gemstone for bring personal and career success for hardworking people, hessonite can bring you the good will blessings of the shadow planet too. It clears the blocks due to envy and enmity from your path to success. It will even invite winning opportunities into your life if you wear hessonite for long.   

-       Infections Curing Crystal Hessonite

Do you know hessonite can accelerate the work of medicine? If you have a skin infection, place a hessonite on the bedside table that you’re resting or sitting. Within a few hours, hessonite will penetrate your skin cells and start repairing you. It is the best gemstone to remove skin problems too.

How to Wear Hessonite?

Are you wondering how to use hessonite? It’s a beautiful stone that can be used steadfast without any hassles. If you just got a hessonite in the mail, you need to start from step one and proceed onto each step after. Let’s begin!  

·      How to Clean Hessonite Garnet?

Although there are many ways to clean a hessonite, I prefer selenite wand to do the best work.

  • Take the selenite wand in the right hand.
  • Focus on the hessonite in your left hand.
  • Circle the clear quartz over the hessonite thrice.
  • Do it before and after crystal work.
  • You can also use a clear quartz wand.

·      Charge it with a Tibetan Bowl

One of the best ways to introduce acoustic charging, charging your hessonite with a Tibetan bowl is quick.

  • Take the hessonite in your hand.
  • Place it in the Tibetan bowl.
  • Take the wooden mallet.
  • Rub on the edge of the copper bowl with the mallet.
  • Continue for five minutes.
  • Do it before and after crystal work.

·      Affirmation Programming

Another way to charge your crystal hessonite is with the affirmation manifestation you need to realize.

  • Take the hessonite in your right palm.
  • Close it with your left palm.
  • Open it and look at it.
  • Say your manifestation such as ‘wealth, bless with abundance, success’ and so on.
  • Continue for ten minutes until you feel the crystals vibrating.

·      Focus a Wand First

You can always use a crystal wand to make your focus on the hessonite better. This will bring hidden potential of the wand into the mix.

  • Take your crystal wand.
  • Focus onto the hessonite.
  • Touch it with the tip of the wand.
  • Circle the wand thrice over the hessonite.

·      Talk with Hessonite Garnet

Do you want to know what hessonite has to tell about your life? Talk with a dowsing pendant. First determine the yes and no vibrations or oscillations and then proceed to the below.

  • Take the Dowsing pendant in the right hand.
  • Hold it over the hessonite crystal.
  • Record the vibrations for yes and no.
  • Ask your questions one after another.

Before you go …

Found out everything you need to know about hessonite garnet? Do you have a hessonite? Share your experience with our crystal lovers in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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