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Hematite Bracelet Meanings, Properties and Powers Defined

Hematite Bracelet Meanings, Properties and Powers Defined

A lovely metallic color that is incomparable with other precious gemstones, hematite is a semi-precious stone filled with metaphysical powers. It can guide your way and fill your life with optimism. Wearing hematite bracelet will help you repel psychic attacks too. Everything about hematite bracelet meanings and powers described in detail today …

What Is Hematite Bracelet?

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When hematite beads are used to string together in a bracelet, it is called a hematite bracelet. Just like an hematite ring, It is a special jewelry that keeps multiple chakras aligned at the same time. Hematite bracelet can help you stay connected to your true self, throughout the time you wear it. Inner voice will be audible by wearing hematite jewelry.

Hematite Bracelet Meaning

The meaning of hematite bracelet is strength and will power. It is a jewelry made of semi-precious gemstone to trigger your life force energy. It can connect with higher and lower chakras to make you feel intuitive to grounded. Bracelet made of hematite crystals are powerful for ejecting negative thoughts from your mind. It will fill you with positivity.

Affirmation for Hematite Bracelet

You can use the following affirmation to fill you with the love and light of hematite before you wear the hematite bracelet. Just take the bracelet in your right palm and chant the affirmation thrice!

“Fill me with the elixir of Life. Calm my lust for anxiety. Calm me now.”

What Hand Do You Wear A Hematite Bracelet On?

It is best to wear hematite bracelet on your left hand, regardless of your dominant hand. When you wear bracelet hematite on your left hand, it will awaken your intuitive center in the chakra anatomy. You will feel empowered, ready and confident at everything.

What Is Hematite Bracelet Chakra?

Root chakra is the power center of hematite healing crystal. When you work with a bracelet made of hematite beads, you will feel heat at the end of your spine where root chakra is located. It is a bracelet for protecting your from evil eye and energy attacks. With the power of root chakra, you will find balance whenever you wear the hematite jewelry.

Who Should Wear Hematite Bracelet?

Aquarius is the official zodiac sign of hematite. Bracelet hematite for Aquarius will bring courage and self-confidence. You will no longer have destructive thoughts. Optimism will flow through you. Rage and anger will diminish and you will find your destiny.

How to Clean Hematite Bracelet?

Do you know hematite is iron oxide? That’s the reason it is easy for your hematite bracelet to rust if it comes in contact with water. Instead, clean your hematite jewelry without water. You can use a soft bristly brush to do so every once a week or month.

To cleanse the bad mojo off the hematite stone bracelet, it is best to circle a clear quartz or selenite wand over the stone thrice. Do it before and after using the bracelet made of hematite.

What Does a Hematite Bracelet Do? How to Use Hematite Bracelet?

Can hematite cure physical illness? Is it a good spiritual stone? What do you feel when you wear a hematite bracelet? What are the meaning of hematite bracelet? Let’s find out all the answers right away.

·      Hematite Bracelet For Anxiety

If you suffer from bouts of anxiousness and worry or tension, you need hematite bracelet. It will bring calmness and peace into your life. You will suddenly feel relieved and confident about your decisions.

·      Strength With Hematite Bracelet

Are you scared of life? Perhaps its work or marriage you’re worried about. Whatever be your worry, hematite can give you strength and courage. It can boost your will power to make you believe in yourself.

·      Hematite Bracelet For Weight Loss

For those of you are trying to lose weight without success, hematite bracelet can help you. Wear it while you do exercise or eat to make yourself mindful and conscious of your lifestyle choices. It can help you find a balanced diet correct for your body and its needs.

·      Grounding Using Hematite Bracelet

When you wear a hematite bracelet, you will suddenly feel lightweight. It can dissipate your negativity via the connection with Mother Gaia. You will feel relaxed with this gemstone bracelet.

·      Hematite Bracelet For Intuition And Clairvision

Ever wanted to see or know things before they happen? Hematite jewelry can give you intuition by raising your spiritual awareness.


Do you have hematite bracelet experiences that are surprising? Share it with our readers below.

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