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Hematite Jewelry: Powers, Uses, How to Wear and Clean

Hematite Jewelry: Powers, Uses, How to Wear and Clean

One of the most popular gemstone bracelets after an hematite ring, is an hematite bracelets. It is best for bodily pains, focus, memory, positivity and strength. If you love hematite, today is your lucky day. We are going to talk about hematite jewelry powers, meanings, uses and healing properties in detail so that you can use it to the best sitting at your home.

Shall we start?

What Is Hematite Jewelry?

Natural Hematite Ring; $11 USD

Do you know it was named in 300-325 BCE by Theophrastus? It was named αιματίτις λίθος" or aematitis lithos meaning blood stone. It was named thus for the blood red color seen on the stone when it was cut.

A powerful stone with a powerful history, hematite jewelry comprises of brooches, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants made with hematite setting in it.

Hematite Jewelry Meaning

The innate meaning of hematite jewelry is strength and courage. It is a gemstone jewelry to find your inner voice and confidence. Wearing jewelry made of hematite helps you protect your inherent energy too. It is an aura protection stone with powers to ground your problems away. It releases fears, tension and worries.

Do you need it?

Is Hematite a precious stone?

Hematite is a semi precious gemstone. The top varieties of hematite are rainbow hematite, secular hematite, kidney ore, martine, and paint ore. Chemically put, hematite is a red oxide of iron.  The metallic luster and beauty of hematite makes it one of the semi precious gemstones.

What Stones to wear with Hematite?

The best gemstones to wear with hematite are many. If you have a Black Tourmaline, it will help you stay motivated and strong. Clear Quartz when paired with hematite, keeps your thoughts pure and clean. Pyrite with hematite attracts wealth and fortune towards you.

When you work with a Smoky Quartz along with hematite jewelry, it will make you focused and confidence. Blue Tiger Eye iron is perfect with hematite to conquer your fears and Cerussite helps in angelic communication when combined with hematite.  

What Hand Do You Wear Hematite Bracelet On?

Hematite Bracelet with Brass

Hematite Bracelet with Brass; $30 USD

Left hand is the best hand to wear hematite bracelet. Why? When you wear hematite bracelet on your left hand, it triggers the ability of intuition in your higher chakras.  

What Is Hematite Jewelry Chakra?

Elastic Black Hematite jewelry

Elastic Black Hematite Bead Ring; $17 USD

Root chakra is the core power source of hematite jewelry. When you wear a hematite, you will feel grounded and connected to the earth. This is the power of root chakra. It can also make you stable and balanced without any worries.

How to Clean Hematite Jewelry?

Hematite Beads Energy Stone

Hematite Beads Energy Stone; $35 USD

Hematite can rust in water easily. Hence, do not use water to cleanse hematite or make hematite elixir.

To clean hematite jewelry, take a soft bristle brush and clean it every once a week. For spiritually cleansing the bad mojo off your hematite jewelry, you need to circle a clear quartz or selenite wand thrice over it. Do it before and after wearing jewelry made of hematite.

What Is Hematite Jewelry Good For?

Natural Adjustable Hematite Gold Ring

Natural Adjustable Hematite Gold Ring; $84 USD

You can learn a lot about spirituality with the help of hematite jewelry. That’s because wearing hematite polishes your ability of Intuition. It is a powerful grounding that brings you balance too. Hematite jewelry will help you see energy attacks and toxic people from far away. It is a Psychic Protection stone with the power to balance your aura glow. It will fill you with self-confidence.

When you wear a hematite, your joint pain will disappear. It will help you connect with nature and find peace in meditation. The stone hematite makes attractive jewelry that brings powerful luck towards your way. You will start winning at everything you do.


Do you have any hematite jewelry? Tell us about your experience with hematite in the comments below.

Love and light~

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