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Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Meaning and Healing Properties - Healing Crystal Handbook

The combined powers of Sun God Ra and Earth God Geb gave birth to Tiger Eye. Referred to as the all-seeing eye, Tiger Eye is the stone of courage as it introduces divine vision to the wearer. The golden ray stone is known to invoke inner vision to divination in amateur crystal users.  Tiger Eye also brings harmony by merging the frequencies of the earth with that of the sun.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye was widely used by Roman Soldiers for assurance of victory in battles.

Tiger Eye is a mysterious stone that offers a greater perspective and wider observation to the wearer. In the ancient times, Tiger Eye was mandatory for rulers and kings to remove the influence of evil and negativity in decision-making.

·        Alternate Names of Tiger Eye

Tiger’s Eye, African Cat’s Eye, Quartz Lignite, Cat’s Eye Quartz, Brown Stripe Stone, Hawk’s Eye and Golden Eye;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·        Hardness of Tiger Eye on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·        Origin of Tiger Eye

Australia, China, India, USA, Brazil, Thailand, South Africa, Spain and Canada;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·        Tiger Eye Represents the God

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

  • Bastet: Goddess of Cats, Egypt
  • Freya: Goddess of Beauty and Love, Norse
  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greece;
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of War, Egypt;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Tiger Eye


Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Tiger Eye


Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·        Tiger Eye Color energies

Yellow, Black, Brown, Pink, Purple, Peach, Indigo, Rose, Orange, Red, Blue and Gold;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·        Numerical Vibration of Tiger Eye


Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·        Tiger Eye activates the Chakra (s)

Base, Root, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Tiger Eye

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

A unique gemstone that is rarely mistaken for any other gemstone, Tiger Eye has intrinsic tiger-like yellow and orange stripes with black hues on it. Tiger Eye crystals are hard to polish as skillful craftsmanship is necessary to achieve the best of chatoyance in the gemstone. 

Even though Tiger Eye has is so beautiful, and has many benefits, just like a real Tiger, there are some risks involved. Not everyone should wear Tiger's eye stone: read more about who should not wear tiger's eye stone.

Emanating a silky luster, tiger eye is born out of parallel growth of quartz in consecutive double-silicate fibers that transform into limonite. Tiger eye crystals are also born out of the crocidolite covered by quartz in blue color.

Moreover, Tiger Eye consists of asbestos in gemstones with stripes. Please conduct advance gem elixir techniques when infusing Tiger Eye vibrations into water.

1.      Cat’s Eye Quartz

Image result for cat's eye  tiger eye

Popular as the Tiger Eye, Cat’s Eye Quartz has fibers aligned in the same direction and hence creates a straight and flawless chatoyance when light falls on it. Colors occurring in Cat’s Eye Tiger Eye are White, Green, Brown or Yellow.  An evil eye protection, Cat’s eye Tiger Eye also covers the Green Tiger Eye.

2.      Falcon’s Eye

Image result for hawk's eye tiger eye

Popular as the Hawk’s Eye Tiger Eye gemstone, Falcon’s Eye exists with a blue tint on it. Falcon’s eye is a result of the incomplete transformation of crocidolite by Quartz leading to the blue-green colors n the gemstone.  From jealousy to curses, Hawk’s eye protects the wearer from multiple harms.

Falcon’s tiger eye gemstone is also called the Blue Tiger Eye that imparts cosmic guidance in the wearer.

3.      Ox Eye


Prominent as the Bull’s eye, Ox Tiger Eye healing crystal is a result of the golden tiger eye exposed to fire and other morphic fields that lead to conversion of iron into hematite. Projecting a red color energy, Bull’s Tiger Eye gemstone instills calmth and courage in the wearer.

4.      Dragon’s Eye or Red Tiger Eye

With vibrant laces of yellow to brown or black, Dragon’s eye crystal exists with a prominent shade of red on it. Dragon’s Eye Tiger Eye gemstones are also popular as the Red Tiger Eye gemstones. Dragon Eye gemstone is excellent for grounding and balance in the wearer.

5.      Marra Mamba Tiger Eye

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

Historically known as the gazing stone, Marra mamba Tiger Eye is mined from Australia at Mount Brockman. It is used by female shamans to invoke divination, prophecy, and clairvision. The most exclusive tiger eye, Marra Mamba Tiger Eye is seen with rainbow like shades of colors from pink to purple, red, green, yellow, blue, indigo and peach.

Marar mamba Tiger Eye is often seen with parallel laces of vibrant colors on it.

6.      Arizona Tiger Eye

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

Arizona Tiger Eye exists with a mix of the Serpentine on the chatoyance f the Tiger Eye gemstone to form a greenish brown tiger eye crystal. A rarity in its natural form, Arizona Tiger Eye is mined from Arizona and exists with opal and quartz stones too.

7.      Tiger Iron or Tiger’s Eye Matrix

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

Dynamic patterns of iron oxide lines on the brown or golden variety of Tiger Eye lead to Tiger Iron or Tiger Eye Matrix gemstone. Tiger Iron exists with the presence of limonite to hematite on it. Tiger Eye matrix is made without cutting the parent rock.

Also called Quartz Lignite, Tiger Iron or Eye Matrix is mined from South Africa and Thailand.

·        Physical Effects of Tiger Eye

A fortification stone, Tiger eye gemstone is popular for strengthening the blood vessels to the stamina of the wearer. Tiger Eye crystals also strengthen the vision and hearing of the wearer. When applied as a crystal patch on the lower chakras, Tiger Eye crystals can aid in reproductive recoveries.

By imbibing the energy of the sun, Tiger Eye Crystals alleviate the diseases of the throat and brain by balancing both its hemispheres. For those suffering from upper and lower back pains, tiger eye gemstones can help by balancing the spine too!

Yet another important effect of using Tiger Eye crystals is that it repairs the broken bones as well as asthma.

·        Spiritual Effects of Tiger Eye

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

By emanating calming frequencies of the earth and empowering vibes of the Sun God, Tiger Eye crystals invoke Christ Consciousness too. Tiger Eye gemstone is a nourishing stone that caresses and caters to your soul.

Dream recall to karma therapy, Tiger Eye crystals can help in resolving the debt of past life acts too. When used regularly, Tiger Eye crystals fill the wearer with oneness and love towards nature around.

When kept in the Southern region of an office or home, Tiger Eye invokes the energy of fire and attracts prosperity to the region.

Tiger Eye wearers are blessed with a perpetual bliss that works well by aligning the energy of chi. Hawk’s Eye Tiger Eye gemstones are especially ideal for attracting wealth and fortune to the wearer. The mirror stone peeks into the inner eye to reveal destiny and fate to the subconscious of the wearer. Tiger Eye wearers are connected to the Angels Jophiel and Sabrael too.

·        Emotional Effects of Tiger Eye

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

History of crystals proves that Tiger Eye can balance both the hemispheres of our brain. Same is why Tiger Eye corrects the emotional outbursts with arrows of reason in the wearer. Losing your temper or control is avoidable if you use Tiger Eye to program your higher chakras.

Tiger Eye also boosts passion, harmony and peace in its environment by resolving conflicts and confusions. For those of you haunted by your own personal discomforts to self-pity, Tiger Eye brings positivity and creativity. Tiger eye does so by clearing the blocked chakra from your lower chakras.

If you’ve suffered from addictions, Tiger Eye can help relieve the side-effects as well as the root cause of your addiction! Golden rays of Tiger Eye are especially good to attract satisfaction to happiness and enjoyment in the wearer.

·        Five Facts About Tiger Eye

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

·         Dreaming of Tiger Eye is a signal of treachery in the wearer’s life, out of his own act or from friends and foes.

·         The opaque Tiger Eye gemstones portray the sharpest chatoyance or Cat Eye Effect.

·         Tiger Eye is an Anniversary Stone gifted to couples celebrating 18th Wedding Anniversary.

·         Tiger eye gemstones occur naturally and are rarely treated except red tiger eye stones.

·         A unique healing crystal that is not identical to other gemstones, Tiger Eye is a result of the altered presence of crocidolite, which is blue in color.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye gemstones occur with an opaque greasy luster and are different from all types of gemstones.  The banded golden yellow to brown brings forth the tiger-like appearance of the gemstone.

Tiger Eye is a renowned talisman and amulet that protects the wearer from dishonesty, treachery, envy, jealousy and pessimism.  Personally, Tiger Eye gemstones have helped in clarity of mind to resolving the emotional baggage and other instabilities.

Are you smitten by the Tiger Eye gemstone below? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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