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Guide to Using Crystals for Shiny and Healthy Hair

Guide to Using Crystals for Shiny and Healthy Hair

Lack of hydration to stress and pollutants, there are endless causes that add to a shiny and healthy hair. ­­­­­­­­When you use crystal infused water or daily meditation with hair crystals, you not only promote healthy hair growth but also make your hair stronger than usual.

12 Gemstones for Cinderella Hair Makeover

Guide to Using Crystals for Shiny and Healthy Hair

A complete answer to hair fall, loss and split-ends, Healthy Hair Gemstones focus on your scalp and Crown Chakra rather than lower chakras. Try the below crystals and tell us how it worked!

1.      Red  Agate

Also called Blood Agate, Red Agate is a healing stone that has milky red to black inclusions on it. A prominent stone to heal reproductive disorders, Red Agate is exceptional in the field of beauty as well. Wearing blood agate improves the texture of your hair as well.

Wear this Blood Agate pointed Reiki Pendant for rejuvenating your hair strands within 2 weeks!

2.      Citrine

Natural Citrine Crystal Tumbled Stone Healing (100 Grams) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

From nails to hair, citrine is the saviour of dead cells in our body. Wearing citrine on your hair band or on the crown during meditation improves your scalp texture and strengthens the roots via inner hydration.

Try your hand at this citrine tumbled stone next time you’re meditating.

3.      Opal

Blue Fire Opal Silver Earrings - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

An excellent crystal to induce lush and shiny hair growth, Opal is an attractive stone too. History quotes that Opal works well on Hair Loss problems, as water infused with the crystal tends to be best for hot treatment too.

Using this Blue Fire Opal Earrings in your hair cleaning water can bring lustre to your hair!

4.      Lapis Lazuli

Natural Stone Crystal Rings Size 8 - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A gorgeous crystal with powerful color energy, Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone to massage your hair and scalp once a week. With regular use, Lapis Lazuli imparts softness to the air, resulting in conditioning.

Use this lapis lazuli pendant when washing your hair to transform your hair in the smoothest.

5.      Sandstone

Teardrop Inlaid Flower Pendant Natural Healing Crystal Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

If thin hair is your life-long agony, worry no more because we have the ultimate miracle solution for you. Gold and blue Sandstones are renowned for boosting your scalp to grow new hair as well as make it shine.

Using this sandstone inlaid flower pendant to gently rub on your scalp will boost your hair growth to produce lush hair.

6.      Amethyst

Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand - 3.5oz / 100gr - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

Discoloration of hair is a common disaster to men and women today. Amethyst is a powerful stone that can revive your hair color and fill it with life. Grooming your hair using Amethyst as a comb in the morning induces crystal vibrations in your scalp and hair that renews cells and darkens the hair color.

Try this Amethyst Wand when combing today to see how your hair shines throughout the day. Don’t forget to clean the crystal afterwards to keep it shining with power too!

7.      Agate

Agate Titanium Men Ring

A family of hair healing crystals, Agate in Black is also famed for being a hair rescuer. If you’re tired of having bad hair days, adopt Agate in your hair regimen to see your hair flow without tangles. Agate resonates crystal vibrations that keep your hair strands aligned with your style sans tangles or knots.

Flaunt your hair all you want without worrying about the tangles anymore because this Agate is made for nothing but brushing hair to make it beautiful!

8.      Unakite

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 26

Yet another stone renowned for healing reproductive ailments, Unakite is exceptionally good for growing lush and thick hair. If hair growth to you is worse than a snail taking a tour of Great Ocean Drive, then Unakite is tailor-made for you.

Try our bestseller Unakite Necklace pendant to make a headband to keep your hair always shielded. 

9.      Carnelian

Triangle Gem Stone Healing Chakra Pendant

When pollution peaks, unprotected hair will definitely get sick. From dirt to grime, dust and pollutants, our hair is often exposed throughout the day, if you’re not a hat-wearer. This Carnelian Pendant possesses the power to absorb hair-specific nutrients and minerals for total revival.

10.      Howlite

Chakra Chip Bracelets

A prominent cause of hair troubles is the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. Howlite is used to protect the hair from harmful drying rays that cause breaking of hair. Remember to massage your hair with this Howlite Chip Bracelet before going out and after coming in.

11.      Moonstone

Cat's Eye Moonstone Apple Pendant - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A total healing stone for hair, moonstone is excellent as a hair stick to rejuvenate your scalp. Rubbing moonstone on your scalp gently generates crystal vibrations that boost the blood circulation to grow more hair.

Use this Rainbow Cat’s Eye Moonstone Pendant for a rub on the head before bed every night!

4.      Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Jade Yoni Eggs

The most potent crystal from the Aventurine family, Green Aventurine prevents hair loss and dull texture too. Green aventurine should be infused in water for 4-5 hours under the moonlight or sunlight to generate hair-curing powers.

Use this green aventurine stone bangle to infuse hair water to stop all hair problems RIGHT AWAY!

Before You Go …

Guide to Using Crystals for Shiny and Healthy Hair

Hair is a vital part of our first impression. Thin, dull and broken hair causes more trouble than captivating attraction. Try the crystals above and tell us what your hair felt!

Stay Powerful!

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