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Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals For Weight Gain

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals For Weight Gain

Tired of endless OTC pills, supplements and organic bitter food for gaining weight? We have a miracle that will require zero physical work and drastic weight gain depending on your will power and gemstones.

How can crystals help you gain weight?

Gemstones can transform into a conduit of magic, healing and self-improvement if you focus on the right energy points. If you’ve been distressed by an anorexic body or lack of appetite, healing crystals can heal your life right away!

Gemstones for Solar Plexus and lower chakras can resolve internal issues that boost appetite and weight gain in a person.

Many things lead to chronic weight loss, lack of appetite, hunger or lack of energy in a body. Spanning from imbalance to substance abuse, genetic reasons and lifestyle choices, human beings suffer from erratic median weights around the world.

Healing Crystal Exercises for Gaining Weight 

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

Fatigue and diabetes are the symptoms of severe weight loss. Without the body converting food into energy packets, it is impossible to survive. Some important crystal exercises to boost your weight gain quotient is by-

  • Gem Elixir

An ancient concoction to helps gem energies penetrate the human body, gem elixirs are effective too. To make a gem elixir, soak your choice of healing crystal in a crystal bowl full of water under a full moon night. Drink this water twice a day after food to begin gaining weight.

  • Crystal Programming

By holding your choice of healing crystal in one palm or on the specific chakra such as Solar Plexus, chant your affirmations to charge the gemstone to work for you. By keeping the gemstone against the chakra, you amplify the crystal energy entering the body. Crystal grids are also amplified crystal energy recommended for toughest works.

  • Gem Pendulum Blessing

Using a healing crystal pendulum helps to read your stomach vibrations and direct the food to digest as well as slow the metabolism. Regularly calibrating your chakra with crystal pendulum, especially before meals is the professional way to influence your brain, to work on appetite.

  • Healing Crystal Yoga

Yoga poses when combined with healing crystal energy, amplifies the results. As yoga is an excellent way to flush out blocked chakras and negativity, it can rewire the response of your brain to food. Try yoga poses such as Vrkasana, Deviasana, Navasana, Ustrasana, Sarvangasana, Sukhasana and Shavasana with core 7 chakra crystals to boost your yoga results. Read more Crystal Yoga.

5 Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

Gemstones can help you gain weight by boosting your appetite, enhancing taste and beckoning hunger. Healing crystals do so by influencing your stomach chakra to flush out toxins and charging itself with positive energy.  

·         Carnelian

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

A soft healing crystal with the power for enlightening your ways, carnelian works on your weight gain issue by stabilizing the hormones in the body. When used as a crystal patch on the stomach region, carnelian corrects the hormonal secretions and flushes out toxins that disrupt the body from digestion.

Carnelian activates base and sacral chakra to reintroduce balance into the body.

·         Moss Agate

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

When used complementary to therapies, moss agate powers your heart chakra to accept your weight gain issues. Moss Agate elixir works like a miracle for gaining weight when consumed as a gem elixir made from the sun or full moonlight..  Aquatic or moss agate repairs internal problems that contribute to loss of weight. 

·         Unakite for balance

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

A harmony stone that improves your capability to gain weight by balancing the hormone and energies within the body, unakite is a restoration stone. Moreover, unakite involuntarily boosts the weight gain in the wearer, which is not appealing to those who buy it with other intentions. Unakite gemstone for gaining weight works excellently as it activates third eye chakra, leading to complete rewiring of the brain and commitment to fitness.

·         Yellow Sapphire

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

Spiritually renowned as the Pukhraj Stone, Yellow Sapphire is a Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra stone ideal for resolving internal disorders that prevent you from gaining weight including stomach worms. Yellow Sapphire activates the pelvic energy and boosts appetite in the wearer.

Yellow Sapphire works ideally on weight gain issues if you wear the stone on your Index Finger, according to Vedic Astrology.

·         Hematite

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

A grounding stone known to realign chakras to boost weight absorption by the wearer, Hematite slows the metabolism of the wearers’ body appropriately, to gain weight. Hematite is an ideal for those with anorexia as it heals the mental or emotional agonies along with the physical weight.

Hematite is a root chakra stone that also aligns the crown chakra to make your body and mind work in unison to trigger appetite and weight gain.

What we Recommend …

Guaranteed No Stress Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

Healing crystals for weight gain rejuvenate the taste buds and your perspective on food when programmed. Your goal is to use bonded gemstones that resonate with Solar Plexus, Root, Sacral, Third eye or Crown Chakra.

Which Weight Gain crystal makes you feel hopeful about gaining weight with gemstones?

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Stay powerful~

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