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Groundbreaking Crystal Cluster Benefits That Will Make You Rich

Groundbreaking Crystal Cluster Benefits That Will Make You Rich

Have you seen the desert rose? It’s a crystal cluster. While cluster is almost synonymous with clutter, it doesn’t mean the same.

What if I said you could get the power of ten crystals or even a hundred in one piece of a stone?

Would you believe me if I show you the picture to prove my point?

Come, let’s explore what happens logically when multiple crystals grow together into clusters.

It’s amazing and untapped. Get on it!

The Complete Guide to Crystal Cluster in Detail

Clusters made of crystals combine diverse energies at once. After bonding, these crystals can help perform miracles, much more than twin crystals, or angel aura quartz. It’s costly, but it is better than actually buying ten crystals if you have a crystal cluster.

Can you imagine the power of a crystal cluster in a grid?

What Is A Crystal Cluster?

A bunch of crystals together in one piece due to its natural origins refer to as crystal cluster.

Whether you’re looking for a décor item that really catches the eye or something to transform your crystal ritual, a crystal cluster works like magic.

Big or small, a collection of crystals that was born and grown together is the simplest best explanation for crystal clusters. From these clusters, crystals are separated and polished to make individual pieces.

Now you know why a crystal cluster is far better than ten gemstones that are separate. They have a unique and unusual bond of energy that is beyond the grasp of single stones. If you’re clairvoyant, you will hear a different sound, melody or frequency to a crystal cluster than its single counterpart!

How To Make A Crystal Cluster Suncatcher?

Do you have drilled gemstones? There are exclusive suncatcher beads of different colors to make it dazzle in the sun. However, using gemstones combinations for your suncatcher can make it a feng shui element too. Ensure that you check the elemental energy of the stone before you hang it up!

  • Get 5-7 different colors of stones or beads
  • String them with knots or crimp beads.
  • Keep a clear quartz ball at the end of the string.
  • Play around the colors to find a sparkling mix of rainbow colors.
  • You’re done!

If that sounds too much, buy this crystal cluster suncatcher with the secret discount code at the end of this article!

Crystal Cluster Benefits For Wealth No One Ever Shares

The best way to make use of a crystal grid is not the suncatcher, but the crystal grid. It can power up the gemstone circumferencing the grid as to manifest your desires efficiently. If this is the first time you’re hearing about a Crystal grid, you need to check this post I wrote for beginners. SAVE YOUR FAMILY!

Besides Feng shui we’ve discussed already, I will teach you all the ways to make use of gemstones in everyday life.

·      Protection by CElestite Crystal Clusters

Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster

A variant mix of crystals making a geode-like dark-hued cluster, this crystal is known to behave like a talisman.

Place the celestite crystal cluster on your bedside table or under the bed to reap the calming effects.

It can prevent nightmares and disperse curses and evil eye when used in mornings to meditate with.


·      Aragonite Crystal Clusters for Harmony

A gemstone cluster that connects with the Earth chakra, aragonite can spread peace and happiness around it too. As the stone helps in grounding and venting out excess energy, it can bless the space.

It is a base chakra stone that helps you find your destiny when you use it on the lower chakras.

·      Black Quartz for Grounding with Crystal Clusters

Black Tibetan Quartz Cluster

A happiness-giving stone that shows you optimism, black quartz comes from the most peaceful areas of Tibet.

You can place a black quartz cluster at the entrance of your house to keep the house and its energies grounded from harm.


It will prevent outbursts, sickness and bad luck in your life.


·      Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters for Purification

250g Natural Rock  Quartz Crystal ClusterWeighed in grams, this GIANT (it’s a giant to a crystal lover like me) cluster of clear quartz is a screen from heaven.

All you need to do is place the gemstone you want to clean on or beneath the clear quartz cluster here.

Hovering the area or person with the clear quartz over the crown chakra also disperses negative energy.

·      Citrine Cluster for Luck and Success

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal ClusterIf you’ve been trying for personal success for ages, try this ‘larger than expected’ citrine crystal cluster home and attract good fortune as easy as A, B, C!

What you need to do is place the citrine gemstone cluster with fire energy in the middle of your home or living room.

You can also bury the stone in the center of the house if you’re just building it for permanent security!

·      Amethyst Crystal Cluster for Foresight

Natural Amethyst Crystal ClusterWant to find out the future? Use the purple stone of enlightenment and open your crown and third eye chakra instantly.

The sparkly piece of crystal cluster that features towers and bulbs is perfect for the living room.

Keep it in the southern area to enhance awareness of the people and space around the stone. It works like magic to make my family more enthusiastic towards each other.

·      Spirit communication with raw geode Cluster of quartz

Raw Crystal Quartz Cluster/GeodeYou might not believe it, but during last year Halloween, we received an odd letter from Mary Lou of West Virginia.

She talked to the spirit of her great-grandmother, a Duchess, by using this raw cluster geode.

All she did was sit with the cluster geode chanting the name of the spirit she wanted to meet for three hours.

Hear it DIRECTLY from her!

How To Clean A Crystal Cluster?

One clear quartz is not enough to clean a crystal cluster. You need a thorough routine to help you reset the energy changes.



Leave your crystal cluster in a Tibetan Singing bowl at the next Full Moon. Check the next full moon date by clicking here!


Do you have sage with you? Then take the bunch and circle the herb around the crystal cluster before doing any cleansing. You can add it as the final step too.


Point the crystal pendulum at the crystal cluster for a few hours under the sun. Fix it in a stable position or combine it with other techniques to clean.


You can keep your crystal cluster underneath a purifying pyramid. We have many crystal pyramids that cleanse the energy within.

Before you go …

As crystal clusters are quite raw and untouched, you need to find supporting ways to bond with the group of crystals. Once you do, your dreams will manifest faster than you can finish dreaming. TRY IT FOR REAL!

A secret way to use crystal clusters is by placing it on the chakra of choice while laying down. If the energy feels too much, don’t worry, hold your favorite stone in the right palm. You will get acquainted with the energy QUICKLY.

If you’re a crystal aficionado, crystal cluster is a must-have for your altar. Added a crystal grid to your purchase to make a complete grid. Pick it up with added discounts because you deserve it!

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Grid Kit

Stay powerful~

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