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Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

Have you ever felt that your office projects huge negativity on your productivity? Alternatively, perhaps you feel it nearly impossible to work in a place where everyone seems to be bothered with your efforts.

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

The office is sacred, whichever way you look at it; this is where you offer unique services that play a significant role in bettering the world. When flushed with positive energy, most problems employees or employers face at an office, reduces. Once the negativity is spurned out, you can use the same potent power of gemstones to attract positivity, wealth, good fortune and harmony in the workspace.

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Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

With the help of extravagant energy grids and right placement of gemstones according to Feng Shui, not only can you attract productivity, but also fame and professional wealth. By making energy grid of gemstones cleverly laid out in a pattern that can benefit your professional work, you can transform the office into a success magnet.

The following list will help you cite where you should keep a gemstone in your office to attract professional success.

1.      Amber for Vision  

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

For employees who find it hard to find joy in current work, it is best to use a gemstone that instills vision and goal in their higher chakras. Amber is a water energy stone that attracts rebirth and new opportunities. More importantly, using amber leads to mental freedom and activation of the third eye of your mind.

When kept in the Northern region of the office, Amber lights the Career and Life Path Area that attracts destiny in your professional life.

2.      Kyanite to Prevent Errors

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

Our vulnerability towards committing petty to grave errors is a result of the chakra imbalances of awareness and balance. By aligning multiple chakras, kyanite imbibes the energy of the Third Eye chakra that signals about your path of errors before its realization.

For attracting prosperity and Abundance, place a kyanite in the Eastern area of your personal cabin or office building. Don’t forget to charge the gemstone to activate your third eye chakra before placing it in the office.

3.      Black Tourmaline to Protect from Evil Eye

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

A powerful protection crystal that repels curses, harms and evil eye, black tourmaline is renowned for its multifarious effects on bettering work life in the wearer. If you keep the gemstone along with the four corners of your office, black tourmaline lowers the negative vibrations from reaching you.

When combined with clear quartz, black tourmaline cleanses and activates the energy corners that attract positivity.

4.      Citrine for Clarity

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

Yet another crystal that does not absorb the negativity, but repels it, citrine is a unique crystal that need not be cleaned like most stones after an energy work. Hence, Citrine can be kept in your money safe or important cupboards for heaping up your monetary targets without fail.  Feng shui gurus advocate keeping a citrine at the left side of your office entrance or towards your main office room for maximum success.

5.      Clear Quartz for Geopathic Stress

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

Another important part of many offices losing their winning streaks are because of the constant environmental stress, our advanced age of pollution is making. One can use Clear Quartz to clean the environmental pollutants disrupting the positive flow of energy in your office by placing it in the reception or entrance of the office.

6.      Fluorite for Purification

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

Using fluorite wands were always a renowned method to purify your environment. Fluorite in an office can deflect bad energies and keep attracting fresh and innate energies of positivity. It is recommended to keep Fluorite in the gate of your office as a dream catcher to bring good fortune, wealth and harmony to your workspace.

7.      Aventurine attracts Positivity

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

Yet another important part of every office must be a specific gemstone that attracts growth energies. Filled with the green energy of success, aventurine attracts new opportunities and transformations to offices.  As green aventurine has the wood energy, it is best to keep your green aventurine on the East Side of your office.

8.      Rose Quartz for Harmony

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

An office is a battleground without teamwork. Hence, it is best to use a gemstone that radiates divine love and understanding to fall in love with your work. If you’re feeling meaningless during your professional responsibilities, it is best to carry a Rose Quartz and wear it on your heart chakra, next time you go to Office.

It is best to use Rose Quartz eggs in the centre of your office, it keeps your office harmonious and brimming with creativity.

What we Recommend …

Gemstones to Remove Negativity from Office

As a bonus antidote for personal success in business, use a Peridot in your office cabin. If you’re hunting for Blocking the Negativity, use black obsidian in the four corners or entrance of your office reception.


Stay powerful~

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