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Full Wolf Moon January Is Here: What Can Your Crystals Do?

Full Wolf Moon January Is Here: What Can Your Crystals Do?

Popular to the world mythology and history as the Hunger Moon, Wolf Full Moon in the month of January, commenced on 12th, at 6:34 AM EST. According to the lunar calendar, Full Wolf New Moon runs its effects for the next three days. Astrologists claim that the general vibe in the month of January’s epic Wolf New Moon is cold, unforgiving and morose.

What is Full Wolf Moon?

Full Wolf Moon January is Here: What can your crystals do?

With crystals to accentuate the power of the auspicious lunar calendar, you can create emotional wellbeing and freedom. You can use this time to recollect your New Year resolutions as well as to plan how you want 2017 to go. The best time to make life changing decisions, owing to its clarity and outburst of desires, Wolf Full Moon is the time to fulfill your craving desires too.

While christens believe the full wolf moon of January as the apocalypse or End of the World. The same is based on the Biblical verse- Luke 21: 25- “And there shall be signs in the sun, and on the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring”.

What happens in the Sky and Beyond during Full Wolf Moon

Full Wolf Moon January is Here: What can your crystals do?

While Christianity advocates World’s End, astrology advocates Wolf Full Moon as a time of creativity outburst. Meditating on the most disturbing thought that you’ve craved is the trick to uproot it from your mind once and for all. By the end of the day, your mind will be calm and sans the same disturbance.

A restorative phase, profoundly sacred throughout history, Full Wolf Moon is ideal to dispel negativity from your crystals as well as life.

3 Crystal Rituals to celebrate full moon with

Full Wolf Moon January is Here: What can your crystals do?

Every full moon has a name throughout the year and the moon phases of January and February are called the old moon even though the moon does not get older than an hour after 29.5 days. The full moon can be watched from 12th until 15th of January at night.

With the use of crystals, it is possible to harness the powerful crystal energy that crosses the Lunar Energy and attains more power.

·         Cleansing

An ideal use of an auspicious full moon such as the Wolf Full Moon is the perfect cleansing. Be it your mind, body or crystal, soaking in the full moon light of the wolf can clean your crystal clear. By leaving the crystal for 1-3 days under the moonlight clears all its absorbed negativity while the refreshed energies can weave a new path for you!

Ensure that you give at least 24 hours for a crystal to clean-up when soaking it in full moon light. Read more on rituals to clean your crystal.

·         Fire

Eggs Natural Gemstone Bell Chakra Healing Reiki Stone Carved Crafts - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 8

Popular as the Crystal Fire Ceremony, fire is a vital element of cleaning too. Nothing comes out dirty when passed through fire- body, mind, spirit or soul. The best way to make use of the full moon light for a crystal fire ceremony is by noting everything negative to you on a paper and collecting it in a bowl. Next, light the paper chits.

While the papers burn, hold this rose quartz egg and meditate. With the ashening of the paper chits with your pain, your real woes will disappear as well.

·         Charging your Resolutions

Exquisite Garnet Peridot Amethyst Morganite Combine Topaz Flower 925 Stamp Silver Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

If its been quite long since you made the New Year Resolutions and working for it, this is your best chance to make it work, ultimately. During the wolf full moon, taking a determined decision to welcome positivity and responsibility into your life is unavoidable. The same also brings prosperity and good fortune too.

You can use crystals such as this Peridot Ring to program your resolutions and recharge them to make it a reality during the full wolf moon!

List of Full Moon and Names for 2017

Full Wolf Moon January is Here: What can your crystals do?

Are you suddenly in love with the full moon light? The next milestone for you is to know the full moons of 2017 with their names.

Native Americans gave full moon names and January Full moon is a Supermoon if you define the former with the perigee and apogee for the orbit every month. Moreover, the three supermoons of 2017 full moons are January 12, November 3 and December 3.

  • January 12: Wolf Moon
  • February 10: Snow Moon
  • March 12: Worm Moon
  • April 11: Pink Moon
  • May 10: Flower Moon
  • June 9: Strawberry Moon
  • July 8: Buck Moon
  • August 7: Sturgeon Moon
  • September 6: Corn Moon
  • October 5: Hunter’s Moon
  • November 4: Beaver Moon
  • December 3: Cold Moon

Before you go

Full Wolf Moon January is Here: What can your crystals do?

To refresh your memory about the moon and all that awaits 2017, the wolf full moon of January is a Supermoon while December 3 will witness the closest Full Moon of the year. There are two Lunar Eclipses scheduled for February 11 and August 7 in addition to the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, which will be clear to the United States after 38 years!

Stay Powerful!

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