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Dumortierite Meaning, Metaphysical Properties And Uses

Dumortierite Meaning, Metaphysical Properties And Uses

The stone that gifts you the power of will from within you, Dumortierite is a special stone often confused with blue apatite. When you touch a real Dumortierite, you see visions of heaven. To explore and understand the metaphysical meanings of Dumortierite, you need to understand the planet ruling the crystal to its benefits, uses and powers. It’s not a long journey and reading is estimated to take 12 minutes. Are you ready?

Dumortierite Meaning

Named after the Palaeontologist Eugene Dumortier, the blue stony is a gorgeous discovery of our age. Dumortierite quartz is Aluminum Borosilicate forming prismatic crystals that charm the eye. Dumortierite beads are popular since its discovery owing to the subtle yet significantly beautiful patterns in Dumortierite.  

Dumortierite Varieties

You will see Dumortierite is many colors, namely-

  • Purple Dumortierite: a purple colored Dumortierite known for its higher chakra abilities;
  • Pink Dumortierite: a soft energy stone seen in shades of rose and pink;
  • Grey Dumortierite: a faded hue that empowers your intuition.
  • Sunset Dumortierite: is the brightest Dumortierite of all with ability to align multiple chakras at once.

Dumortierite: Where Is Found?

India is the largest supplier of Dumortierite to the world. Other notable locations of Dumortierite are Madagascar, Altai and Russia. Austria and Italy are other places you can find Dumortierite in the world. Norway, Poland, Canada and Sri Lanka also produces noted Dumortierite.

What is Dumortierite Chakra?

The seat of your expression and purity, Dumortierite awakens your Throat chakra. When you hold a Dumortierite stone over your throat, it cleanses your speech and empowers your self-confidence to speak your mind without fear or worry.

Dumortierite awakens another notable chakra too. While not everyone can feel the power of Third eye chakra in a Dumortierite, many of us do. It can guide your path and enlighten your perspective. Dumortierite chakra third eye opens your spiritual eye.

Which is the ruling planet of Dumortierite?

Venus is the ruler of Dumortierite. She gets you exactly what you desire. The goddess of manifestation, beauty and love, Venus can change your life. The blessing of Venus is ingrained in a crystal Dumortierite too.

Radiance and charm are also effects of Dumortierite. It brings you happiness and joy that satiates the soul. Dumortierite has the power to appease Venus when you touch or meditate in its presence.

What is Dumortierite Zodiac Sign?

Attribution: Leon Hupperichs [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Dumortierite is perfect for multiple zodiac signs.

The first zodiac for Dumortierite is Leo.  A ruling sign for leaders, Leos can be domineering and bossy too. Dumortierite can change the overly controlling nature in you. It can transform you into a positive and optimistic person loved by all around you.

Libra is the next zodiac sign perfect to wear and use Dumortierite. If you’re a Libra, you will find freedom and courage to speak your mind out. Your fear will disappear, so will your cold and uncaring nature.

Dumortierite also helps Taurus. You will find calmness and relaxation while wearing a Dumortierite pendant. It can transform your stubbornness into wisdom and knowledge. It will attract success to you.

How to Clean Dumortierite?

  • Take your Dumortierite in the left hand.
  • Take a clear quartz in the right hand.
  • Circle the right hand over the left hand thrice.
  • Do it before and after using Dumortierite.

How to Charge Dumortierite?

  • ­Take a Tibetan bowl.
  • Place your Dumortierite in the Tibetan bowl.
  • Rub the edges of the bowl with the wooden mallet.
  • Do it for five minutes.

What Is Dumortierite Quartz Good for?

Dumortierite properties are many because it is a gently yet high vibration stone. You will find it effect for physical healing as well as spiritual and emotional balance. Dumortierite in quartz is a special stone that chooses to come into your life when it feels you are ready for bigger things in life.

Personally, the first time I knew Dumortierite was when I went to a museum. I kept saying blue apatite to my friend without looking at the tag. Although, I could feel the scaling energy of Dumortierite watching and communicating with me. Let’s find out what Dumortierite is good for!

·      Self Confidence and Courage

When I scooped up the first Dumortierite in a shop in India, I felt like I’d blasted a stimulant. It was energizing and charging my soul. Suddenly, I could speak my mind out and get a great bargaining deal out of the stone.

Dumortierite makes you confident about your ideas. It’s excellent for leaders and students.

·      Psychic Gifts and Clairvoyance

Another little known power of Dumortierite is how it empowers your throat chakra to communicate with the netherworld. That’s the same difference when you compare Dumortierite vs Sodalite too. The latter empowers your self-confidence alone while Dumortierite connects you with angels. If you add a celestial stone such as selenite, it can help you gain powers of clairvoyance.

·      Wisdom and Intelligence

When you work with a Dumortierite, it boosts your thinking. Memory is empowered with the help of Dumortierite crystal. It can stimulate your Brain Power. Dumortierite makes you think clearly. It attracts intelligence and knowledge into your life. You will have quick problem solving and decision making skills.

·      Patience and Anger Management

One of the unique crystals to pull down your hot temper quickly, Dumortierite is a stone of patience. It is used by shamans for tranquillity during vulnerable times such as the new moon. For those with flimsy temper, Dumortierite helps in calming down and understanding the situation in a better way. It helps you see through your emotions without surrendering to stress.

·      Balance and Awareness

Dumortierite can also bring balance and stability to the person using it. The crystal makes you sensitive and caring to the people and nature around you.

I personally find Dumortierite one to help you reconnect with nature. It makes you see the karmic debts and things you’ve been missing. Bringing balance and awareness is the top benefit of Dumortierite.


Is this the first time you’re hearing about Dumortierite meaning? Perhaps you have a spending Dumortierite stone by your side. Share your Dumortierite stories or D.O.B to help us find if Dumortierite is the right crystal for you.

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