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Charoite Meanings: How to Work With Charoite

Charoite Meanings: How to Work With Charoite

A weakly fluorescent gemstone that looks like an amethyst caught in a cosmic whirlwind, Charoite is a stunning gemstone. It is a beautiful stone that is named after a River. Charoite stimulates the body and mind as it is a stone that awakens the Crown Chakra and Heart chakra primarily, giving you enlightenment and love at once. The stone of many powers, Charoite meanings are described so that you can get to know the stone easily.

Let’s get started!

What is Charoite?

Natural Charoite Crystal Beads
Natural Charoite Crystal Beads; $38 USD

A silicate mineral that was named after the Chara River, Charoite is rare in natural form. It was first identified in 1978 (discovered in 1940s) owing to its pearly luster. It is seen in colors of brown, violet, lilac and purple. The formation of Charoite is described by its place of location. It was found at syenite of the Massif Murunskil alteration of limestone with potassium feldspar metasomatite.

The swirls on the Charoite are delectable and gorgeous. Besides the pearly appearance, you might see chatoyance too in certain Charoite stones.

What is the Meaning of Charoite?

Charoite meaning is derived from its place of origin. It was named after the Eastern River Charo in Siberia. In Russian, Chary is a word used to described magic. That’s why the meaning of Charoite is often ‘the wizard’s stone’. It is a charm stone by translation and history. It is often called Charoite jade is a trade name of Charoite with pale green colors on it.

Charoite is a stone of ethereal realm. It opens your eyes to spiritual consciousness.

Charoite Value, Price

The Charoite gemstone value can be identified by the below chart depending on the type of Charoite you want to buy. FYI, rough Charoite is the stone in its natural form while cabochons are polished Charoite and parcels are multiple rough and polished Charoite stones.

  • Charoite Rough- Up to $50
  • Charoite Cabochon- $50 to $100
  • Charoite Parcel- $100 to $500
  • Charoite Pairs- $500 to $10,000

Is Charoite a Quartz?

No. Charoite is a silicate mineral that also contains phosphorous, calcium and sodium in its chemical structure. It is sometimes fluorescent besides showing chatoyance too. It is a massive gemstone in nature.

How to Clean Charoite?

Charoite has a 0.65% of Concentration of Charoite per GRapi (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units) with barely detectable radioactivity. We suggest you be careful with handling the stone. Other than that, Charoite does not turn toxic in water.

How to Clean Charoite Physically?

You can clean your Charoite gemstone in water with a rinse every weekend. It will keep it clean without dust, dirt or grime settling on it.  

How to Cleanse Charoite Spiritually?

  • Take your Charoite in the left hand.
  • Take a clear quartz wand in the right hand.
  • Circle the clear quartz over the Charoite hand thrice.
  • Do it before and after use of Charoite.

What is Charoite used for? How to Work with Charoite?

Natural Blue Charoite
Natural Blue Charoite; $44 USD

You can work with Charoite in a lot of ways depending on your intention or goal. It is a stone that can assist you in multiple works. Let’s find out how.

·      Charoite for Angelic Communication with Affirmations

As Charoite connects your crown chakra to the upper realm, it can help you communicate with the spirit world. Think of the spirit you want to call upon and do they below.

  • Lay down on our yoga mat facing the sky.
  • Place the Charoite on your forehead.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Chant the name of the angel or the spirit you want to call.

Charoite will do the rest!

·      High Frequency Vibration with Charoite Meditation

When you’re feeling down or low, do the following to cleanse your mind of negative or toxic thoughts.

  • Take a Charoite in your palms.
  • Sit down on the yoga mat with the feet crisscrossed in front of you.
  • Close your eyes and meditate.
  • Feel the energy of the Charoite flow through you.
  • Follow the direction of the crystal.

·      Resonate Love and Harmony using Charoite Tibetan Bowl

If you want to feel the love within a Charoite, the best medium is the Tibetan singing bowl.

  • Place the Charoite inside the Tibetan bowl.
  • Rub the edges of the copper bowl with the wooden mallet.
  • Do it continuously until the crystal asks you to stop.
  • Do it at the center of your bedroom.

·      Charoite Grid for Psychic Protection

For infusing the power of Charoite into your crystal grid for psychic protection, place the Charoite on the outside layer. It will protect your space and mind thenceforth.

·      How to Use Charoite for Feng Shui?

As Charoite contains the power of the fire energy, it is good for happiness in family, regulating fights, and increase love and passion between yourselves. To do so, place a Charoite in the southern direction of your home living room.


In love with Charoite? Tell us why in the comments below!

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