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Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

The stone of divine oneness, charoite is often described as the Chariot of Heaven. With a swirly ray of violet, Charoite exhibits powers of the crown chakra. As it was discovered less than hundred years ago, there are fewer myths and lores about the healing crystal Charoite.

Charoite is considered by experienced crystal users as the stone for our Age. The millennial stone is a charms stone often popular by its trade name Charoite Jade. It can provide relief to seasonal sicknesses as well as chronic depression.

Explore the complete metaphysical, astrological and spiritual powers of 25+ varieties of Charoite below. Find out the right variety of charoite because this healing crystal combines all the chakras you know of!

·        Alternate Names of Charoite

Charoit, Caroitas, Char Stone, Charoit, Jade Purple Rain, Purple Candy and Swirly Amethyst;

·        Hardness of Charoite on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Charoite

Russia, Canada (Varieties) and U.S.A (Varieties);

·        Charoite Represents the God

  • Vac: Goddess of Words/ Vedas, Hinduism
  • Minerva: Goddess of Wisdom, Etruscan
  • Sophia: Goddess of Knowledge

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Charoite

Scorpio and Sagittarius

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Charoite


·        Charoite Color energies

Purple, Violet, White, Black, Grey, Forest Green, Lilac, Yellow, Golden, Peach, Brown, Colorless and pale blue;

·        Numerical Vibration of Charoite


·        Charoite activates the Chakra (s)

Crown, Sacral, Third Eye, Base, Heart, Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra (depending on the colors);

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Charoite

File:Czaroit - Masyw Muruński (rzeka Czara)..jpg

Named after the river it was discovered from, Charoite is a multi-chakra stone that combines many minerals and color energies. Besides the influence of Chara River, the beautiful patterns of swirls in a charoite complements the name because it means ‘magic’ and ‘charms’ in Russian.

The beautiful healing stone is a fengshui attractor too. You can find a variety of minerals from Potassium to Calcium, Barium, Oxygen, Strontium, Hydrogen, Silicon and even Sodium in the 30 varieties of Charoite healing crystal.

As the stone is heat-sensitive, avoid cleaning the stone with steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning. Although the unusual beauty of Charoite makes it look like a cheap healing crystal, charoite is filled with metaphysical powers of physical, emotional and spiritual healing powers.

Use charoite on your higher chakras during sessions of meditation to make the most out of it.

1.    Banded Charoite

File:Charoite MFrey.jpg

When the swirling rings of charoite look like bands, it’s called banded charoite. From white to black and grey, charoite exhibits a variety of bands besides the signature purple color. Being the stone of confusions and resolutions, banded charoite is a superb stone for spiritual and emotional healing too. You can see parallel and erratic bands in a charoite.

2.    Orange Charoite

When charoite exists with a faint shade of orange in the middle of the stone, it is named as orange charoite. The unique stone powers the higher and mid chakras equally. It is an enlightenment stone that seeks destiny. Orange charoite is transparent to opaque with spots of white on it.

3.    Aergirine Augite

Seen in black and white shades looking like a pyrite, aegirine augite is a special stone in charoite. It does not depict any of the characteristic purple colors, but monochrome. The unique color of this charoite makes it excellent for protection and during needy times. Aegerine Augite is always seen in colors of black and white.

4.    Charoite Cat Eye Stone

An extremely rare optical illusion in charoite category of stones, charoite cat eye is a unique feature. It exists when charoite shows chatoyance with a white light like the slit of a cat eye splitting the stone optically. The cat eye charoite varieties are considered perfect for students writing exams or candidates going for a job interview.  

5.    Tinaksite

When charoite exists with the presence of Magnesium, Sodium, Silicate and Titanium, it is called tinaksite (Ti- Titanium, Na- Sodium, K- Potassium and Si- Silicon). Looking akin to a dull desert rose selenite, tinaksite can also be seen with inclusions of pink, green, black and brown colors when mined from Mt Khibiny Massif in Russia.

Tinaksite shows colors such as yellow to white, typically.

6.    Black Charoite

Presence of aegerine causes blackening of charoite but a mix of minerals add to pitch black charoite without a speck of purple or lavender on it. It is another swirling stone with the eponymous style of charoite throughout it. Black charoite contains colors such as black, grey and faint purple on it.

7.    Bubble Charoite

Unlike swirls, when charoite contains bubbles of purple, it is termed as bubble charoite. The stone is a unique gemstone with the power to cause positive opportunities and waves in the wearer’s life. Often found as ordinary charoite, bubble charoite is seen in colors of purple, orange, white, black and grey.

8.    Golden Charoite

Reflecting a unique shade of brown, golden charoite is a spectacular stone of high values. Th golden variety of charoite is seen with veins and lines of white, yellow, peach and black colors. The gemstone is considered a boon for women going through menstrual and fertility problems.

9.    Lilac Charoite

When charoite is seen in lavender or mild lilac colors, it is called lilac charoite. Intermixed with colors such as black, grey, purple and lilac, this variety of charoite is soft on the chakra. It is ideal for mid chakras that target the emotional balance of the wearer.

10. Russian Charoite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

A beautiful variety of charoite is the deep and bright stone with heavy swirls. Russian Charoites are extremely powerful higher chakra stones. They can lead you to spiritual enlightenment easily as well. Use a Russian charoite in your crystal energy rituals starting now.

11. Spotted Charoite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

When you find charoite is black and brown spots, it is referred as spotted chariots. The gemstone is a beautiful stone of magnificent colors with most prominent one as purple. Also popular as dotted charoite, spotted charoite is swirly and exists with spots and tiny lines of black. It is ideal for people going through transitions in life.  

12. Pink Charoite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

A unique variety of chariots are pink chariots. They are another mid chakra healing stones loaded with the power to melt your heart. Pink charoite is a mix of multiple colors ranging from pink to purple, white, grey and black.

13. Purple Rain Charoite

Another little known type of charoite is the purple rain variety of charoite. It is so called owing to the raindrop dots and patches on the stone. With a 3D look to its swirls, the protruding colors of purple rain charoite make it one of the most common and popular varieties of charoite. You can even find lightning and thunder instilled purple rain charoite stones.

14. Peach Charoite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

A color variety of charoite, peach colored chariots stand for peace and beauty. It is a stone of the highest powers as it helps to explore the world above us. The heavenly stone emanates dainty energies of multiple colors including yellow, orange, grey, white and purple, ideal for emotional chakras.

15. Green Charoite

Cauliflower bulbs of olivine green are the characteristic feature of green charoite. It is a peculiar stone in the variety of charoites as the color spectrum is rarely seen. The unique stone bears no semblance to charoites as they are immersed in forest green color with veins of white and black. The dull green shade of green radiates a glossy sheen on the stone as well. It is considered excellent for toning your emotional intelligence.  

16. Paw Print charoite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

When charoite stone looks like it has been scratched by a dog or cat, it is called paw print charoite. The abstract patterns on the paw print charoite also make it a unique stone to bell your cat. The gemstone is also an excellent spirit totem for those crystal users working with animal energies.

17. Charoite Tongue

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

A rectangular type of charoite with all the color spectrums clearly specified is called charoite tongue. You can see sweetest purple colors on the gemstone. The tongue-like healing crystal can be seen with speckles and spots of varied colors including yellow, orange, peach, black, grey and white. It is a shamanic energy stone with a brisk chatoyance as well.

18. Charoite Eyes

Remember malachite eyes? Charoite eyes are distinct because they contain eye-like structures in their swirly purple bodies. Charoite eyes is a unique stone found in rarity. It is excellent to peek into your soul and find renaissance in it.

19. Canasite Charoite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

When charoite exists with calcium and alcohol (OH) in its crystal structure, Canasite Charoite is formed. It is a stone of relentless abilities excellent for strength and power. Canasite is a variety of charoite, which shows ruilated and branch like structures.

20. Tree Charoite

When the purple swirly stone is seen with brown trees on a twilight, it looks akin to the picture gemstones found around the world. A pictoric charoite, tree charoite is unique and ideal for astral travel as well as divination. It is a spiritual energy stone.

21. White Charoite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Charoite

Another unique stone from the family of charoites, white charoite is seen with a prominent backdrop of white against purple lines. It is a stone of peace and oneness as it brings the inner peace within you. Charoite helps in foreseeing the future.

22. Steacyite

Image result for steacyite

Another faded type of charoite, steacyite is a pale purple, black and white type of charoite with rays of yellow imprinted on it. The gemstone shows colors such as yellow, white, black and pale purple. As you can find steacyite charoite with dynamic patterns like that of a bird, it is a unique stone with peculiar that can help you find destiny.

23. Pectolite

Emanating a shell-like luster and homogeneity, pectolite exists in a variety of types too. Pectolite Charoite can be seen with the pearly gloss when mined from the U.S.A, like clear quartz with a blur inside when mined from Quebec. The Canadian pectolite looks like a plasticine clear colorless piece of a gadget. It is ideal for meditation with healing crystals.

24. Charoite Quartz

When the purple charoite healing crystal exists with quartzes, it creates a bigger swirl in the stone. Apart from other quartz like aegerine, charoite quartz resembles Amethyst the most. It is a higher chakra stone variety of charoite mined from Russia.

25. Frankamenite

Another charoite quartz, Frankamenite is mined usually from Siberia in Russia and refers to a geode like a charoite. The healing crystal type of charoite is seen in lavender violet shades with greying waxy stone color around it. Frankamenite Charoite is excellent for feng shui.

26. Galena

Mined from Ireland, Germany and U.S.A, Galena charoite is very rare. It looks like purple, black and golden charoites mixed together. The healing crystal Galena Charoite is perfect for angelic communication rituals according to Lore.

27. Tokkoite

Looking like a twisted bunch of optical fibers in faded lilac, orange, white, red and black, Tokkoite in Charoite is a spectacular stone. It restores the health of the user and looks mostly white in color, to empower the highest chakras. Tokkoite Charoite is a rarity too!

28. Microcline

Mined from Chara in Russia, Microcline in Charoite looks spectacular like a crystal painting. The stone shows a variety of colors including lavender, bright citrine yellow, grey, white and faded black shades. The microcline variety of charoite is excellent for solar plexus chakra.

29. Fedorite

The pale green type of charoite with colors lighter than green charoite, the pale olivine type of charoite is a growth stone. Fedorite Charoite is considered the oldest amulet for travelers and shamans alike. You can even to astral journeys deep into the cosmos with Fedorite.

30. Feldspar Charoite

A swirly mixture of orange, golden yellow, violet-white and purple, feldspar charoite is one of the popular varieties of charoite healing crystal. The purple stone looks vivid than other charoites and is often seen with erratic bands around it. Use feldspar charoite for a range of disorders affecting your lower chakras.

·        Physical Effects of Charoite

A strengthening healing stone, charoite is also a grounding gemstone with superlative powers. It cleanses your physical body simultaneously purifying your spiritual body. It is a detox stone best for patients to speed up recovery too.

The best healing effects of charoite are how it affects the sleep cycle or biological clock of the body. By curing and uprooting underlying somnipathies, charoite treats insomnia, chronic and occasional. You will also begin to absorb more nutrition when you wear charoite while consuming food.

Used by many mothers for ADHD as well as autism, the limitless powers of Charoite makes it perfect for Asperger’s too. It is an excellent gemstone regarded for its nerve-soothing by affecting the higher powers.

When used regularly, charoite can eradicate cramps, migraines, headache and joint pains. It is an excellent arthritis stone. Charoite is a physical healing stone ideal for people losing vision and heart health due to aging. It also promotes Liver health and support for patients after pancreas removal.  

·        Spiritual Effects of Charoite

The swirly purple gemstones open up your destiny according to experienced crystal users. It enhances your willpower such that you begin to meditate at will. The enlightenment stone also opens angelic communications into your life. The guardian fairies will help by providing guidance to find your fate before it finds you.  

Charoite lets you walk into different dimensions with ease because it is a crown chakra stone that blends multiple layers of reality. It helps to manifest your spiritual powers and become a master of your abilities by using subconscious mind power. You can even open your consciousness to a surprising level by using charoite.  It can reform your mind during psychic problems by empowering you to see into the future.

The high spiritual energy stone is often used as a gemstone to trigger visions for service opportunities. It helps you in healing others as a crystal master.

·        Emotional Effects of Charoite

Blending the nerves with feeling is the power of charoite. It envelops you with wisdom and knowledge to uproot your fears completely. You will know how to thwart evil and walk away from danger like a master.

Charoite is an emotionally empowering stone with a history of removing confusions and curses INSTANTLY. It helps in understanding your own subconscious truths as well as those around you. If you’re feeling uneasy or caught up in a relationship with people or things such as drugs in general, Charoite can help when you use it with Amethyst.

A beautiful purple stone can help to realign your attitude and find the truth, charoite connects you with the nature around too. The hypnotizing stone is a pain relief stone that helps you make positive goals and plans for your tomorrow. In short, charoite helps you move on in life.

·        Five Facts About Charoite

  1. Charoite is an Ethereal Element stone that does not represent Water, Fire, Earth or Air.
  2. The most popular use of Charoite is as palm stones and tongue stones where it is kept at the thumb for treating fears and panic attacks quickly.
  3. Even though Charoite was discovered in the 40s, it took up to three decades for the gemstone to achieve stardom. In the 1970s, when Charoite entered the West, it gained fans and traction!
  4. Apart from Cat Eye, Charoite shows a fluorescence of weak red under UV lights.
  5. The gemstone is vitreous.

Before You go …

Have you learned everything about Charoite healing crystals? Found in the 1940s, the purple stone with a candy swirl is not synthetic. It is an authentic gemstone with a thriving set of metaphysical powers inside it. If you’ve used a charoite, share your experience with us below.

Stay powerful~






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