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Blue Tigers Eye Properties, Uses and Meanings

Blue Tigers Eye Properties, Uses and Meanings

The stone of abundance and focus, blue tiger eye is a psychic protection stone that alleviates your fears and relaxes you. You can attract peace and empathy with this healing crystal. If you want to know all about blue tiger’s eye properties, you can go through this post for the next 5 minutes to find out its powers and uses in real life!

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What Is Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger Eye Properties

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Also known as Hawk’s eye and Falcon eye, Blue tiger’s eye exist in Indigo blue color. Chemically, it is Silicon Dioxide, a variety of macrocrystalline quartz with presence of crocidolite, an asbestos containing mineral. It is formed as quartz and transforms into crocidolite, slowly replacing it completely with tiger eye with fibrous texture.

Scoring 6 on MOHS hardness, hawk’s eye is not a strong stone. It can break upon fall; hence, handle carefully.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Meanings

Blue Tiger Eye Is Embodiment of Strength, Will Power and Courage. The central meaning of this beautiful dark stone is overcoming your challenges. It gives you the energy and strength plus intuition to battle your villains in life. Meaning of blue tiger eye is resilience too.

Is Blue Tiger Eye Natural?

Yes. Blue tiger is a completely natural dark blue stone featuring chatoyant layers. It is an intuitive energy known as the all-seeing stone.

Is Blue Tiger Eye Dyed?

Certainly not. Most of the naturally occurring tiger eye blue is not treated or dyed. However, if you see blotched colors on your tiger eye stone, chances are, it is dyed.

Where Are Blue Tigers Eyes from?

Blue Tiger’s eye is a stone found all across the world. The primary source of the stone is the USA and Canada. Brazil also produces a lot of blue tiger eye stones. Other sources of falcon’s eye are China, India, and Myanmar.

What Is the Blue Tiger Eye Chakra?

Third eye chakra is the first power source of Blue Tiger eye. It is located in between your brows. When the third eye or ajna chakra is activated, you will see into the other dimensions and minds of others. It will open your spiritual eye. Third eye chakra is used for intuition, clairvision, fortune-telling and karmic penance.

Throat chakra is also a power source for blue tiger eye stone. It can make you confidence, courage and strong. A stone for boosting self-respect and esteem, tiger eye blue is best for hearing your inner voice or the subconscious mind. It will open up spiritual enlightenment to you.

Which Is Blue Tiger Eye Zodiac?

Capricorn is the official astrological sign of blue tiger eye gemstone. Capricorns must wear blue tiger eye jewelry because it will set you free. The stone is best for unraveling your destiny. It helps you see your destiny. The tiger eye stone will improve your self-faith and confidence. It is excellent for helping you achieve everything you desire in life.

Leo is the second-best zodiac sign for using tiger eye stones. It will help you in destiny to leadership. With the help of the blue variety of tiger eye, you will succeed in your endeavors. It will calm you down and make you charismatic than domineering. Your short temper will disappear and will be called a wise guy/gal by your friends and colleagues.

How to Clean Blue Tiger Eye? Is Tiger Eye Blue toxic?

Yes, as it is formed from crocidolite, it contains asbestos. Hence, it is not recommended to make elixir out of blue tiger eye stone.

When you need to clean the blue type of tiger eye, scrub it with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush once in a week.

To cleanse blue tiger eye crystal, you need to circle a clear quartz or selenite wand over the gemstone thrice. Do it before and after you use the tiger eye stone.

What Does Blue Tiger’s Do? Blue Tiger’s Eye Properties Defined

What comes to mind when you think of blue tigers eye properties? It is a special stone with wondrous powers. Below we will describe seven powers or advantages of tiger eye blue stone in detail with steps on how to use it.  

·      Heal Your Pets

You can use blue tiger eye to accelerate healing in your pets, be it physical or emotional. All you need to do is hold your tiger eye blue gemstone and chant your affirmation to set it into the stone. Next, place it in the neck chain of your pet. That’s it!

·      Communication Skills

Being a powerful throat chakra stone, blue tiger eye improves the way you communicate with others. It tones your language and makes you wise. You will be concise and charming in your expressions. All you need to do this is by placing the hawk’s eye stone on your throat chakra and meditation on your intention for ten minutes. Can you do that in the morning right after you get up?

·      Aura Brightening and Prosperity

Little known power of tiger eye blue is also to brighten your aura. How does it do that? Blue tiger eye transforms your aura color by injecting positivity and ejecting negativity. It can make your thoughts happier and life blissful. All you need to do is circle the blue tiger eye crystal over your head thrice.

·      Emotional Intelligence

Do you want to be better with your feelings and emotions? You will feel calmer. Use it as a worry stone. When you feel a panic attack coming, hold on to the blue tigers eye properties in your mind. That’s all you need to do!

·      Honesty and Forgiveness

Need forgiveness? Don’t let guilt take over your life. Find truth and honesty in your life. To do so, sit and meditate under the moonlight while holding tiger eye hawk's eye over your third eye chakra. You can also lay down and keep the stone in between your brows. Try it on the next full moon!

The full moon energy of the hunter’s moon is still alive. Use it!

·      Fatigue and Libido

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue? Perhaps you feel drowsy and tired even after 10 hours of sleep. That’s because your fatigued. Blue tigers eye properties also include bone strength and you will feel energetic with this stone. All you need to do is carry it in your pocket with you at all times.

·      Anxiety and Stress Relief

Are you suffering from extreme stress, excitement or anxiety? You might want to tone it down, let alone your body can’t handle it. For anxiety and stress relief, use your blue tiger eye as a palm stone and hold onto it with closed eyes for five minutes.  


Who should not wear tiger eye?

Interesting stone right? Blue tiger’s eye properties are mesmerizing. Do you have personal experience? Share it with us below!

Love and light~

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