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Hunter’s Moon Meanings, Timings, Powers and Rituals

Hunter’s Moon Meanings, Timings, Powers and Rituals

Coming Wednesday night is going to be a great night. In fact, the powers of hunter’s moon starts three days ahead. By calculations, you are already soaked in the healing power of the hunter’s moon. Today we will describe the hunter’s moon meanings, origin, timings and everything you need to prepare for this wonderful time of the month!

Let’s get started!

What Is Hunter’s Moon?

Hunter’s Moon Meanings, Timings, Powers and Rituals

Are you ready for the Hunter’s Moon? The moon will rise up on Wednesday night and the powerful moon energies will stay on three days after. Get your crystals ready. Hunter’s moon is the full moon in October. It was a time to prepare the food for winter.

What is the meaning of Hunter’s moon?

How the hunter’s moon got its name is no news!

Hunter’s Moon originates from the Anglo-Saxon mentions for the full moon seen in October. This was the time when the hunt was best as the winter is coming. Hunter’s moon reminisces a time of preparation for the latter half of the year. It is a time when feelings might overpower you and luck might be around the corner, waiting for your right decision. It’s the time to go hunting according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Native Americans are also referred as the creators of the name ‘hunter’s moon’. It is a time when emotions might be overflowing and you will conquer your fears.

When is See Hunter’s Moon 2019?

You can see the Hunter’s moon October Full moon all through Wednesday from 12:45 p.m. EDT. It is the time when rains end and it’s time to hunt for prey. For the Buddhists, this full moon is called Pavarna and in Sri Lanka it is Vap Poya. In Myanmar this is the time of the lighting festival.

What to Do During Hunter’s Moon?

Jupiter will also appear in the sky on Wednesday during the full moon, followed by Saturn, Mercury and Venus. However, that’s not the attraction, Hunter’s moon is a time to get your crystals out. You must be ready for the full moon energy that is going to help you see your destiny.

Following are some of my personal suggestions on what you can do during the Hunter’s Moon October full moon 2019.

·      Crystal Cleansing

The best thing to do during a full moon at any time is to keep your crystals out to soak in the moon energy. If you’re scared of someone stealing your stones, keep them inside. The same applies to rainy weather. Let the moon energy soak them before you place them in their feng shui directions or spaces next morning, filled with the full moon energy.

·      Tibetan Bowl

Do you have a Tibetan singing bowl? You can use it on Hunter’s moon to recharge your crystals.

  • Place the crystal you want to charge in the Tibetan singing bowl.
  • Circle the edge of the copper bowl with the wooden mallet.
  • Chant your affirmations.
  • Visualize your intention realizing.
  • Set the crystal aside.
  • Do it for all the crystals.

·      Moonlit Meditation

Another excellent way for you to soak into the moon energy is by sitting in your favorite position under the moonlight. Go to your terrace, lay down the yoga mat and sit down. Now close your eyes and visualize your desire or intention. Do so until you feel charged by the hunter’s moon.

·      Crystals On The Chakra Points

October full moon is also useful for healing your chakra points by accelerating the powers of crystals. You can always lay the 7 chakra stones on your seven chakras after laying down on a yoga mat under the October full hunter’s moon. Do it for at least 30 minutes.

·      Crystal Wand Affirmations

You can always create sentences for affirmations about your intentions or desires. Write it down in a piece of paper and shorter it as much as you can. Chant it while under the moon light. Send it with the moon energy into the universe. That’s all.


Hunter’s moon is a special time to make manifesting desires. It brings alive the powers of Moon Goddess Selene. Beckon her powers to help you in the moon cleansing rituals for the crystals.

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