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Beginner’s Guide to Psychic Protection Crystals and Rituals

Beginner’s Guide to Psychic Protection Crystals and Rituals

If you’re wondering which crystals to use for psychic protection, you’re at the right place. You needn’t be under an attack when you’re seeking psychic protection crystals.

You might just be aware of the negative and positive energies around or want to protect yourself from negativity outbursts. Whatever may be your reason, psychic protection crystals are powerful and ideal if you want it. Let’s find out more about the advantages of using psychic ability crystals with techniques and spiritual protection rituals to use it with. It’s your own psychic protection crystals book.

Let’s begin!

What is a psychic attack?

Before we expand on the mighty powers of psychic protection, do you know what is a psychic attack? Have you ever been attacked by energy vampires? Then you need to learn about psychic protection gemstones that can cocoon you from evil energies.

A psychic attack is one where you feel disturbed or unlike yourself due to something you don’t know or can’t describe. It can be a feeling of unsteadiness to headache, pain in chakra points or plain irritation. These psychic attacks are caused by many things such as evil intentional energies of others who are jealous, who hate or dislike you.

What are psychic protection crystals?

Psychic attacks might disturb your life altogether, make you feel unfocused and distracted. To counter it, you must use psychic protection gemstones and crystals. These healing stones are filled with energy to neutralize the psychic attack and in some cases, even send it back.

Best psychic protection crystals are those that work on your mind and body together. There are numerous Reiki protection techniques that can help you find healing crystals for psychic protection. Essentially a crystal or a collection of crystals join to create protective energies.

Why do you need Psychic Protection crystals?

Your healing stones for psychic protection are your spiritual wards. They create a bubble of protective energy around your aura to prevent energy attacks from reaching you. Psychic protection crystals ward off bad energy from reaching or touching your energy. It can keep you protected against dangers in your way to emotional disturbances.

You need psychic protection stones for a variety of reasons. Let us examine them one by one.  

·      Protect you from Bad Karma

An amazing benefit of using psychic protection crystal is how it keeps you away from reaping bad karma. Psychic healing crystals are capable of connecting with your higher chakras and influencing your thoughts. It can prevent bad things that make you do worse things in life. Wearing or using these protection crystals can keep danger off your spiritual path.

·      Protect your From Accidents

When you’re travelling, accidents don’t just happen. They happen because of specific bad energies. To protect yourself from car accidents or when you’re travelling by water or air, take a bag of psychic protection crystals with you. They can deter the obstacles blocking your path!

·      protect you from Headaches and Imbalance

If you’re affected by a psychic attack, some of the first symptoms that show up are physical. You might feel unnaturally dizzy every time you stand up or feel a searing pain in your head. It can be towards a particular chakra point too. Imbalance symptoms such as vertigo and dizziness start to show up in everyday life when psychic protection is weak with your aura.

·      Protect You From Bad Feng shui

When you’ve taken a new home or office, it can often feel disturbing other than strange. To cleanse the bad energy from your space and protect yourself from attacks in your workplace or home due to bad flow of energy, place protection crystals in the right direction. It can emanate energies that cover your entire house within crystal protection.

Isn’t it amazing? All my rooms in the house are crystal protected with psychic protection gemstones!

·      Protect you from Energy Vampires

What are energy vampires? These are next-level energy draining out bodies we often miss to recognize. Don’t worry psychic protection crystals can help!

Called energy vampires, these are creatures that feed of the positive energy of people. Translated into simple terms, these are weak-willed negative individuals who suck off the energy and happiness of people around them”.

You can learn all about energy vampires in this article.

How to use Psychic Protection crystals at home?

So now you know all about psychic protection crystals, how do you use them? Should I just touch a psychic protection crystal to start healing, cleansing or repairing? It is sometimes as easy as that, but to ensure the best effects, you need to create or follow a crystal ritual to power up your intention or manifestation.

·      Red Tiger Eye Psychic protection for empaths

Natural Red Tiger Eye Agate Bracelet

A grounding stone, red eye is a healing crystal for psychic protection because it balances the lower chakra energies. Used for protection and balance, red eye bracelet can penetrate your aura energies and make it stronger and brighter.

How to use it red tiger eye for psychic protection?

  • Take your red eye agate in the palm of your right hand.
  • Focus a wand such as clear quartz to the red tiger eye bracelet with the left hand.
  • Chant, ‘Protect, Energize, Strengthen, Protect, Energize, Strengthen, Protect…’
  • Meditate until you feel the bracelet is charged with crystal energies.

·      Selenite psychic protection

Natural Rough Orange Selenite Crystal Raw Gemstone

One of a kind cleansing gemstone, selenite is one of the most underrated stones in history. It cleanses and charged gemstones and chakras besides amplifying the powers of other gemstones. As it powers your third eye and crown chakra, selenite can make you aware of the dangers coming into your path.

How to use it selenite for psychic protection?

  • Take your selenite in the right hand.
  • Focus it at the crown chakra.
  • Now close your eyes and do deep-breaths for a minute.
  • You will begin meditating, leading to charging of the selenite.
  • Place it by your bedside before going to sleep.

·      Aquamarine Gem water for weight loss

Silver Plated Blue Aquamarine Beads chain handmade   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

An amazing gemstone filled with the energy of detox and cleansing, when you’re attempting weight loss, bad energies can influence you. That’s why psychic protection and weight loss are connected. Make a gem elixir with aquamarine water and consume it.

How to use it aquamarine elixir for psychic protection?

  • Take the aquamarine and place it on a coaster.
  • Take a glass of water.
  • Place the coaster on top of the glass.
  • Leave it in the shade for 4 hours.

You can also soak the aquamarine in water as it is a non-toxic stone.

·      Hematite Crystals for protection while driving

Natural Healing Crystal Rocks   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6

 Another one of the grounding stones, hematite protects you from psychic attacks, however powerful they are. Hematite can even reverse the attack to the person who sent it to you. It is an anxiety-relieving stone that connects you to the ground and eradicates your negativity within.  It can give pain relief while protecting you from emotionally disturbing situations. Hematite can protect you against evil influences too.

How to use it hematite for psychic protection?

  • Take your hematite in the left hand.
  • Close your palm and hold it close to your root chakra.
  • Now, close your eyes and chant your affirmation such as ‘Protect my soul when I travel over air, water or land today. Keep the dangers off my path today hematite.’
  • Repeat it until you feel the heat in the hematite in your hand or the root chakra at the end of your spine.

·      Psychic protection prayer with Angel Aura Quartz

Blue Angel Aura Quartz Stone

A special crystal, aura quartz is made with blending quartz with metals. The presence of metals and crystals are considered ideal against energy vampires and attacks. Using the psychic protection stone blue angel aura quartz cluster, you can cleanse the space and the energy sediment within you.

How to use it angel aura quartz blue for psychic protection?

  • Take the angel aura quartz in your right hand.
  • Close it with both palms.
  • Chant your affirmation to charge the crystal or use a wand to do so.
  • Place the crystal in the northeast direction.
  • Light a calming incense such as sandalwood and meditate for five minutes before you go about your work.

·      Amethyst Crystals for psychic ability

Natural Crystal Amethyst Skull

Most people ignore the effects of crown chakra and etheric guidance when it comes to amethyst and psychic abilities. It is a powerful stone that connects you to your spirit guide to enhance your psychic abilities. Amethyst guards you against painful situations, mistakes and failures that can affect your luck.  

How to use it amethyst for psychic protection?

  • Take the amethyst skull in your right hand.
  • Now look into the eyes of the amethyst skull directly.
  • Close your eyes when you breathe out and open your eyes when you breathe in.
  • Hold contact and start meditating when you see a bright light from the skull.
  • Keep it under the bed or on the bedside table before bed.

·      Black tourmaline Crystal grid for psychic protection

Black Tourmaline Healing Stones

The best gemstone for all kinds of psychic protection, whether it is a creepy neighbor or a senseless relative next door, black tourmaline cleanses, purifies and harmonizes spaces. It has the energy of root chakra to connect with the ground and spread loving vibrations.

How to use it black tourmaline psychic protection?

  • Take four black tourmaline schorl stones.
  • Place it in your left palm.
  • Focus the crystal wand with the right hand onto the left palm.
  • Place it in each of the four directions while using a compass around your house by burying it.
  • Unearth the stone and repeat the ritual every full moon night.

Before you go …

Black moonstone is another peculiar stone full of psychic protection. I would like to add some more to the list such as Black aventurine, Black Onyx, and Brown tiger eye. Do you have any personal psychic protection crystal you’d like to share?

Leave us a comment below!

Stay powerful~

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