Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster
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by Ceida Uilyc June 27, 2017

Ever felt a green-something churn around the stomach every time you feel envious? This green monster is your insecurity, often renowned as jealousy or envy. Gemstones can be used to balance emotions as well as subconscious memories about yourself as well as the environment around you.

How to Beat the Green Monster of Envy with Healing Crystals

Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster

Gemstones bring forth a variety of healing if you’re seeking it to calm the green monster of jealousy. From incomplete expressions to confusions and self-pity, envy or jealousy can trigger from a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual causes.  

1.      Meditation with Gemstones

Crystal users seek peace to calmth, healing, magick and spiritual prowess subjective to each. Programming your higher chakra energies to communicate with the subconscious emotions of insecurity is the aim of meditation with gemstones.

Hold your gemstone and clean its energies with a cleansing crystal. Now, place the gemstone in between the brows or on the crown chakra and wind into meditation.

2.      Yoga with Crystals

Yet another excellent way to vent out blocked emotions and chakras are with the use of Yoga with gemstones. Get a Yoga Tibetan Singing Bowl, cleanse the crystal and attain one of the seven poses of Yoga with Crystals to activate chakra power. Read more on Seven Chakra Yoga with Gemstones.  

Crystals during Yoga amplify the chakra powers. When regularly used, crystal yoga can help in clarifying your emotions and grow self-esteem to beat envy.

3.      Gemstone Jewelry

Envy and jealousy are a result of delirious standards about themselves as well as others. Wearing gemstone jewelry on the right chakras, especially the base and the higher chakras activates points such as Crown, Base and Third Eye Chakras to ground the wearer effectively.

4.      Crystal Elixir

Infusing crystal energy into water using the full moon glow in a singing bowl is an excellent way to make gem elixir. Use can use the healing crystal infusions for drinking as well as cleansing your aura during times of agony.

6 REAL Benefits of Crystals for Jealousy

Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster

From being envious of your spouse to neighbors and even your pet, jealousy can be toxic when you neglect it for too long. While some find distractions to kick off jealousy quickly, others resolute to negative mind-chatter and self-pity.


Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster

An elixir in its natural form, Apatite gemstone hypnotizes the wearer during bouts of jealousy. When you look into apatite, you will regain calmth and self-confidence when you’re overwhelmed by the green monster.

Wearing Apatite on the Throat Chakra will help in molding a flexible and broad-minded mentality about multifarious aspects of life.


Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster

Yet another soothing stone with powers of calming, Aquamarine is an energizing stone that brings the wearer to focus and self-awareness. Aquamarine is more like a safety amulet that keeps bad vibes away from you. Aquamarine activates the Throat Chakra as well as intuitive energy within each of us.


Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster

Healing the heart chakra is the primary role of peridot. The olivine gemstone helps to focus on the subtle wrongs that ache the subconscious in our everyday life. Peridot also activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which helps in digesting the reality effectively.

You can also use peridot as a crystal patch around the heart chakra to help the energy penetrate your chakra points smoothly.

Rose Quartz

Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster

A gemstone that stabilizes the heart energy by resolving feuds as well as enmity, Rose Quartz can be used widely for reconciliation and forgiveness too. Rose Quartz teaches the lessons of life like a mother to its wearer. Wearing Rose Quartz on the heart chakra decreases stress and tension that eats one up during bouts of jealousy too.

Black Tourmaline

Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster

Helping one cultivate self-confidence by tapping into the hidden potential is the forte of Black Tourmaline on the green monster of envy. A gemstone balances emotions by clarifying reality from fantasy or delusions, black tourmaline also repels psychic attacks and negative energy around the wearer.

You can also place a black tourmaline schorl at the doorstep of your house or office for effective shielding from instances of jealousy by attracting good fortune.


Are Crystals For Jealousy Good? Ten Ways to Beat the Green Monster

A unique stone that helps to distil relationships with genuine emotions by negating possessiveness and greed, Carnelian is a Wisdom Stone. By connecting with the moon goddess, carnelian turns negativity into positive opportunities. Using Carnelian on the base chakra works effectively!

What we Recommend

Jealousy is a negative mindset that chains the freedom of thoughts and expression of fate. If you’ve been finding it daunting to fight jealousy on your own, seek the help of healing crystals and let the path weave out on its own!

Think of a person or thing you’re jealous of. Now, look at the below crystal jewelry and pick one that connects with you the most!

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Stay powerful~



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