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We're Revealing Hidden Magic In Turkish Jewelry with Gemstones

We're Revealing Hidden Magic In Turkish Jewelry with Gemstones

Did you know Hafiz Sultan was an Ottoman Queen from the 18th century who wore a pearl necklace stretching until her ankles with a diamond as big as the turkey egg? In ancient times, jewelry was used to decorate the human body. Began in the 16th century, Turkish jewelry draws influence from the Ottoman ruling period.

They are famous for unique motifs and technique of making artisanal Turkish rings, bracelets, pendants with silver and gemstones.

Under the spotlight of Iranian fashions, Turkish jewelry evolved into dramatically chunky jewelry styles.

The style we know as Boho Turkish Jewelry today owes it to the Turkish practice of designing jewelry according to the nature of the gemstone and metal used for it.

11 Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Turkish Jewelry Absolutely No One Shares

Did you know coin drop necklace was a way to show the opulence in the booming era of Turkish Jewelry? In fact, Sultanate commanded 90 artisans for making jewelry in the mid-16th century. It was used to repel the evil eye as well as protect the wearer like an amulet.

The Turkish jewelry revolution was so impressive that men and women began decorating items such as books and weapons in addition to their body with earrings, necklaces, and armlets. More like the ‘Bejeweled Mania’ in our jewelry right now!

1.    Charm Your Audience with Blue Sapphire Turkish jeWELRY

Royal Sapphire Blue Turkish African Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Charisma is not in appearance but in the aura. I’ve dealt with a dull listener more than once. We all have. If you want the people you talk to, to be enraptured by your words, you need real magic in your speech. Blue sapphire is fueled by the power of Shakini and Panchavaktra Shiva, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. That’s why you feel newfound powers of visions when you wear this blue sapphire Turkish ring.

What I do is a shoulder-stand with my blue sapphire Turkish African ring for a few minutes before making public appearances. It has always put me in control just like Elizabeth Taylor, Penelope Cruz or Jessica Biel who love blue sapphires as much as me.  

2.    Passion and Dedication with Ruby Turkish Ring

Turkish Ruby Necklace Earrings Set   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Turkish jewelry is seen in sets and combos of earrings and pendant lockets because it offers the complete appeal and spotlight of the jewelry. If you haven’t worn a Turkish Ruby Ring or pendant, you have no idea how suave you can feel at even the toughest party you go to.

Thinking back, my BFF Sasha proposed her now-husband Sam on our freshman college dance because she was riled up wearing her grandma’s Ruby Ring and pendant Turkish jewelry combo. It seems Ruby in Turkish rings can stabilize your nerves and make you committed towards the goal.

In her words …

3.    Pink Tourmaline for Finding True Love

Antique Gold Plated Pink Tourmaline Crystal Turkish Jewelry Set (Necklace, Ring & Earrings) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A soft energy stone that remains in commune with ethereal beings, Pink Tourmaline is the stone that made my cousin an Environmentalist. The story goes back to the time when she was obsessed with making paper airplanes. Guys, she was really obsessed with everything that flies, then and now.

Anyhow, when he finished a book full of papers in one day to make papers, mom tried to distract her with a surprise gift. But everything that happened after was way different than we’d imagined. As soon as Cindy (my cousin) put on the pink tourmaline pendant and necklace, she began to cry! REALLY!

She says the pendant made her see visions of burning paper and trees. Since that day ten years ago, Cindy is waging the war against manmade environmental disasters. She has a sizeable ruby collection too!  

4.    Turkish Layered Turquoise NECKLACE for Finding Destiny

Bohemian Vintage Antique Silver Turquoise Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3

A boho style coin drop necklace embraced in chained dangles, Turkish Necklace with turquoise crystals accents the neckline like a queen. It is fit for women who are born in December (November 23- December 21) or with a zodiac of Serpentarius or Sagittarius. It is the stone of destiny that fell from heaven.

It’s not just invisible effects because wearing turquoise can sharpen your eyesight and hearing. Turquoise Turkish necklace is the best antidote for people feeling depressed or lost. Wear it to a party and you will be surprised how fiery you really are. It’s my party go-to accessory for being a little extra-charming.

Give this turquoise Turkish necklace to a Sagittarius and they will be indebted to you forever!

5.    Emerald TURKISH Bracelet for Compassion in the Heart

Turkish Sapphire   Emerald Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

The stone of unquestioning love, Emerald, when added with Sapphires on Turkish Ring, makes you instantly elegant and divine. The jewelry made for queens, I feel like the Queen of Nature when I wear the Turkish Floral Emerald Sapphire stone bracelet.

Referred in Hindu Astrology as the superior stones, this Turkish wristlet favors the ruling planets of your zodiac. From being happy in your domestic life to keeping the jazz up in your professional frontiers, Emerald and Sapphire are both have a positive effect. Emerald also touches your physical heart and heal if you have any coronary disorders.

Sapphire, on the other hand, is the stone of truth as well as speech. It spices your inner voice with courage and strength. What you must do when wearing sapphire or emerald bracelet is rub them on the heart or throat chakras to activate it.  

6.    Vintage Turkish Jewelry Onyx Ring for PSYCHIC VISIONS

Vintage Turkish MEN Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   4

When you combine the stone for psychic vision with Turkish jewelry for evil eye, you have the perfect mix for a protected life. This unisex black onyx ring for men and women can empower your third eye as well as the root chakra. In plain terms, this means you will feel like you’re seeing the mind of the cosmos while being at peace.

My husband always says he feels as if he is in charge when he wears a black onyx ring. He is a Virgo you see! That’s the same my Capricorn dad feels too. It is easy to understand. Imagine Black Agate on the finger as a little charm to quickly restore your health as if you’re in a video game. The only difference is this onyx ring restores your spiritual health too!

7.    Green Flower Turkish Vintage Brooch for wealth

Once brooches were widely used to keep clothes together and later to adorn the body. With a Turkish jewelry brooch in green or red, you’re controlling your chakra energies using chromotherapy, healing through colors. Wearing brooches is absolutely cool and unnerving for men and women.

The heart-shaped healing stone brooch, vouched by our Verified Trinidad J (You rock, man!) is a rocking look. He loves it and we love how well he carries it.

Here’s a picture of his image review -

Thank you Trinidad! 

Before you go …

Where to buy Turkish Jewelry? How to Buy Authentic Vintage Turkish Jewelry in silver? Is Turkish Jewelry good? Can I pull off a Boho look wearing Turkish Jewelry with gemstones? What’s the best Turkish gemstone ring for me?

Whatever be your question, just type them down and hit send. We’ll find the perfect Turkish jewelry with gemstone for you within 24 hours.

Vintage Turkish Flower Jewelry Set - Bangle Bracelet & Hook Dangle Earrings - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Did you love the Turkish coin drop flower necklace you saw in the start just as much as I do? Get it HERE!


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