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7 Natural Crystals for Acne Guarantees Flawless Skin In a Week

7 Natural Crystals for Acne Guarantees Flawless Skin In a Week

From Victoria Beckham’s great speeches about the cosmetic value of crystals to Gwyneth Paltrow’s feminine wellness tips, healing crystals are at its best of the century. If I hadn’t seen so many changes on my skin with crystals that cost a so low, I wouldn’t have written this. Gemstones are real. They are filled with powers to even cure your root of life force or fertility. So, how can they not work on acne? That’s what inspired me to hunt for a crystal for acne in the first place and now you have all the answers too!

Are Gemstones for Acne any good?

Did you know American Acne Foundation states 80% people have acne outbreaks between 15 and 30 at the most?

If you’re below or above the age stated, you have a bigger acne problem.

Believe me when I say I know how it feels.

My mother is over 50 and suffered from acne until we experimented with healing crystals. It’s a success for all, so try it on your acne skin and you can thank me later!

How do Crystals for Acne work?

Do you know how acne creams work? They stop pimples and heal the scars. But all the medicine and knowledge in the world says you can get acne only when your pores are clogged with dust, grime, and whatnot.

While acne creams will change your cell structure altogether, but crystals work by activating your chakra points to eject the pain and acne that’s troubling you.

How to use Crystals for Acne in Everyday Life?

I know all about stones for healing acne because I tried and worked it out with the help of my aunt, the Crystal junkie. Her crystal christened name is Jo Moon. Anyway, my best friend Becka used crystals for acne regularly. As she suffers from regular pimples and acne thereafter during ovulation, Becka used smoky quartz massages gently on her face every night and morning before wearing the makeup. I’m not kidding. Here’s her routine directly from Becka!

7 Effective and Natural Crystals for Acne

Having to deal with acne almost killed my childhood, but that’s okay because my aunt helped me out. If you neglect the acne, the clogged pores can lead to any of the 6 types of breaking out. And, trust me, none of them are good.

1.      Aventurine Crystals for Hormonal Acne

Okay, so aventurine is a crystal that makes me cry. It’s like a steam for the skin without having to go through the heat effects. Green aventurine is an amazing stone that makes me want to skip the spa and massages.

Did you know aventurine is a total beauty makeover stone that removes dandruff too? It works by triggering blood circulation to cleanse your skin of all the toxins sediment on it. The secret is the loaded heart chakra in green aventurine. Don’t miss it because it’s the perfect antidote for hormonal acne.

2.      Moonstone Healing Crystals for Acne and Clear Skin

Do you know moonstone is actively used in cosmetic creams for getting a radiant glow to your face? It’s an ancient secret now in the open, but it really works, gals. Moonstone can tighten your skin by working on the elastin and eject the acne naturally.

Most of the skin disorders can be healed by using moonstone but never use it as an elixir as it contains aluminum. All you need to do is point the moonstone (preferably a pendulum) on the acne every day. DO NOT PRICK IT!

3.      Best Crystals for Acne and Pimples is Rhodonite

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   22

Now Rhodonite is a stone you can make Elixir out of. So, you can definitely clean your pores and let the deep heart chakra take care of all your acne.

Did you know Rhodonite can flush out the clogged pores to make your face clear again? It does so by working on the blood vessels around the acne.

The chakra of the heart empowers Rhodonite to fuel the blood vessels that run throughout your body to cleanse out the toxins steadfast.

Give it a week and Rhodonite will get rid of your acne!  

4.      Chrysoprase Crystals for Acne Healing

Yet another stone of cleansing and spiritual first aid kit, chrysoprase has qualities to calm down the inflamed cells around the acne to naturally remove it. Chrysoprase gemstone contains the power of throat chakra so you will always have a gut feeling whether or not to prick.

It is best to let the gemstone do the work on its own when it’s an acne. So, make a routine surrounding the chrysoprase crystals. Did you know chrysoprase is a unique crystal capable of raising the absorption of vitamin C in the body? That’s how chrysoprase can replace your expensive serums.

5.      Smoky Quartz Crystals Good for Acne

You know what is the best way to get rid of clutter? Get a clutter magnet? There’s nothing that attracts all the negativity and gulps it to emanate positive energy around such as smoky quartz.

If you haven’t tried out crystal massaged yet, get your favorite organic or cold pressed oil and dip the smoky quartz wand. It is an excellent exfoliator.

Wearing fruit or oil masks can also be helpful when you use a smoky quartz Oil massage with it. The stone has third eye powers to enhance the sensitivity of your skin to make it plump too!

6.      Bloodstone Crystals for Acne Scars

They called bloodstone to contain the history of mankind alongside all his achievements. Bloodstone is the secret antidote to all our problems. Throughout history, you will see bloodstone was used for skin allergies as well as rashes. You can use it to increase the immunity of your skin to heal the acne without leaving scars.

Better yet, as bloodstone is safe in the water, you can make a Face wash or even an elixir to drink. Drinking elixir made from bloodstone can help heal emotional scars too. You will be surprised how economical bloodstone elixir is over cosmetic creams or foundations to hide your scars.  

7.      Tiger Eye Crystals for Clear Skin and Acne

If you don’t know tiger eye can make your skin young and virile, you are new to crystals. Tiger eye contains the power of vigor and life energy such that the darker the patterns are, better your skin will be.

Radiance of tiger eye is felt well when you cleanse the face or wherever you have acne with a tiger eye using air massage. Don’t touch the skin with the stone. All you need to do is brush it over without making any contact. Easy?

Before You Go …

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There’s nothing deadlier than an acne to beauty. It never leaves and when you think it’s gone; it pops with a blotched scar exactly where you wouldn’t want it. So, don’t worry, use the crystals above NOW.

I know you’re excited to know how to get rid of the stubborn black and whiteheads and get that clear skin, so tell me in the comments after trying the crystal cure for your acne. I will help you out if you get stuck!

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