Star Of David Black Obsidian pendant
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Star Of David Black Obsidian pendant

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Item Type: Pendants
Material: Semi-precious Stone
Pendants Type: Slide
Gender: Unisex
Shape\pattern: David Star
Diagonal: 29mm

The Star of David is a six-pointed star made up of two quadrilateral triangles superimposed over each other. It also is known as a hexagram. In Hebrew, it is called the magen David (מָגֵן דָּוִד), which means the "shield of David."

The Star of David doesn’t have any religious significance in Judaism, but it is one of the symbols most commonly associated with the Jewish people. Also, The Israeli Flag has a David Start.
There are several ideas about the symbolic meaning of the Star of David. Some Kabbalists thought that the six points represented God's absolute rule over the universe in all six directions: north, south, east, west, up, and down. Kabbalists also believed that the two triangles represented humanity’s dual nature – good and evil and that the star could be used as protection against evil spirits.

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