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12 Invincible Crystals In The Bible Are Finally Explained

12 Invincible Crystals In The Bible Are Finally Explained

Being a Christian crystal lover, I have always been fascinated by crystals in the bible. The truth is that reading about crystals in the Bible makes me feel actually relaxed. It’s proof that God approves! Why were they placed on the breastplate of the high priest? What did God mean when instructed people to create an altar made from crystals and incenses? So, this post is dedicated to the instances where crystals are mentioned in the bible and how the individual uses of the crystal can affect your body and mind.

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Which are the 12 Crystals on the Breastplate? What are its Uses?

The part where Bible explains crystals is in Exodus where God commands to create a breastplate of judgment with 12 gemstones representing the 12 tribes. It was worn by the High Priest of Israelites, from Aaron to his sons. Referred as the breastplate of judgment, these gems help to commune the word of god to the high priest with the conductivity of crystals.

Let’s look at the Bible Verse that explains it-

This chestpiece will be made of two folds of cloth, forming a pouch nine inches square.  Four rows of gemstones will be attached to it.  The first row will contain a red carnelian, a chrysolite, and an emerald.  The second row will contain a turquoise, a sapphire, and a white moonstone.  The third row will contain a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst.  The fourth row will contain beryl, and onyx, and a jasper.  All of these stones will be set in gold”- Exodus 28: 17-19

So, there are four rows and three crystals on each row. Let’s look at their individual uses to decipher why God Almighty prescribed these crystals for the Breastplate of Judgement.

1.    First Row Crystals

I think the first row is a lower chakra stabilization technique. It can ground the lower chakras efficiently. I will explain each stone by its metaphysical powers in the first row.

·      Red Carnelian

Natural Red Carnelian Stone Beads

In fact, Carnelian has been specified up to five times in the Holy Bible. First two instances explain the breastplate arrangement for this solar plexus stone and in Ezekiel 28:13, carnelian is explained as one of the precious stones that adorn the Angel Lucifer in the Garden of Eden.

Next two instances where the red healing crystal is mentioned are in Revelations 4:3 and 21:20. It describes the heavens opening on the judgment day.

·      Chrysolite

Peridot Tiny Stone Ring  - 925 Sterling Silver

Often referred to the olivine stone Peridot, Chrysolite was even used to refer to topaz in the early ages. That’s why in some versions of the Bible (New King James Version) you will find green topaz instead of Chrysolite in the breastplate too. It was one of the stones that were used to adorn Angel Lucifer in the Garden of Eden as we saw in Ezekiel. Want to read more on the story of Lucifer? Click here!

·      Emerald

Emerald White Gold Plated Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Mentioned as blue-green beryl, emerald is the last of the stone on the first row on the breastplate. Emerald is mentioned five times in the bible. The first mention is about the breastplate, second about the adorning of Angel Lucifer in Ezekiel as well as the third. Emerald was a mode of payment. The last two instances are in Revelations 21:19 and 4:3, explaining how the foundation of the city was laid in and the throne adorned with emeralds.  

2.    Second Row Crystals

The second row of crystals on the breastplate signifies the throat and third eye chakra. It peaks to empower the higher areas. I will explain each stone by its metaphysical powers in the second row.

·      Turquoise

Four Stone Turquoise Ring

Unlike most of the gemstones, turquoise is mentioned 11 times in the bible. Among these, six are versions of where turquoise is repeated in the third row of crystals on the breastplate.

The seventh instance of turquoise crystals in the bible is in 1 Chronicle 29:2, where it is explained the gemstones House of God needs along with alabaster. The turquoise gemstone in the bible is mentioned thrice in Ezekiel- 10:9, 27:16 and 28:13. The first Ezekiel reference of turquoise compares the wheels behind the cherubim to the shine of turquoise. Second Ezekiel reference of turquoise points to its trading qualities and the last reference specifies the adoring gems of Lucifer.

The eleventh use of turquoise in the Bible is in Daniel 10:6 where God appears to Daniel in the form of lightning with the body of Tarsis turquoise.

·      Sapphire

Sapphire Little Diamonds Ring - 925 Solid Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The sacred stone of planet Saturn is a powerful one in the Bible too. Do you know the Ten Commandments were made on a Sapphire stone? It’s a popular gemstone with 12 references in the Bible!

The first three references of Sapphire in the Holy Bible are in Exodus 24:10, 28:18 and 39:11. First describes the pavement under the feet of God with something like Sapphire. The next two denotations refer to the breastplate gems directly.

The next two references of sapphire in the Bible denote to Job 28:6 and 28:16, where sapphires are described as precious stones of the earth. The second instance refers to the wisdom that cannot be bought with onyx or sapphire.

The next denotation of sapphire in the Bible is in Song of Solomon 5:14 describing the belly overlaid with ivory and sapphires. Isaiah 54:11 describes sapphires where foundation strong as sapphire is promised. After that, sapphire crystal in the Bible comes in Lamentations 4:7 where Nazarites or princes are explained flawlessly polished such as a sapphire stone cut ideally.

Ezekiel references sapphires thrice, namely Ezekiel 1:26, 10:1 and 28:13. The first denotation compares the appearance of throne looking like the sapphire and the second points to the appearance of the God with the shimmer of sapphire. The last reference of sapphire denotes the adorning of Angel Lucifer.

·      White Moonstone

Moonstone Silver Ring - Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A relatively unknown stone in the Biblical era, moonstone signifies the divinity of Selene, the moon goddess. That is metaphysics, but Bible quotes moonstone thrice. The first two denotations are seen in Exodus 28:18 and 39:11 where it is explained as a precious stone on the breastplate.

The last reference of moonstone stone in the bible is in Ezekiel 28:13 to refer to the adorning stones on Angel Lucifer.

3.    Third Row Crystals

A chakra alignment row, third row on the breastplate aligns crown chakra to heart chakra crystals, serving the upper areas. I will explain each stone by its metaphysical powers in the third row.

·      Jacinth

Stunning Champagne Zircon Morganite Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Orange Zircon is called jacinth. It is powered by the heart chakra and sees two references in the Bible in the Book of Exodus with the other gemstones on the breastplate. The second reference is in Revelations 21:20 where the foundation of New Jerusalem is talked about. Is this the first time you’re hearing about Jacinth?

·      Agate

Agate Bracelet - Men Buddha Beads

The most tantalizing stone in countless colors, agate is mentioned five times in the bible. The first two instances are in Exodus 28:19 and 39:12 where the breastplate direction is given. Next instance of agate reference is in Isaiah 54:12 where it is used to build fortresses joined by carbuncles and other precious stones.

The denotation of agate is in Ezekiel 27:16 to connote the Syrian trade in gemstones. The last reference of agate in the Bible is in Revelations 21:19, where agate is referred to as the foundational stone along with sapphire, emerald, and Jasper of New Jerusalem.

·      Amethyst

Amethyst Olive Branch Design Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

The mind detox stone of crown chakra is mentioned as a dream stone or ‘achlamah’ in the Bible. It is mentioned thrice in the Bible. First in Exodus as aforementioned., akin to the second. The third reference of amethyst gemstone in the Bible is in Revelations 21:20 as the 12th stone that laid the foundation of the city.

4.    Fourth Row Crystals

The last row on the breastplate of the priest in the Bible refers to crystals that awaken the lower chakras for protection. I will explain each stone by its metaphysical powers in the fourth row on the breastplate in the bible.

·      Beryl

Natural Beryl Gravel Stone

A popular stone in the Biblical age, beryl is denoted 15 times in the Bible. I will list it down.

  • Exodus: 28:9- Beryl is used as an engraving stone for the breastplate.
  • Exodus: 28:17- Beryl is named in the breastplate settings.
  • Exodus: 28:20- Fourth row of the breastplate containing beryl.
  • Exodus: 39:6- Used to write the names of the Children of Israel.
  • Exodus: 39: 10- Breastplate direction is given.
  • Exodus: 39: 13- Fourth-row gems include beryl.
  • 1 Chronicles: 29:2- Beryl in the house of God.
  • Job: 28:16- Wisdom that cannot be bought with onyx or beryl.
  • Song of Solomon 5:14- Describing the hand of Solomon.
  • Isaiah 54:12- To make the gates, beryl is used.
  • Ezekiel 1:16- Description of the wheel is compared to Beryl.
  • Ezekiel: 28:13- Appearance of the wheel next to cherub is compared to Beryl.
  • Daniel: 10:6: Body of God is compared to the appearance of beryl.
  • Revelations: 21:20: the Eighth gate of New Jerusalem is Beryl.

·      Onyx

Black Onyx Rose Gold Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Another famous protection stone during the era, Onyx is mentioned 14 times in the Bible.

  • Genesis 2:12- The presence of Onyx in Eden is marked here.
  • Exodus 25:7- Mention of the breastplate.
  • Exodus: 28:9- Instruction to take two onyxes and engrave the names of children.
  • Exodus: 28:18- The second-row gemstones are mentioned.
  • Exodus: 28: 20- The fourth-row gemstones are mentioned.
  • Exodus: 35:9- Onyx to be decorated on the Ephod is mentioned.
  • Exodus: 35:27- Onyx was brought by the rulers.
  • Exodus: 39:6- Onyx with gold and engraved signets are mentioned.
  • Exodus: 39:11- Second-row gemstones are mentioned from the breastplate.
  • Exodus: 39:13- Fourth-row gemstones are mentioned.
  • 1 Chronicles: 29:2- Onyx in the house of God.
  • Job: 28:16- Wisdom is not equal to onyx.
  • Ezekiel 28:13- Adorning of Angel Lucifer.
  • Revelations: 21:20- The fifth foundation is laid with Onyx stones.

·      Jasper

Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

Referred as the most precious emblem of God, Jasper is mentioned 13 times in the Bible.

  • Exodus: 28: 20- Fourth-row stones on the breastplate are mentioned.
  • Exodus: 39:11- Second-row stones are mentioned.
  • Exodus: 39: 13- Fourth-row stones are mentioned with gold fillings.
  • Job: 28:18- Price of wisdom is costlier than Jasper or pearls.
  • Ezekiel 1:16- Appearance of wheels are compared to Jasper.
  • Ezekiel: 10:9- Wheels by the cherubim looks like Jasper.
  • Ezekiel: 28:13- Adorning of Angel Lucifer with Jasper.
  • Daniel: 10:6- Body of God resembles jasper.
  • Revelations: 4:2- Seated one on the throne resembles jasper.
  • Revelations: 4:3- Looks are compared to Jasper.
  • Revelations: 21:11- Glory of Jerusalem is compared to Jasper.
  • Revelations: 21:18: The wall of the building is made with Jasper.
  • Revelations: 21:19: The foundations of the city of New Jerusalem was made with Jasper.

5.    The pocket of the Breastplate

Apart from the rows on the breastplate, two types of crystals are instructed to be carried by the priest in the pocket of the breastplate.

“Insert into the pocket of the chestpiece the Urim and Thummim, to be carried over the heart when the priests go into the Lord’s presence.” Exodus 28:30

·      Urim or White Crystal

White Fire Opal Stone Design Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Described as crystals with the brilliance of light, white healing crystals such as howlite to clear quartz can be referenced here. You need the light of the heart with such crystals.

Click here to learn all about the powers of white healing crystals.

·      Thummim or Black Crystals

Black Obsidian Blue Sand Stone Labradorite Water Drop Pendulum Healing Chakra Reiki Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Referred to as black crystals, Thummim represents the complete truth. You can use popular black stones or those that connect best with heart chakra vibrations.

Read more about the metaphysical powers of black healing crystals here.

Before you go …

Ark of the covenant to breastplates and altars, crystals were used to mark its beauty and prevalence in Bible. What do you think? Share your story about crystals in the bible below with us!

Stay powerful~

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