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Magical Cube Pendant Necklace


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When using our healing crystals products, you can expect major benefits among:

♦ Increased self-love and self-esteem

♦ Better relationships with loved ones

♦ Improved intuition and spiritual connection


If you’re a fashion-forward woman, this crystal in a metal cube will make you go ga-ga. A sensational design that speaks bespoke and flattering, this gorgeous pendant has an avant-garde charm. Perfect for a refined style, it falls into abstract designs that make you think. 

One of a kind pendant that makes a statement piece whether you’re wearing it to the office or the beach, this magical cube will dazzle on your neck like a timeless beauty. It is made to bring the modern and upscale virtues to your personality. Wear it with a V-neck or a sweetheart, the spotlight will be on you, wherever you go.

How to Clean your Magical Cube Pendant?

After picking a jewelry cleaning liquid or soap without harmful chemicals, mix it with warm water in a bowl.

Place your pendant in the solution for 2 minutes.

Now take a soft cloth or gentle brush to scrub it mildly.

Magical Cube Pendant Necklace
Length: 17" / 43cm
Pendant Size: 0.7cm * 0.7cm (0.27")
Material: Silver Plated

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