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11 Breakthrough Benefits Of Leo Birthstones That Will Make You Cry

11 Breakthrough Benefits Of Leo Birthstones That Will Make You Cry

Did you know Leo represents the unsurpassed powers the Lion called Nemean that Hercules killed? Legends say the lion-shaped constellation is a tribute of Zeus to the brute strength of Hercules.

The birthstone of August, Leo is a stone for creative professionals. My niece is a Leo and BFF love Labradorite. Truth be told, when she was six, Elena stopped speaking because someone bullied her at school. My sister was devastated because Elena had one of the sweetest singing voice too. Could she speak anymore? That’s when I gifted her a chunk of Labradorite in the rough. Believe it or not, Elena walked up to her bully the next day in school and voiced her rage. The kids shook hand afterward, but my sister was stunned by the power of Labradorite. Elena’s birthday is the 3rd August.They also say the Lion Nemean was so invincible that neither metal nor stone could penetrate his skin. Leo birthstones discover the unbeatable potential of those born in August.

She loves Labradorites!

Am I Leo? Which stones for Leo work well?

You’re a Leo if you were born between July 24 to August 23. If you hit us up in the comments and we’ll send a special Leo Discount Coupon your way!

7 Benefits and Uses of Leo Birthstones and Gemstones Astrologists Don’t Disclose

Ruled by the sun and fueled by fire, Leo is a bold zodiac to have. If you were born under Leo, seven sacred stones below will find your better half, the spiritual half soon. I have a bunch of Leos as my friends and relatives and as I’ve been helping most of them with their life and career, I thought you can also use these benefits of Leo birthstones. The only catch is you need the right gemstones. So, go ahead and read the supernatural stones for Leo RIGHT AWAY!

1.    Emotional Development Through Leo Gemstone Black Onyx

Leos are compassionate and kind people who jump to help. But, what you often forget is to think at least twice about the consequences of the actions. Empathy does not solve the problem always. Moreover, Black Onyx gemstone for Leo zodiac helps to understand others clearly.

As the black stone is empowered by the third eye chakra, you will start seeing the true colors of the people who you empathize. It helps in staying healthy due to the power of the solar plexus (the mid chakra).

Megan is my friend who uses black onyx ring often and here's her personal view of Onyx!

2.    Peridot for Success for Leo Zodiac

Peridot Luxury Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

You know the weakest spot of a Leo? Your pride. That’s why gemstones for Leo must work on the heart chakra. It teaches the lesson of humility, otherwise blocked by the headstrong nature of foolishness.

I am not judging, but confessing because I used to be proud of my singing voice until my mom signed me up for a duet with my cousin. I was so jealous of Marie that I had decided to make her scream and lose her voice, perhaps because I was 5 and screaming seemed the biggest danger to the adult world. Anyway, my mom made a tiny peridot ring, which turned me and Marie into BFFs.

If you’re open to Peridot, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities. As most Leos need stones that can tone down the possessive or obsessive nature, peridot pendants can help you right out!

3.    Leo Stone Ruby for self confidence

Ruby Ring & Necklace Set - 925 Solid Silver

Until a Lion has matured, he remains playful and often carefree. If you’re a Leo who wants to claim your true spiritual powers, using ruby stone can fill you with newfound confidence. It is known to make the wearer unbeatable according to Burmese folktales.

A Leo birthstone for making your heart chakra activate equally as the base or root chakra, Ruby brings a physical balance to the wearer. I personally meditate with Ruby in the mornings for grounding. You should try it too. All you need to ground a ruby stone for Leo is to meditate with the stone on your heart chakra. Wearing a ruby pendant works the best!

4.    Labradorite Leo gemstone for Destiny

4 Natural Labradorite Wands   11oz each   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Just as my niece found the power within to stand up for herself, Labradorite makes each one of us find our voice. Not your tastes or preferences, but your true destiny. The stone Labradorite can grow psychic powers in the user to broaden their wisdom and find excellent problem-solving skills.

In simple words, when you pick up a raw Labradorite, you will see visions and dangers too. What Leos benefit from gemstones such as Labradorite is when it is used as a pendulum to detect, balance and restore the varying energies on third eye, throat and base chakra.

Inuit tribes hailed it as the fire rock because it could flame ablaze your commitment and ambition within towards destiny.

5.    Faith through Carnelian Leo birthstones

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCS - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Do you know what happens when life force flows through you at full throttle? You see past, present, and future. Moreover, you see the real purpose of your actions and responsibilities. It can cure the dominating and impatient nature of a Leo zodiac.

As carnelian vitalizes your body and mind using Sacral chakra, it makes you 100% alert. The ideal stone for passing job interviews for Leo also balances the root chakra to make a Leo charming and charismatic. If you’re nervous, charge your carnelian bracelet and wear it for 12 hours before the big event!

6.    Happiness through leo birthstone Larimar

A serene Leo birthstone that mimics the Deep Blue Sea, Larimar is as good as it looks. Really, the stone Larimar was believed to be the fruit of Atlantis. Now, you know Atlantis, right? Google it if you don’t, you’ll be amazed or watch the movie. Larimar is called the Atlantis stone for no reason, eh?

Anywho, Larimar gemstone for Leos works on the throat chakra. It can help you find the truth through your dreams when kept under the pillows or bed. Another thing that most people hide is the abilities of Larimar. The silky blue Leo gemstone also helps you connect with angels through its crown chakra powers.

7.    Leo crystal Amber loyalty

The stone of Kings and Knights, Leo gemstone amber is ideal for finding a true commitment to goals. Amber attracts money and achievements by showing you the right path in life. It is no circus or magic, but Karma.

Did you know amber can clear negative energy cluttered in your brain in POOF? Amber is believed to make the wearer speak in tongues. It enlightens the laymen because at least three of my Leo girlfriends have told how Amber always works as the right stone for the first date. Are you Leo? Try the Amber gemstone for your zodiac if you’re looking for love!



Read more about Leo birthstones and stones for Leo to know how to strengthen your weakness as a Leo. Gemstones for Leo born people focus on bridging the gap between fantasy and reality.  If you’re an impatient and stubborn Leo, amethyst will help you broaden your perspective.

Have you ever felt empowered by any of the stones above? Tell us in the comments for Bonus Tips and Discounts. We’re excited to read your story!

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