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Moonstone Ring Mens

Revered for its soothing and calming properties during the time of full moon, moonstone ring for men promises intuition and spiritual awareness. Moonstone ring mens are found in silver to rose gold in rainbow and white or cat eye moonstone.

·      Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring for Men

Moonstone Silver Ring - Sterling SilverRing10

Moonstone opens your higher chakras to make you kind and compassionate. It’s an empathic stone that can help you read the minds of others. Wearing this moonstone ring also cleanses your aura to keep you bright and optimistic.

·      Vintage Moonstone Ring Mens

Vintage Silver Real Moonstone RingRing10

If you’re smitten by moonstone rings, there are vast selection for moonstone ring Mens. This ring is inspired by a classic with a black patina on the silver. The blue adularescence of the moonstone you see in blue makes it a rainbow moonstone ring for men that instils you with courage and charisma.  

·      White Moonstone Ring for Men 

White Moonstone Ring - Rose GoldRing6White

A cat eye stone with options for white and pink moonstone for men, this ring is a treasure. The iridescence of the center stone under different light represents spiritual awakening according to crystal users.

How to Recharge Moonstone Ring Mens?

  • Take your moonstone ring in the left hand.
  • Place it in the Tibetan bowl.
  • Place the Tibetan bowl under moonlight.
  • Rub the edges of the bowl with the wooden mallet for 2 minutes.
  • Let the crystal stay in the bowl for 4 to 8 hours under full moon light.

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