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Moonstone Necklace Benefits Explained

For some of you, moonstone is moonlight on a chain and for others the gateway of spiritual consciousness. Wearing moonstone necklace is powerful, but wearing raw moonstone necklace is even impetuous. If you embrace the powers of moonstone necklace, you will never feel alone in life. There will always be the moon looking out for you … Today we will learn about the powers and moonstone necklace uses besides the connection to the Moon Goddess Selene.

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What Is a Moonstone Necklace?

Natural Light Blue Moonstone Necklace

Natural Light Blue Moonstone Necklace; $39.90 USD

When the gemstone moonstone is studded into a pendant or a necklace, it is called moonstone jewelry. It is often set to show the adularescence of the stone. Moonstone necklaces show a rainbow or blue flash at oftentimes. It is a powerful crystal jewelry to keep your higher and lower chakras connected.

Moonstone Necklace Meaning

Moonstone meaning is serenity and beauty in one. She is the embodiment of goddess Aphrodite and goddess Selene. The love and peace fuse together to create the energy of moonstone necklace. It will nourish your present and make room for destiny in your future.

Where to Buy Moonstone Necklace?

Looking for a stunning moonstone necklace? Whether you’re a crystal lover or a jewelry enthusiast, moonstone necklace is easy to buy online.

·      Amazon

You will find independent sellers for moonstone necklace amazon. It is a like the biggest online market in the world.

·      Etsy

Gorgeous moonstone necklaces are easy to find on Etsy’s platform of independent crystal shops too.

·      Atperry’s Healing Crystal Shop

Where Can You Find Moonstone Necklace or Earring Set? Right here. AtPerry’s Healing Crystal Shop is a metaphysical store of moonstone jewelry including pendants and necklaces in addition to bracelets, rings and earrings.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Moonstone in A Medium Sized Necklace?

The cost of a moonstone necklace depends on the moonstone grade and the metal used to craft the necklace. If you go for a rare variety of moonstone, it can amount to $500 and upwards plus the metal charge. In Sterling Silver, you can get a moonstone necklace for $30- $50!

How to Clean Moonstone Necklace?

Moonstone  Necklace Pearl Pendant Beaded

Moonstone Pearl Pendant Beaded Necklace; $29.95 USD

Rainbow moonstone necklace is same as real moonstone necklace. As moonstone contains aluminum, it is not a good gemstone to clean with water. Try to scrub the stone with a damp cloth once every month.

To cleanse moonstone necklace, you need to circle over it thrice with a selenite wand. It will dispel all the negativity the necklace has absorbed by serving you.

Top Benefits of Moonstone Necklace in your Life

When you wear a moonstone necklace, you are keeping your third eye chakra recharged. It will make you charismatic and intuitive. Moonstone jewelry can make you glow from inside. It is an empath’s stone.

Those who use moonstone find it great to meditate at dusk at the sight of moon. It can awaken your crown chakra at this time of the day.

Love and light~

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