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Leo Lucky Stone Name Amber

Lucky stone for Leo woman and man, Amber is a blessed crystal. It is a crystal that contains the wisdom of the earth as it was present since the very beginning. Leo lucky stone is Amber meaning protection and knowledge.

Leo Lucky stone name in urdu is Koharba or Ambrey, a compliment of its iridescent color. Amber is lucky for Leos who are struggling in their career and academics. Leo lucky stone can cleanse your aura and manifest your requests by communicating with the heart of the universe.

Which stone for Leo wealth and prosperity?

Amber is the lucky stone of riches for a Leo. It creates wealth beyond your imaginations as Amber is a manifestation stone. It is attuned to the vibrations of your zodiac. Amber removes negativity and cleanses spaces. It is a crystal that is famed for making static electricity. The same is why amber can heal disorders too. Amber generates creativity and enthusiasm by opening your solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Learn more about Amber in this healing crystal handbook here.

How to Use Amber Leo Lucky stone?

Amber Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - ResizeableRing

If you want to bond with amber crystal, you need to know all about the lucky benefits that an amber give.

  • Amber Feng Shui Stone for Leo

You can place amber in the southwest direction to spread harmony around the space.

  • Dowsing Pendant Amber Leo Birthstone

A sharply tipped amber can be used to communicate with crystal vibrations and reiki healing techniques.

  • Amber Rings, Pendants and Bracelets

You can also wear amber jewelry if you’re a Leo to keep in touch with the healing energies. It will cocoon you wherever you go!

  • Crystal Grid for Wealth Amber

By using amber tumbled stones, create two layers of circles with an amber in the center. Activate it with a clear quartz wand and set it in the southeast direction of your room.

  • Amber Purification Rituals

You can create a gem elixir of amber by placing it atop a coaster over a glass of water. Sprinkle it around the house or on people to cleanse.

  • Crystal Patch with Amber

 Tying the amber on an area where it pains can help you alleviate the pain. A relaxation crystal amber promotes swift healing too.

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