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Leo Birthstone and Flower

If you’re a Leo, choosing a crystal by your zodiac sign will bring you health, wealth, happiness and peace. Additionally, Leo flower can amplify the powers of the healing crystals too. How

What are Leo Birthstone Crystals?

Peridot Silver Sterling 925 RingRing11

The best birthstone for Leos is Peridot. It is an olivine heart chakra crystal that makes you succeed in life and career.

Amber Honey PendantNecklaceDefault Title

On the other hand, if you’re looking for your lucky stone as a Leo, you need a deep amber stone. Wear it as a ring or hold it as a tumbled stone, you will feel the energy of your life force.

Black Onyx Rose Gold RingRing6Rose Gold Color

Onyx is yet another birthstone for Leo. The perfect stone for Leos of any personality, onyx is a protection amulet. It guards you against negativity, bad decisions, failure and heartbreak. Onyx can also clear confusion from the mind if you’re in a dilemma.

Natural Aquatic Agate NecklaceNecklaceCarnelian

Carnelian is a sacral chakra stone that makes you energetic if you’re a Leo. It is your zodiac birthstone as it fills you with the life force called kundalini energy. That gives you energy and enthusiasm to feel driven towards your goals.

Genuine 14k Yellow Gold Ruby Ringring

Ruby is also a Leo zodiac birthstone that grounds you. It fills you with passion and dedication. Ruby is also a lovers stone as it makes you even more sensitive than you are.   

Labradorite Crystal Sphere

The next best birthstone crystal for Leos is Labradorite. It takes you on a cosmic travel and shows you the world. Labradorite can help in astral travel and dream call too.  

How to Use Leo Birthstone?

You can wear Leo birthstones as jewelry such as pendant, ring, bracelet, anklet or head gear. You can also hold to use it for manifestation affirmations, programming or dowsing too.

Which is Leo Flower?

Two flowers are regarded as the chief flowers of Leo- Marigold and Sunflower.

Marigold has yellow hues, just like a sunflower. Using marigold with carnelian or amber attracts prosperity and abundance while sunflower with peridot welcomes success.

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