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Crystals for Love

Crystals for attracting unconditional love into your life. These can be used for familial love, self-love and romance too. Love crystals can pull your soulmate into your life. These crystals help to repair relationships, find harmony among couples and spread love with friends. Crystals for love and harmony repair bonds. They can be used for soulmate crystal grid!

Rose Quartz

A crystal that rules the heart, rose quartz is magnificent in its heart chakra vibrations. It can make you feel the self-love and compassion towards yourself and others. Rose quartz is the crystal for love and marriage. It is one of the crystals to attract a specific person. It is also the stone for loyalty.  

Rose Quartz Pyramid

Light Rose Quartz Healing Pyramid

How to Use rose quartz pyramid for Love?

  • Cleanse your rose quartz under the moonlight by placing it in a Tibetan Bowl.
  • Take the rose quartz pyramid and place it on the ground.
  • Place your left and right palm on both the faces of the pyramid.
  • Now close your eyes and chant your affirmation to ‘charge’ the pyramid.
  • Meditate for five minutes.
  • Pick the rose quartz and point it with the tip towards your heart chakra.
  • Place it under the bed.
  • Do it before sleep.

Rose Quartz Natural Stone

1000g Natural Rose Quartz Stone

How to Use rose quartz stone for Love?

  • After cleansing your crystal with the moonlight, use the rose quartz as below.
  • Place it in front of you.
  • Point a wand at the crystal.
  • Meditate while touching both hands on the stone.
  • Place the rose quartz stone in the southwest part of your room.
  • Do it on a Sunday.

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Pink Tourmaline

Healing crystal for love and harmony, pink tourmaline connects with your heart and root chakras. It is the best crystal for breakup and divorce too. You can find your soulmate using the energy of pink tourmaline as it transforms your aura energies. The best crystal for love and healing, pink tourmaline also brings satisfaction and happiness into your life.  

Lotus Tourmaline Ring

Handmade Lotus Tourmaline Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

How to Use Pink Tourmaline ring for Love?

  • After cleaning your pink tourmaline with a Tibetan bowl, follow the below.
  • Place your pink tourmaline in your left palm.
  • With a crystal wand made of amethyst, selenite or clear quartz, point at the lotus tourmaline and chant your affirmation.
  • Continue to meditate with the stone.
  • Do it on Wednesdays.

Pink Tourmaline Turkish Set

Antique Gold Plated Pink Tourmaline Crystal Turkish Jewelry Set (Necklace, Ring & Earrings) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

How to Use Pink Tourmaline turkish set for Love?

  • Cleaning the bad vibes off your pink tourmaline with selenite is easy as you just have to touch it.
  • After that, take your pink tourmaline and place it in a Tibetan bowl.
  • Circle the mallet gently on the edge of the bowl under a moonlit night.
  • Now wear the pink tourmaline jewelry.

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·      Pink Sapphire

Crystal for intense love, pink sapphire brings your soulmate into your life. It can help you find your true love. Pink sapphire gives the courage to confess your love too. It is a stone of joy and happiness. Pink sapphire crystal repairs relationships.

Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink Sapphire Black Gold Ring   matans

How to Use Pink Sapphire ring for Love?

  • Take a clear quartz and clean your pink sapphire ring.
  • Place it the center of your right palm and close it.
  • Hold the right hand over your heart.
  • Circle in clockwise direction thrice.
  • Wear the ring and clean it when you take it off!

Pink Sapphire Pendant and Earrings

Pink Sapphire Black Gold Necklace & Ring

How to Use Pink Sapphire pendant for Love?

  • Take your pink sapphire pendant and earrings.
  • Place it in the Tibetan bowl.
  • Circle the edge of the bowl thrice with a wooden mallet in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
  • Do it under the light of the moon or sun at the break of dawn.
  • Wear the pink sapphire afterwards.

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