The stone of wisdom and healing, turquoise was a vital part of almost all the medical kit during the crystal ages. A divine stone that imparts the energy of purity in you, turquoise has many healing properties. Once I brief you on it, you will be able to find the right turquoise for you!  

What Is Turquoise?

Chemically turquoise is the hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper. Metaphysically, it is the blue stone that protects you from injury. With MOHs hardness of 6, turquoise can break upon fall if you’re not careful with it. Besides accelerating the work of medicines on your body, turquoise can also repel psychic attacks and energy attacks aimed at you. It is widely mined from South Africa, North America and Asia.  

Turquoise Meaning

The meaning of turquoise is smooth communication. It also means tranquility because the calmness that comes over you the moment you touch the stone is overpowering than Mother Ocean. It will protect you like a mother and support you like your best friend. Turquoise works on higher chakras and aligns the lower chakras. It is a multi-chakra tool.

Which Is Turquoise Chakra?

Throat Chakra is the power source of the turquoise gemstone. Located over your throat box, turquoise works on this chakra to give you the power of communication skills. Whenever you talk with a turquoise in your pocket, you will feel courageous and full of confidence. It will empower you to speak your mind openly. The stone is ideal for encouraging your subconscious to respect yourself. It heals emotional scars and speeds healing of all kinds. Turquoise is a shielding stone to hold close to you.

What Is Turquoise Zodiac?

Sagittarius is the first official zodiac sign of turquoise. If you’re a Sagittarian, you will find turquoise the stone of your heart. It will support you during anxiety and tension besides attracting wisdom towards you. Social anxiety and chronic stress will disappear off your plate.

Pisces is the second best zodiac sign for turquoise. It will help a Pisces discover themselves. Turquoise is the crystal for finding the truth about your life. It boosts your creativity and innovation. When you hold a turquoise, you will feel disciplined and calm.

Aquarius is also an ideal zodiac sign who must use turquoise. Your stubbornness and unnecessary hot temper will cool down. You will begin to comprehend more and rebel less. Turquoise helps an Aquarian see light and love in life.

How to Clean Turquoise?

As turquoise contains aluminum and copper, you should not touch water on it. The same goes with making elixir- DO NOT MAKE ELIXIR with TURQUISE. To clean the stone, scrub it with a soft cloth once a month.

You can cleanse the bad energy from your stone by circling a purification crystal such as selenite or clear quartz over the turquoise.  

Types Of Turquoise Jewelry We Have

If you’re looking elegant and trendy turquoise jewelry, we have gems of your dreams. Pick your category from below and splurge away!


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