Raw Gemstones, Rough Crystals, Raw Crystal Cluster

Rough and raw gemstones are crystals that are almost untarnished and in their natural form as they were mined. Unlike polished crystals, raw gemstones are believed to contain pristine energies. Wearing or using raw gemstones transmit the crystal energy into you. They are believed to be more powerful than polished or tumbled gemstones.

What are Raw Gemstones?

Crystals in their original raw shape without any touch of blade or tumbler is called raw gemstones. Typically, a raw gemstone is sold in the matrix or with parts of the matrix. It comes in uneven shapes and sizes with rugged edges according to its crystal shape. Even though polished jewelry is safe to wear, raw gemstones jewelry is also in popular demand owing to their unmarred energy.

Benefits of Wearing Raw Gemstones

What makes raw gemstones better than polished stones? Well, there are a lot of reasons and I can go on typing, but let’s limit this to five benefits of raw gemstones.

·      Pristine Powers

When you handle a raw crystal, the energy is quite different from a polished pyramid or wand. It is unmarred and untouched by humans because raw crystals are exported straight from the mine. They are filled with untouched powers and vibrations.

·      More Energy Than You Expected

It can also be overwhelming if you’re using rough crystals for the first time in your life. It can seem like an outburst of energy you can’t handle. Raw gemstone advantage is that it cannot be bound by the same energy meter as polished crystals.

·      Reveals New Things

When you’re interacting with a raw crystal, it can be different energy from the tumbled stone. Even if you are acquainted with tumbled amethyst powers, raw amethyst can be different. It can open hidden potential within you. Raw gemstones pave way to new energies and wisdom.

·      Bountiful Benefits

Unlike polished stones, the benefits of raw gemstones are incessant. It never finishes. You will find new discoveries and energies when you work with raw crystals.

·      Amplifier Stones

Raw gemstones are often known as amplifying crystals. When placed in the circumference of another crystals or the tumbled stone of the same crystal, rough crystals can enhance the original power. That’s why rough stones are preferred in crystal grids.

How to Use Raw Gemstones?

You can use raw crystals in many ways. Pick one from the below or experiment with one after the other to find the one crystal ritual for raw gemstones you are comfortable with.

-       Programming

You can always program your raw crystal by pointing a wand at the raw stone for a few minutes while you meditate on your intention.

-       Grid

You can create a crystal grid to set your intention with raw crystals such as gravel.

-       Feng Shui Placement

When you place raw crystals in south, southeast, north, northeast, west, southwest, northwest,  east, different energies are harnessed from the crystals. It can be used for feng shui or changing the flow of the energy.

-       Crystal Patch

You can always tie the crystal onto the chakra point or the area of pain to heal it using the energy of the raw crystal.  

Explore how to use raw gemstones for therapy.