White, Blue & Orange Fire Opal Long Stud Earrings

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Over 100,000 people changed their lives using Opals in the last few years according to Crystal Journals. If opal magic is still news, grab this bestselling opal to change the course of life NOW!

Opal is a gemstone that activates multiple chakras including the Third Eye, responsible for treating depression to stress. Legends emphasize that Opals were widely used for depression by meditating with it. There’s a widespread story that when a powerful opal is rubbed on the higher chakras during crystal programming, it aligns all the other chakras.

As chakra imbalances are a leading cause of hopelessness to distress, it is no wonder if you have no opals in your meditation room.
Don’t delay the blessings; get Opal for a #CrystalMakeover RIGHT AWAY! 
Earring Type: Stud Earrings
Item Type: Earrings
Gender: Women
Material: Opal
Metals Type: Silver Plated
Model Number: Opal Stud Earrings

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