Orange Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring

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Floral is a season for the senses, and this ring takes that to heart with touches of opal stone that provide an pop of color. This piece in particular features orange fire opal accented by garnet, surrounded by a 12mm (approx 1/2") wide silver plated band embellished with delicate garnets on the top and bottom.

Garnet Gemstone Benefits:

Garnet is a gemstone that has been used for centuries in many cultures, particularly as talismans or good luck charms. This stone is known to boost productivity and sharpen one's perceptions while transmuting negative energies into positive ones. In addition to these benefits of garnet are its properties of being the mystical crystal on wisdom-wielding magicians throughout history - widening knowledge with each additional strike against dark forces from afar!

Opal Gemstone Benefits:

Opal is a stone of wisdom, enhancing self-worth and empowering the wearer. Wearing opal encourages emotional freedom in your relationships by freeing up buried feelings such as passion or love that might have been suppressed for any number of reasons. Opals also promote personal power and peace with those around you while bringing luck to all who wear them!

Gemstone: Mexican Fire Opal, Garnet Setting
Surface Width: 12mm
Metals Type: Silver Plated
Stone & Size: Opal 8x7mm

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