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Do you know bracelets were first used as talismans? Perhaps you’ve seen crystal bracelets that repel evil eye or bring wealth. They help to balance your aura and charge your chakra points too. Wearing a crystal bracelet is good for many things such as physical healing, emotional balance and spiritual awareness.  

What Are Crystal Bracelets?

Crystal bracelet is a bracelet or wrist-wrap that contains crystals wrapped around or set in metal on the bracelet. Worn on the wrist of your dominant hand, crystal bracelets are one of a kind. Depending on the material, gemstone, size and shape of the bracelet, it can be used for different things. Healing crystals bracelets are powerful metaphysically besides accenting your hands.

Why Wear Healing Crystal Bracelets?

When you wear a healing crystal bracelet, it is not centered on or around any chakra. You can swing your hand upwards to make the bracelet connect to your higher chakras. While swinging the arm with the bracelet downwards can connect you to the lower chakras.  

Types of Bracelets We Offer

Looking for bracelets that look cool and work like a charm? AtPerry’s Healing Crystals puts the highlight on varied stylish, trendy and sacred crystals. Let’s find the perfect one for you.

·      Fashion Bracelets

When bracelets are made in metal or stones that are not precious, it’s called a fashion bracelet. We have a wide variety of chunky to funky, cool and generic bracelets you can wear with any attire.

·      Crystal Bracelet

Do you have crystals wrapped around or set in the bracelet? It’s called a crystal bracelet. You can wear a crystal bracelet to infuse crystal energies naturally to your aura and personality. Crystal healing bracelet can be held over any chakra to activate it easily!

·      Chakra Bracelet

When you have a bracelet with all the chakra colors and stones on it, it’s called a chakra bracelet. Such a bracelet encompasses the energies of your all seven major chakras. Programming chakra bracelet takes recharging.

·      Grounding Bracelet

You can wear a grounding bracelet that ejects away the negativity within and around you. Grounding bracelets are ideal to remove panic and fears too.

·      Magnetic Bracelet

When a bracelet has magnetic tendency, it can heal pains and relieve stress.

·      Bangles and Bracelets

The solid bracelet that wraps around the wrist is called a bangle. We have bangles and bracelets of different kinds for you to look at. Crystal bangles and bracelets have semi-precious stones embedded on it.

·      Jewelry Set

When you buy a bracelet with a matching earring and necklace it is called a jewelry set. We offer a gorgeous variety of jewelry sets with your favorite bracelet and complementing earrings and necklace.  

How to Choose the Perfect Crystal Bracelet?

Is there a perfect way to find the best bracelet of your dreams? Yes, there is. Not just one, but three ways to do so!

·      Choose The Right Bracelet by Your Birthday

Head over to the article on 12 birthstones by zodiac signs. Find your birthstone and pick a bracelet in that stone.

·      Choose Your Bracelet by Color

Another brilliant option is to choose your wristlet in your favorite color. Be it red, pink, green, blue, indigo or black, colorful bracelets can heal you with the help of chromotherapy.

·      Choose Your Crystal Bracelet by Intention

You can also choose your crystal bracelet based on the intention you want to manifest. All you need to do is hold your crystal bracelet and chant your affirmations into it.

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