Australian Opal Earrings, Jewelry Sets, Sterling Silver, Studs

When you wear Australian Opal Earrings with set intentions, it helps you manifest your desires. Wearing earrings of opal from Australia makes you focused and alert too. It is a stone of many metaphysical attributes that can change your life.

What Is Australian Opal?

A hydrated form of Silica that forms naturally in Australia is called Australian Opal. Milky opalescence is vivid on almost all Australian Opals. The gem of beauty and luck, Australian opal powers depend on the colors it emanates.

We have Australian Opal earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces too.

Benefits of Wearing Australian Opal Earrings

Opal jewelry exists in a variety of colors. That’s why the benefits of opal are also so many. Let’s find out whether opal can help you out.

·      Luck and Success

The first advantage of wearing Australian Opal earrings is good vibrations in your life. It will beckon wining and luck into your personal and professional life. You will begin to succeed in every endeavor you start.

·      Love and Passion

Healing properties of Australian Opal also include passion. You will feel enthusiastic and energetic when you wear opal earrings. It makes you sensitive and sensuous too.

·      Marital Bliss

For newly married couples and those who have been together for decades, opal can bring marital happiness and stability. It is a stone of loyalty and romance that will make your relationship sweeter.

·      Concentration and Focus

When you meditate with an opal earring, it increases your concentration. Opal is said to stimulate theta wave meditation to keep you distraction free too.

·      Ideal for Libra, Scorpio And Pisces

If you’re a Libra, Scorpio or Pisces, Opal earrings can bring harmony, success and prosperity into your life. Opal gives you the courage and confidence you need besides protecting you from emotional mistakes.

How to Clean Australian Opal Earrings

While 95% of world’s opals come from Australia, they are beautiful and gorgeous. If you have Australian opal earrings, you must clean it first to remove dirt and bad mojo.

·      Physical Cleaning of Australian Opal

As opal is not toxic in water, you can clean it by rinsing under hot or cold water every week or once in two weeks.

·      Spiritual Cleanse of Australian Opal

All you need to do is keep the Australian opal earrings under full moon light to clean it. Alternatively, circling a clear quartz or selenite wand on the Australian opal earrings will cleanse all the bad energy from it.

Ways to Charge Your Opal Earrings from Australia

There are many ways to make your opal earrings work for you. To harness its metaphysical energies, use on the of the following ways.

·      Charge It In The Center Of A Grid

Create a crystal grid and channel the power into your earrings by placing it in the middle.

·      Create An Affirmation For Manifestation

You must write down your intention and create an incantation from it. Repeat it while holding the earrings.

·      Program With A Crystal Wand

Point the wand at your Australian opal earrings and meditate or visualize.  

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