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Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

From the fables of nagamani or the Cobra Pearl to the venom-sucking power of crystals such as bloodstone, there is much folklore about ways to alleviate poisonous bites. If you’re worried that bite on your skin is venomous, please hurry to the doctor because finding a Nagamani is narrower than the eye of a needle.

History of Healing Crystals for Poisonous Bites

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

As the Cobra Pearl was formed as the culmination of the venom from a King Cobra that never used it for at least 15 years and above, history has many types of anti-venom made from it. It was believed that inserting the Cobra Pearl would suck out the sting, bite or venom of any insect, animal or plant from the human body.

As cobra pearls are rarer than ever today, it is hard to experiment the authenticity of the folklore. However, one can mitigate the healing effects of gemstones for poisonous bites to amplify the recovery or the effect of medicines.

What you Can do with Gemstones in case of Poisonous Bites

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

If a poisonous creature stings you, seek physician’s consultation immediately.  You must use healing crystals to help in relieving the pain or giving that extra support for the medicines you’re on. From gem elixirs to crystal patches and programming, crystals can be used against many poisonous bites.

·         Turquoise

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

Acclaimed as the Master Healer Gemstone, Turquoise has anti-inflammatory properties that help to bring down skin rashes and seasonal allergies.

An extraordinary stone that relieves pain, Turquoise must be used concurrently with a venomous bite that also makes the person feel cramped. The blue healing stone calms the muscles, joints, and nerves of the wearer from being too apprehensive or fearful.

·         Green Aventurine

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

An important gemstone that boosts the immunity, Green Aventurine is helpful in treating skin disorders, acne, and even wounds. By activating the heart chakra, green Aventurine balances the body and battles against allergens to pollutants and infections. Renowned as the stone of opportunity, green aventurine must be rubbed on the inflamed skin for quick relief.

·         Pyrite

A stone that conquers one’s inner most fears, pyrite is a protective stone often used to detoxify the physical body. If you’re undergoing rehabilitation from a poisonous bite that threatened your life, pyrite can make you stronger. The shield stone also blocks negativity and corrects disorders of the lymphatic system of the body.

Pyrite resonates with the lower chakras and particularly helps in inflammations of the joints to seasonal allergies.

·         Amethyst

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

A must-have gemstone to gain instant stability when stung by a poisonous insect or animal, Amethyst helps to ground the wearer and flush out the toxins via earthing. Amethyst is also an immune-boosting gemstone that also resets your biological clock. Amethyst is an excellent gift for those with hormonal allergies!

·         Clear Quartz

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

An excellent cleansing stone that also clears toxins from the body, you must undergo multiple crystal programming sessions with Clear Quartz to remove impurities in the blood to the endocrine glands.  Used in a wide variety of gem elixirs, clear quartz amplifies positivity and attracts good fortune to the wearer in addition to speeding recovery from poisonous bites.

·         Garnet

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

A gemstone that stands for blood, health, and vitality, garnet also brings down inflammations by soothing aching cells.  Garnet was often used in ancient medicine to bring down swelling of the glands as well as decrease fevers and nightmares that happen concurrently with venomous insect bites.

Garnet also possesses the power to repel evil and harm from the wearer before it dawns. Simply put, keeping a garnet on your lower or base chakra will keep a psychic bubble that protects, around you.

·         Blue Topaz

Yet another important crystal often used in first aid is Blue Topaz strengthens your nervous system and immune system. Infusing blue topaz to make gem elixirs is also a smart way of making the best of blue topaz on injuries, wounds or allergies.

Blue Topaz activates the higher chakras beginning at the throat chakra.

·         Emerald

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A cooling stone that also heals effectively, emerald patches are effective in sucking out venomous blocks in chakras. Emerald relieves congestions in the nerves and muscles when massaged with. Excellent for respiratory infections, emerald works well on chronic skin allergies too.

One of the four precious stones for magical healing power, emerald boosts the immunity of the body by strengthening the higher chakras.

What we recommend

Why Should You Overrate Crystals for Poisonous Bites

Cobra pearl is a thing of the past and rarer than heaven. Hence, rely on medications and use gemstones to boost the recovering power of medicines. Gemstones can heal wounds and amplify the power of medicines so that you can cut short harmful chemical courses during allergies.

Look for a gemstone that also bonds well with you to relieve the fear of allergies. Faith plays a vital role in healing. Tell us which gemstone looks anti-venomous to you?

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Stay powerful~

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