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Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Have you been suffering from respiratory difficulties recently?

If asthma and allergies are pulling you down, you are not just suffering from one Chakra imbalance, but many of the higher chakras! 

Respiratory troubles are on the rise evermore today, thanks to global warming, pollution and all the aftereffects of human existence. There is very less even the scientists can do to keep pollution from us, but crystals have the untapped power within that can keep the wearer safe from dust, dirt and pollutants. Moreover, if your zodiac sign is Gemini, you might be prone to recurrent lung disorders already!

From Solar Plexus to Sacral, Anahata, Crown and Third Eye Chakras, multiple chakras can lead to allergic respiratory disorders.

Crystal rituals to help during asthma and allergies

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

You must visualize a state of total relief from your ailment using crystal energy, meditative aura doubles and bonds with the healing aura of the crystal. In addition to medicines and tonics, adding crystal medicine that aligns throat chakra brings quick recovery and healing to the wearer.

Remember to appraise the ruler of Gemini, Mercury for respiratory recovery whenever you’re doing a crystal ritual. To start cleansing your respiratory system using chakra power, you must meditate and cleanse your crystals.

1.      Bathe Off the Devil

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

A rejuvenating and vitalizing ritual that removes bronchitis and severe respiratory diseases, taking healing baths with water infused with healing crystals along with herbs are ideal during skin allergies too.

2.      Drink the Healing Tonic

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

By solarising water, you let the power molecules of the crystal penetrate the water. By drinking crystal-infused-water, you catalyse the healing energies to travel into your bronchioles and dispel the toxins right away. Remember to cleanse your crystals and regularly change the drinking water when you’re having the gemstone tonic for asthma and allergies.

3.      Wrap the Crystals onto your Allergy or Throat

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

An ancient method of crystal healing advocates tying crystals around the throat to remove allergens from chronic asthma. For kids suffering from consistent throat pain to tumours, crystal patches can bring drastic changes in health!

4.      Program Gemstones against Allergy

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Just as we take the vaccine, gemstone programming is a crystal sting of protection. By pointing at your crown chakra, you must visualize relief from difficulty in breathing, allergy or other ailments also charging your crystal. End it by rubbing the crystal gently on your throat and chest area for elevated comfort.

Which Crystals can help you Get Rid of Asthma?

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Asthma is a serious ailment of the respiratory system. By activating the heart chakra, one can eliminate the source of asthma and its allergens. To keep the allergens off the wearer, one can try wearing multiple crystals.

Morganite is the best crystal to be worn on the Heart Chakra to relieve the difficulties of breathing congestion felt during asthma in addition to epilepsy and emphysema. Popular as the Pink Beryl, Morganite reduces the allergic triggers to the lungs when worn on the throat chakra.

A motherly stone, often renowned as the protection stone, Emerald dispels negative energies especially physical allergens away from the wearer. By reducing inflammations and soothing the respiratory tract, emerald healing tonic can be used to amplify the effect of your asthma medicine.

Pyrite is a little known respiratory healing crystal that can relieve ailing nose to bronchioles. The metallic yellow stone improves the absorption of oxygen in your blood, thereby alleviating most respiratory troubles. For patients with asthma, pyrite pendants can be excellent for regenerating the respiratory epithelium as well!

Synonymous with harmony, Tiger-eye can relieve the symptoms of asthma and low lung capacity. If you’re prone to asthmatic attacks, you must meditate with a charged tiger eye bracelet with multiple beads on your higher chakras.

Healing Crystals For Stopping an Allergy Attack

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Allergy attacks can vary from diverse reasons such as genetics to diet. When healing crystals are kept in touch with your skin, you can significantly bring down the respiratory inflammations pertaining to your chakra. Aquamarine

Fire Opal is an ancient secret often shushed for its exuberant powers of throat chakra activation. Often, the root of most disorders of the respiratory system is the inappropriate habit of breathing. An energizing stone, fire opal brings clarity to speech as well as breathing.

Inflammations within our body due to the incapability of defending or immunity refer to commonest allergies. By keeping aquamarine on your throat chakra, you can improve your lung capacity as well as resistance to allergens. You can also infuse aquamarine in your drinking water to heal your throat chakra slowly.

A remarkable cleansing stone, peridot penetrates the infections and flushes out the toxins by activating your heart chakra. The olivine healing crystal removes spiritual and emotional smog in the mind too. Peridot chains also enhance cell renewal and regeneration in the wearer by strengthening the lungs.

What we Recommend

Why Crystals For Asthma Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Crystals can bring an end to misery and smooth Prana Breathing or Kapal Bahti (specific breathing exercise) in the dewy mornings…

Steaming with herbs and drinking healing tonic are also efficient to neutralize the lack of immunity in the body, provided you’ve been bearing asthma attacks for years!

Which crystal do you choose to beckon the power of mercury and strengthen your respiratory system?

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Stay powerful~

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