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Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

Nursing is not a profession that anybody can do. It is a profession of giving and hence, also a tribute to humanity.  To be a nurse, you need physical and mental strength to emanate a healing aura.

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

The right healing crystals hen used for nursing career and the journey can improve the health of your patients as well as your own body.

The eternal bond between gemstones and Nurses

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

Crystals are particularly useful for nurses who feel exhausted, disheartened and drained of emotions. Nursing demands the most important traits of humanity including kindness and medical skills. When used on the heart or throat chakra, healing crystals can instill a mentality of heightened calmth as well as hopefulness in the wearer.

Pick a Crystal Ritual

The golden point when working with gemstones is that crystals must be bonded to produce powerful energies of healing, much like people. Your crystal also collects negativity by protecting or cleansing your aura. The trick is to clean your healing crystal after every use, to make the most out of it.

How to use a healing crystal if you’re a nurse

·         Crystal Patch or Jewelry

When worn on your key chakra points, gemstone flushes out toxins by penetrating the wearer’s body. Crystal patch therapy requires tying the gemstone onto chakra points while crystal jewelry guarantees the same effects by wearing the stones on your key chakras.

·         Crystal Grid and Pendulum

Most innovative gemstone therapies of the age comprise of gemstone pendulum to reset you aura or emanated energies. On the other hand, a crystal grid uses the power of multiple crystals to create an amplified body of energy to supercharge any chakra point.

·         Crystal Programming and Elixir

Programming your gemstones refers to using the gemstone to activate a chakra. The simplest way to do so is by using a cleansed gemstone to point at the respective chakra in mindful meditation and visualization. Gem elixirs are infusions of water with full moon rays that transform ordinary water into the powerful water with gem-like traits.

Which Gemstone Suits you the Best?

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

The elemental energy of gemstones is healing and hence, nurses will be able to heal others and themselves by using healing crystals. Gemstones can be used to activate heart chakras and higher chakras to give you the spiritual and mental strength necessary to be a competent nurse.

The first step to opting for crystal therapy is by picking a crystal which bonds with you.

·         Amber

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

An ideal stone to clean and rejuvenate chakra powers, amber activates Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. When the kundalini energy is activated by amber, the wearer feels protected. Physical healing effects of the amber gemstone are effective on organs such as liver, kidney, stomach, intestines and reproductive system.

·         Aquatic Agate

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

Popular as moss agate, aquatic agate stones when worn by a nurse calms the wearer down. It emanates energies of compassion by activating the heart chakra. Spiritually, aquatic agate helps you comprehend reality lucidly as it physical boosts the functions of neurons. Other physical healing effects of moss agate are blood circulation, immunity, digestive system and biological clock resetting of the body.

·         Moonstone

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

An omnipotent gemstone renowned for being perfect for Nursing professionals, moonstone is a feminine energy stone that resonates the energy of kindness. Moonstone balances both higher and lower chakras as it controls the Solar Plexus and Third Eye chakra. Physically, moonstone wearers are blessed with fertility, correct circadian rhythm, healthy skin and strong immunity.

·         Black Tourmaline

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

Yet another service stone that must be on all nurses around the world, black tourmaline is a stunning gemstone that aligns all the chakras in the body. Renowned as the magic healing stone since the beginning of time, black tourmaline stabilizes and grounds unstable habits in the wearer.

Tourmaline is excellent for nurses suffering from paranoia, anxiety, emotional turmoil, stress, substance abuse and compulsive habits. Black tourmaline is also an excellent gift to give your favorite or best patients!

·         Turquoise

Renowned as the supreme healing stone in ancient times, turquoise is a throat, heart and third eye chakras stone that helps in venting out stressful emotions and feelings quickly. Making a crystal grid with turquoise can positively affect any medical or emotionally unstable condition. Keep a turquoise jewelry on you at all times to keep yourself safe.

·         Clear Quartz

Yet master healing stone for nurses, Clear Quartz has powerful traits of draining negativity from your aura and surroundings instantly. The crown chakra crystal must be meditated with, before sleep and after getting up to heal emotional and mental fatigue at work.

What we recommend as crystals for Nurses …

Why Change your Life Using Crystals for Nurses

Being a nurse can be exhausting if your mind and body are not stable. As much as healthcare industry is a selfless cause, gemstones are selfless too. Healing crystals control, interfere and rewire the chakra energies in the body to boost positivity in your aura.

Which gemstone filled you with gratitude in a wink?

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Stay powerful~


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