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Wholesale Crystals, Gemstones at Cheap Prices

Wholesale Crystals, Gemstones at Cheap Prices

When you’ve been a crystal lover for ages, find crystals in bulk for a cheaper rate is your ultimate dream. You might’ve started making jewelry with crystals or you might want to expand your crystal collection at a cost-efficient rate. Whatever may it be, wholesale crystals are easy to find and we will help you find it.

What Are Wholesale Crystals?

Wholesale Crystals, Gemstones at Cheap Prices

Crystals in bulk for rates cheaper than the retail price are called wholesale crystals. These are often raw crystals straight from the mine country or polishers. You can get many more crystals at the rate you’re getting a single crystal if you’re willing to buy more crystals in bulk. It is economical and stays within budget if you’ve a good crystal funding.

Crystals wholesale are not tarnished with exposure or contact with the world. You get powerful energies for a cheap price when you invest in wholesale crystals.

Types of Wholesale Crystals

Let us take you through the most common varieties of wholesale crystals you will find on our metaphysical store.

1.    Raw Wholesale Crystals

These are crystals in the rough without any tumbling or polishing done. Raw crystals are often believed to contain the spirit of Mother Gaia within them. Often, you will find these within the matrix too.

2.    Polished Tumbled Wholesale Crystals

Considered the costly wholesale crystals, polished or tumbled stones in bulk are rated according to their clarity. They might not come in bulk, but each piece is valuable and gorgeous. They are good for jewelry making or worry stones too.

3.    Wholesale Crystal Jewelry

From crystal pendants in different shapes to crystal rings, crystal necklace, gemstone earrings and healing crystal bracelets, there are many types of crystal jewelry you can buy in wholesale.

4.    Pyramid Crystal Wholesale

When crystals polished in the shape of pyramids are sold, they are mostly used for crystal rituals and décor. These are powerful crystals that can send your manifestations to the heart of the universe.

5.    Wholesale Crystal Wands

Terminated cylindrical objects are mined in their natural form as well as polished to look so. Crystal wands are powerful props for focusing the energy of crystals as well as their chakras. At wholesale rates, you can get all types of crystal wands for cheap prices.

Wholesale Crystal Bracelet Meaning

Wholesale crystal bracelets are created to infuse with your aura and cleanse you. It can surround you with a protective cocoon that dispels energy attacks. Wholesale healing crystal bracelets are cheap and affordable. You can wear it on your dominant hand by the day or mix them up to create unique energies.  

Where to Find Wholesale Crystal Jewelry?

If wholesale crystals for jewelry making is your goal, you need to look for cost efficient stores. We have a few suggestions for you to buy crystals online.

·      Google

The first logical step is to Google your query of ‘wholesale crystals online’. You will find reputed stores by clicking and browsing through their websites.

·      Amazon

World’s best shop for everything, Wholesale crystals Amazon also suppliers wholesale crystals to interested parties. Although, we recommend you check the reviews and stats or return policy before you buy.

·      Etsy

Best place for independent crystals and crystal shops, Etsy can also be your wholesale crystals supplier.

·      Trade Shows

If a crystals trade show is happening close to you, ATTEND it! You will find interesting offers and businesses to help you find crystals in bulk for cheap.

·      Atperry’s Healing Crystals Shop

Your very own stop for loose crystals for jewelry making and large mineral crystal specimens, find your dream stones in bulk by browsing on our store. Please use the search bar in the top left corner of your screen to start finding your dream crystals!


Found your dream wholesale crystals at the best price? Ask your questions below in the comments!

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