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Which Healing Crystals for Anger Issues Actually Work

Which Healing Crystals for Anger Issues Actually Work

Anger is a state of mind, which when unleashed without gauging will end in acute violence and endless pain to mind, soul and body. The righteous said that Anger is but a group of emotions born out of toxic negativity.

If you think anger is ruining your life, try these kind gemstones. All you need to do is pick one that you feel close to and begin charging the right chakras. Trust us, you will see magic unfurl …  

How to use Gemstones for Anger

Which Healing Crystals For Anger Issues Actually Work  

Just like each of us, Gemstones are alive. The same is why using gemstones to correct, repair or renovate our human emotions actually work. Just as energy can change the mood of a person as well as one’s perspective about something, gemstone energy can be used to divert and alter the mental energies of a person.

If you’re ready to renew yourself, try one of these crystal rituals tonight on your own, with the right crystals that you adore and love …

  • Gem Elixir therapy

An amateur therapy that works well according to the potency of the crystal used, gem elixir therapy also relies on the strength of the crescent moon or the sun. Gem Elixirs are made by soaking your choice of (safe to soak) healing crystal in a singing bowl of water under the sun for 3-4 hours or in Full Moon Lunar light overnight.

Gem Elixir therapy must be used concurrently used with root chakra crystals for best results.

  • Gemstone Meditation and Yoga

When you meditate or recharge your crystals as well as energy points in the body, gemstone yoga is put to action. It is as simple as keeping the right gemstone for the chakra charging and yoga on the mat, but crystal users can also place or point the gem at the chakra for supercharging during the energy amalgamation.  

It is best to use Solar Plexus, Throat, Heart, Root and Sacral Chakra Crystals for Gemstone Meditation.

  • Affirmations

Alongside grounding crystals that align your root chakras and higher chakras for the stability of healthy, mind and soul, you must also chant positive affirmations that prepare you to accept the goal. Affirmations are active visualizations or active meditation sessions!

It is best to use Crown Chakra crystals for Affirmation.

Definitive Guide for Using Healing Crystal for Anger Issues

Which Healing Crystals For Anger Issues Actually Work  

Anger is not a disease, unless you understand that want to change. It is wise not to be a slave of your body or adrenaline rushes. Any decision taken in haste, only justifies poor judgment; however, you look at it. Your thoughts must not be blocked but let to absorb and dissolve within you, if you want to rest your anger.

1.      Howlite

Which Healing Crystals For Anger Issues Actually Work

An immensely powerful gemstone with potent traits of calming, soothing and relieving, howlite is a mesmerizing crystal for people in self-destructive or suicidal mindsets. Howlite actively dissolves roots of hatred towards the self and others, in the wearer.

Howlite activates the soft and enlightening or transcending chakra of the Crown, located on top of your head.

2.      Rose Quartz


Yet another mothering crystal known to be the Queen of Compassion amongst gems, Rose Quartz is an overpowering and comforting crystal that activates the heart chakra in the wearer. Rose Quartz is so powerful that people losing their temper just need to clench the crystal tight or even touch the crystal for instant relief!

3.      Carnelian

An enlightening stone often revered as the stone of Base and Sacral Chakras, Carnelian must be charged to activate the Life Force or the Kundalini Energy to find balance and calmth. Anger is heaped up frustration and Carnelian teaches the angered person to calm down with supreme wisdom.

4.      Peridot

A gorgeous and hypnotizing gemstone that presents opportunities to grow, peridot is excellent for those trying to rehabilitate after recovering from anger related crimes. Violence is certainly not a sign of progress and you must use peridot to heal your higher heart chakra to accept the good in others as well as to respect them.

5.      Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Recommended by ancient chiefs to crystal scientists, Smoky Quartz is ideal for those who lose their temper over confusions. Often, when confusions remain unsolved, heap up and frustrate the thinker! To express and resolve your confusions, Smoky quartz activates the Root Chakra or Life Force!

6.      Rhodochrosite

Which Healing Crystals For Anger Issues Actually Work

A warming crystal that comforts the wearer, Rhodochrosite is a gemstone of love and compassion. For those disturbed or easily provoked or agitated, Rhodochrosite teaches patience to perseverance for strengthening emotions.  Rhodochrosite activates the Solar Plexus chakra in the body alongside the comforting heart chakra!

What we recommend …

Which Healing Crystals For Anger Issues Actually Work

You must creatively combine your imagination and willpower with the gemstone energies above, when you’re trying to charge your chakra.

Which amongst the below made you calmer than usual?

Come back when you’re angry and check the images above and below to tell us your answer in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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