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Where to Buy Real Crystals?

Where to Buy Real Crystals?

If you’ve been in the crystal market for long, you have seen fake crystals. Perhaps you’ve seen one too many and are fed up with it. That’s why we dedicate this post to all of us who have come across fake and synthetic crystals which were sold to us as natural crystals. We will help you find out if your crystal is real.

How to Spot Fake Crystals?

So you just got your new crystals. You are excited but suddenly you feel a pit in your stomach. Are these real crystals. You’re wondering how to spot fake crystals. Let us help you out!

1.    Is It Warm to Touch?

Is the crystal cold to touch? Real crystals have a peculiar habit and that’s their warmth to touch. Clean it and keep it in room temperature to measure the real temperature of your crystals.

2.    Prick It with a Hot Pin

To ensure you do not have a resin stone made by someone, heat up a pin or safety pin. Now prick the stone with the hot pin. If it oozes through, you know what to deduce!

3.    Scratch It with a Diamond or Quartz

You can always check a stone if it’s the same as advertised by scratching with lower and higher hardness stones. The lower hardness stone will not leave mark and vice versa.

4.    Compare with Real Stone and Real Stories

One way to compare if you have a real leopardskin jasper when you’re sold one, is to compare it wth the other images of leopardskin jasper online via google.

5.    Share It On Our Crystal Group for Identification 

You can always share your crystals on our Healing Crystal Group with clear pictures and we will help you identify them!

Where to Buy Real Crystals?

AtPerry’s is the perfect place to buy real crystals.We provide 60-Day Money back guarantee so that you can buy with trust! 

Wondering how do real crystals look like? You can click on the gemstone you like below and it will take you to the place where you can see real reviews under the image to help you buy!

  1. Amethyst Crystals Real
  2. Citrine Stone
  3. Rose Quartz Elephant
  4. Celestite Gemstone Crystal
  5. Dolomite Crystal
  6. Tiger Eye Pendant
  7. Fluorite Pendant


Found the right place to buy real crystals? If not, share the name of the crystal you want in the comments below and we will help you find the right stone quickly. It’s FREE shipping. So, hurry!

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