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What You Will Never Know about Crystals for Ears

What You Will Never Know about Crystals for Ears

In addition to the Seven Main Chakras, humans also possess many tinier chakras that combine and activate the core chakras. From chakras for ears to toes, many secondary chakras can heal infections of your ears as well as boost your hearing ability.

Ear Chakras Explained

What You Will Never Know about Crystals for Ears

Located in a circular shape above our each ear in humans, Ear Chakras emanate energy vibrations that combine to intersect at the Third Eye Chakra. An imbalance of Ear Chakra occurs as a result of one’s restrictions to the hearing offensive and demeaning things.

Ear infections are a result of bacteria and allergen present in the auditory tract. Although it is widely believed that airborne parasites cause maximum infections in the ears, you can also be ill due to reverse flow of food from intestines that can enter the ear ducts. Antibiotics can get rid of the disease quickly, but the same also destroys healthy bacterium in your body?

What You Will Never Know about Crystals for Ears

What you’re left with is an impaired stomach lining for the rest of your life! Natural remedies, on the other hand, result in amazing benefits as well as bonus healing too.

Which Healing Crystals for Ear Disorders and Infections

What You Will Never Know about Crystals for Ears

An ENT specialist should diagnose ear infections, but to be on the safer side, you can also add healing crystals to your routine to prevent the destruction of healthy bacteria. Moreover, using ear crystals for a longer time can also bring Clairaudience or divine hearing, where you hear the spirit voices.

1.       Rhodonite

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If you heard someone being rude to you recently, your ear chakra must be under threat.

An important Ear Chakra Crystal, Rhodonite activates the Higher Chakras to activate the Third Eye and introduce healing. Using rhodonite as a crystal patch to ear wash helps in releasing the negative influence of hearing bad things about you.

2.       Amethyst

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An important Earth Stone, Amethyst plugs are excellent for ear infections of diverse kinds. A gemstone known to activate the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Amethyst can also be kept under the pillow to heal your ear infections overnight. 

Amethyst pendulum is also an excellent treatment for hearing problems as well as infections as well as heaping up of ear wax.

3.       Agate

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Light colored agate is renowned as the Stone of Strength and helps in activating the higher chakras for healing ear disorders including clog. Agate is an energizing crystal that also helps in flushing out the toxins effectively from your ears.

Agate can be used as a patch or pendulum to dispel ear infections.

4.       Amber

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From endurance to energy, Amber is a disinfectant healing crystal, especially the type called Baltic Amber. Hearing loss is a prominent cure that amber introduces by dissolving the allergens as well as reducing inflammations.

Amber even changes color during absorption of the negativity due to ear infections.

5.       Onyx

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A common disease to most kids, Onyx must be placed on the Third Eye Chakra to amplify healing of hearing disorders. From SCD to increasing the sensitivity of hearing, Onyx works well on kids on diverse ear disorders.

6.       Tourmaline

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Ringing inside the ears is the best effect of using Tourmaline for ear disorders. Since ancient times, Tourmaline has been used extensively for treating hearing loss in older people as well.  Activating the Crown and Throat chakra, Tourmaline also heals underlying brain disorders that add to ear disorders.

7.       Sapphire

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From treating imbalance to dizziness and ear problems, Sapphire is excellent for people who suffer from severe ear disorders including motion sickness and nausea. Using Sapphire earrings are considered excellent for hearing loss as well as surgeries of the ear.

Crystal Rituals to Apply on Ear Disorders

What You Will Never Know about Crystals for Ears

In addition to crystal programming, crystal rituals below can help in treating Ear Disorders

Crystal Pendulum

Take a crystal pendulum, preferably with ear crystals at its end and point towards your ear with the help of another person. Program the Ear Chakra until the erratic vibration of the pendulum stops as the shaking signifies the rate of imbalance of your chakra.

Crystal Ear Wash and Cleansing

After solarizing crystals in water, under the sun or the moon, use the same infusion to wash your ears to heal infections. Just as hydrogen peroxide dissolves and breaks the toxins of the infections inside your ears, healing crystal infusions also break toxins and cleanse the inside of your ears.

Crystal Patches

You can also tie the right crystal around your ears to help in absorbing toxins and negativity thoroughly out of your ears!

What we Recommend

What You Will Never Know about Crystals for Ears

You must also avoid eating dietary products that escalate the infection such as meat, sugar, eggs and cheese in case your ear infection is becoming unbearable. Using gemstones in addition to medicines helps in amplifying the power of the meds as well as your chakras, which defeats the disease instantly!

Which crystal appeals the most to you?

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Stay powerful~

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