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Secrets to Make Gemstones For Christmas Work Like a Charm

Secrets to Make Gemstones For Christmas Work Like a Charm

Want to gift the power of true happiness this Christmas to your loved ones? Forget the costly gifts and opt for a magical stone that can give them happiness forever! Gemstones for Christmas are handpicked to ensure happiness, joy and a fulfilling celebration this December. Choose your pick right away!

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Why use Gemstones for Christmas

Christmas is a time for happiness, celebration and merry.  To double your festive joys, add a pinch of true magic this year by using gemstones for Christmas. Healing stones are filled with powers that can interfere with your aura as well as that of your environment to attract festive luck your way.

To prevent Fights

Gemstones for harmony can cleanse the negative aura around your house especially during Christmas. It can repel the evil eye too!

To induce Perfection

If your Christmas was always filled with chaos and unfortunate events, this is your best chance to change Xmas. Use healing crystals to introduce perfection into your festive décor! 

To find Support

It can be overwhelming to decorate and simultaneously bring the family together. If you’ve forgotten the hassles of Christmas meals, use gemstones for Christmas to find support this year! 

To make it Merrier

Sometimes loneliness is your only friend during the festive seasons. Want to change it? Bring home the right healing crystals for Christmas to bring joy and overwhelming happiness that attracts the right people to join in your merry!

How to use Gemstones for Christmas

What Makes Gemstones For Christmas So Addictive

Being an occasion of delight and joy, Christmas comes with limitless responsibilities. To help you out, we have handpicked the easiest ways to induce the power of gemstones for Christmas this year.

·         Gem Elixir

After placing a gemstone in a Tibetan singing bowl, fill it with mineral water. Now, place it under the light of full moon overnight. Remove the crystal in the morning and your gem elixir is ready!

·         Gemstone Mistletoe

All of us add mistletoes at the doorstep to add a dash of love during Christmas. This festive occasion, add a gemstone to its middle and let it charm your guests and hosts magically with powers of feng shui!

·         Gemstone Snowman

When you’re making a snowman outside your home this year, add a gemstone nose, eyes or boutonnieres to make it livelier and feng shui-clad! 

·         Gemstone Décor  

You can also bedazzle the Christmas tree by adding a wide variety of gemstones all over it. It can be used inside the house to add the power of positive energy in the house too.

Which Gemstones to use for Christmas

What Makes Gemstones For Christmas So Addictive

Picking the right gemstones during the winter solstice will bring you joy, luck and goodwill too. We handpicked the right gemstones that can multiply your happiness during this festive occasion. You can trust these gemstones to change your Christmas into a big success this year!


What Makes Gemstones For Christmas So Addictive

One of the prominent stones that guarantee passion and harmony during Christmas, ruby activates the heart and the sacral chakra to fulfill your wishes this Christmas. Ruby is a charm one must not miss for Xmas!

Wear it or add it to the home décor to see a Christmas of passion this year!


What Makes Gemstones For Christmas So Addictive

Another gemstone filled with the power of enlightenment and Christ consciousness, add a dash of Sunstone to your Xmas crib or tree to witness a miracle this Christmas. Sunstone activates the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras.

CalciteWhat Makes Gemstones For Christmas So Addictive

Renowned as a stone that empowers the earth chakra, calcite can offer support and magic during Christmas. Hang it on your doorstep to enter a time of happiness and luck this Christmas!

A palm-sized Felix felicis, calcite can drive off negativity from evil eye to curses aimed at you, your house and your family!

Blue Sapphire

What Makes Gemstones For Christmas So Addictive

One of the exotic stones of divine luck and articulation, blue sapphire can bring together families during the celebrations. If your family members are far away or separated by feuds, send a blue sapphire Christmas gift to reclaim their love today!

You can also wear it on your throat chakra to empower your voice with confidence and honest this winter!


What Makes Gemstones For Christmas So Addictive

One of the most expensive stones in the world, tanzanite has many hidden powers that can help you during Christmas. Being a higher chakra stone, tanzanite activates the third eye chakra to help you see the future.

Much like Christmas Carol by Dickens, Tanzanite is an elixir to help you see ahead into life to avoid costly mistakes in life.

Before you go

What Makes Gemstones For Christmas So Addictive

Christmas is a time for happiness. Don’t let negativity threaten your peace and joy this Xmas. Pick a gemstone that can help your family reconnect and stay happy as well as together this winter!

Which gemstone among the following gave a peek of the Christmas you’ve always wanted?

Tell us all about your experience of using gemstones for Christmas in the comments below.


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