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What Crystals to Wear on Your Vacation or Holiday

What Crystals to Wear on Your Vacation or Holiday

When going on a vacation, there are many risks to your life and peace. Packing crystals to enhance your Safety, Adventure Skills, Luck and Happiness on vacation ensures that you have the trip of your life.

Ten Crystals to Take with you on Vacation

 Crystals to wear on your vacation or holiday

Holidays are time to celebrate and flush out toxic emotions and woes out of your system. However, with the vacation getting nearer, holiday stress also shoots up. In addition to relaxation exercises, crystals are the best way to keep your calm when packing or journeying to your holiday destination.

·         Opal

White Fire Opal Australian Flower Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

An excellent and gorgeous crystal to take with you on an exotic holiday, opal is an excellent stone for emotional clarity. It also amplifies your spontaneity, making your vacation a grand success. Wearing opal during holiday brings forth buried emotions in addition to harmonizing peace amongst your family or group.

Wear this WHITE FIRE OPAL RING on your next getaway for a vacation without arguments!

·         Aquamarine

Aquamarine Stone White Gold Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A legendary healing crystal used for contacting the spiritual guide, Aquamarine is a traveler’s best buddy. Aquamarine keeps your safe from accidents and dangers when on the open road.

This Aquamarine Ring is an ideal holiday gift for your family to wear on your next vacation to stay clear of danger.

·         Pearl

Pearl Long Tassel Earrings - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A good luck token is traditionally given as a guardian crystal for vacationers, Pearl also gels well with most attire. Pearl is an excellent stone to wear if you’re going on a cruise, boating, fishing or anywhere on the water.

Wear this Pearl long tassel earring to keep the wearer calm and boosts decision-making ability to stay alerted and safe while holidaying.

·         Sapphire

Sapphire Silver Charm Bracelet

If you’re vacationing as a family, adding a sapphire crystal to your backpack is best to keep the challenges minimal. Also known as the stone of wisdom, Sapphire prevents frauds from cheating you in remote destinations. Sapphire is excellent for those traveling by air or sports such as exploring skydiving or air sports on vacation as well.

Wear this Sapphire silver Charm bracelet to have a safe holiday without fretting any!

·         Jade

Bracelet - Natural Green Jade Bracelet

Keeping off evil spirits is a special trait of jade crystals, but when you add jade to your suitcase when holidaying, you get a crystal body guard too! Promoting the safest of journeys, jade repels negative vibes and people from your family in your holiday destination. Moreover, jade is a powerful crystal to protect those who are traveling to their holiday destination via cars, RV or other road vehicles.

Famed as the traveler’s stone, wearing this jade bracelet prevents sickness and boredom during vacation.

·         Turquoise

Calming Crystal Tibetan Silver Rhinestone Cross Geometric Round Turquoise Infinity Pendant Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Yet another stone for nomads and vacationers alike, Turquoise is ideal for long vacations including backpacking or hitchhiking trips. Turquoise is a protection crystal that is widely known to be a companion stone to the most of the famous explorers too. The calming blue energy keeps tourists away from petty troubles in their destination.

Wearing this Turquoise Tibetan Cross Geometric pendant on your vacation will help you prevent evil spells, psychic attacks and fights within your convoy.

·         Fluorite

The Crystal Talisman Pendant - Fluorite Opal Amethyst - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 47

A powerful healing crystal that clarifies your mental confusions, Fluorite is perfect for holidaying as it boosts enthusiasm amongst the group. Moreover, fluorite helps in calming agitated mood, stomach and immune system disorders during your holiday.

Carry this fluorite Pendant on you to clear your holiday destination from negativity and evil spells next time!

·         Citrine

12 pieces of Wisdom Tree of Life Gemstone Pendants [Only $7.5 Per Tree + Free Shipping] - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 9

A positive energy that transforms your holiday into the best time of your life, Citrine radiates powerful crystal vibrations that beckon harmony amongst the vacationers. Ideal for connecting and deepening the emotional bond, citrine is also a protective crystal that shuns your fears.

Wearing citrine always on you is necessary as the healing crystal absorbs negativity from your mind and surrounds quickly. Try this citrine tree of life pendant on your next holiday to forget motion sickness, nausea and common colds.

·         Jasper

7 Engraved Chakra Palm Crystal Reiki Healing Stones

A grounding crystal that is synonymous with spiritual enlightenment, Jasper helps you achieve the relaxation you dreamt of when you planned the holiday. Jasper wearers are welcomed with good luck, safety and happiness during the holiday.

Renowned as the shielding stone for all those on the move, meditating with this Yellow Jasper Palm Crystal can trigger safe and comfortable travel on land, air and water.

·         Carnelian

Assorted 7 pieces/lot Palm Stone Jade Crystal Reiki Healing Chakra With Free Pouch - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

Supplied with the best traits of quartz crystals, carnelian displays exemplary traits of protecting its wearer during travel. The best stone for those looking for adventure, entertainment and fun, Carnelian is an Explorer’s Crystal too.

Placing a Carnelian Chakra Crystal in your room as well as the vehicle will steer away from all the dangers aimed your way.

Before you go …

What Crystals to Wear on Your Vacation or Holiday

Silver and Gold are also auspicious materials to attract good luck while going on a holiday. Remember to carry a gemstone pouch to store your crystals safely without losing them when on your vacation.

In addition, don’t forget to clear your crystals at the end of every day to keep your crystals at its best.

Stay powerful!

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