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What are the Most Powerful Spiritual Crystals and Meanings?

What are the Most Powerful Spiritual Crystals and Meanings?

Do you care about negativity more than the stuff you bought last week? If that’s you, there’s no doubt you’re a spiritual being. Moreover, you’re an empath. Too many definitions about ‘being spiritual’ are out there. But, which is the right one? Have no confusions because I am going to put the limelight on spiritual crystals and their meanings in detail so that you don’t have to look anymore!

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What is the meaning of Spiritual?

There are two kinds of people- materialistic and spiritual.

Materialistic people care about materials and nonliving things. To such a person, harming their materials breaks their heart. They are invested in perishable things.

The second category of people is spiritual people. These are people who believe that there are secrets in the nature that they cannot see. While etymology says the word spiritual comes from the Latin word for spiritus, it is beyond religion or soul today.

Let’s unravel the true meanings of being spiritual TODAY.

Which are the Most Powerful Spiritual Crystals?

Almost all the people who use crystals know the supernatural powers of Clear Quartz. It’s the best and first spiritual crystal with widespread meanings.

But what are the other spiritual stones? Are they really enlightening? What can a spiritual crystal achieve? Is there a meaning to spiritual crystals?

Find out all the answers about the meaning of spiritual crystals below!

·      Shungite Spirit Stone

Shungite Gemstone Beads

One of the dark-colored purification stone, shungite can be very powerful as a protective amulet if you live a public life. It protects your innocence by attracting wisdom. Often revered as the “Transformation Stone”, shungite shields the wearer against psychic energy vampires too.

When used in a bathtub, it can cleanse the soul in addition to the physical body.

Meaning of Spiritual Stone Shungite

Did you know the name Shungite is given to the spirit stone shungite after the village of Shunga? It is a stone with 2-billion years of history within it. The Russian stone is often largely associated with the energy of the earth. Just like the earth, it powerfully absorbs the toxins and wards away negativity. The stability of the earth makes it an excellent grounding stone too.

·      Spiritual Crystal Amethyst

Amethyst Teardrop Pendant or Amethyst Teardrop Necklace   matans

The most popular gemstone in the quartz group of minerals, Amethyst is the best crystal drug for the mind. Drink its elixir and you will become invincible to evil eye and radiations. The mind detox stone can show you the enlightenment to get rid of addictive substances from life.

A protection stone, amethyst cures the deepest fears. That’s why keeping an amethyst under the bed while sleeping can get rid of nightmares as well as a variety of somnipathies (sleep disorders).

Meaning of Spiritual Crystal Amethyst

Amethyst is a word taken from the Greek word for ‘not drunk’. The meaning of amethyst is understood most by the story of the nymphet named Amethyst who was punished by the Greek God of Wine. Upon praying to Diana, he was transformed into the stone meant to keep addictions and intoxicating confusions away. Thus, when you wear amethyst it beckons the powers of Dionysius and Diana.

·      Howlite Spirit Gem

Howlite Beads Heart Charm Bracelets - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Unlike stones that bring wealth or beauty, howlite is not a vanity stone. It is a meditation stone that invites positive vibrations into the wearer’s surroundings. Howlite connects the wearer’s mind to the moon to fulfill the deepest aims and goals.

Did you know wearing howlite can make you calm and composed? As it is a third eye stone, whenever you wear a howlite, you get to know the root of truth ahead of time. That’s why howlite wearers are incredibly wise and clever.

Meaning of Spiritual Gem Howlite

Named after the chemist Henry How, the spirit crystal Howlite works by attuning your mind. It can connect you to all the parts of nature to clear your karmic debts. It helps you recognize the parts of life that you ignore until now to connect you to the spirit guide. It is a fascinating stone that opens your life to new areas of the cosmos you never knew existed!

·      Spiritual Blue Calcite Gemstone

Blue Calcite Stones

When your mind’s eye is clear and craving for enlightenment, the universe opens it to the secrets otherwise hidden. Lucid Dreaming is one such effect of blue calcite stone that happens when you meditate and sleep with the stone.

A third eye spiritual gemstone, blue calcite works on the chakra nerve points to soothe your inner woes. It removes the pain and connection or investment in material stuff to enhance your intuition. When you spend more than a day with blue calcite, it opens your inner sight.

Meaning of Spiritual Gemstone blue Calcite    

Originating from the Latin word calx meaning lime, blue calcite is different from common yellow calcites. It is seen in pale to dark blue colors that change based on your aura. Blue calcite is an aura cleansing stone that changes the way you think, act and live.

If you’re ready to take control of your life, buy a blue calcite right now!

·      Spirit Crystal Lapis Lazuli

Natural Stone Crystal Ring (Resizeable)

How many countries have you traveled to? If you know there are more to see in the universe than on earth, you will stop paying the airlines. You can go to a million galaxies with a teeny tiny lapis lazuli. It is the ultimate Astral Travel crystal as it honors the Gods.

When you use a lapis lazuli, it makes your soul truthful. The best interesting thing about the blue stone is that it seeks the presence of guardian angels to guide you during cosmic travel. Remember to think about Atlantis when using the lapis spirit stone because lazuli is believed to have born there!

Meaning of Spiritual Crystal lapis Lazuli

Originating from the Persian word ‘lazward’ and Latin ‘lazulum’ for its azure color, lapis lazuli appeared first in Persian Mines. The meaning of spiritual crystal lapis lazuli is simple- endless as the blue it has. The speckles of gold on the lazuli signifies the shimmering opportunities in your fate, depending on the stone you have in your hand. It will become brighter when you work with a lazuli for spiritual gains.

·      Blue Apatite for Spiritual Prowess

Blue Apatite Tumbled  Stones for Energy Healing

Unlike most of the spiritual crystals, blue apatite can be used for material gains too. But, today we will talk about concentrating the powers of blue apatite to enchant and elevate your spirit.

Blue apatite is made for people who are looking for personal growth and to aid the development of psychic gifts such as dream recall. It can help you figure out the strong forces that are hampering your goals from getting fulfilled

Meaning of Spiritual Healing Crystal blue Apatite

Do you know blue apatite is derived from the Greek word` deceit? It was given for its life-changing qualities. The spiritual meaning of blue apatite is the growth of the mind. If you feel you haven’t grown spiritually, this is the stone to help you out.

Before you go …

Now that you know all about the spiritual crystals and meanings, here’s a bonus stone- Black Obsidian scrying mirror for Spirit Rituals. You can unlock Crystal gazing via the scrying mirror for definite answers.

Still confused? Share your day and month of birth and I will tell you the best spiritual stone for you!

Stay powerful~


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