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Unsurpassed Uses Of Yoni Herbal Steams For Vaginal Health

Unsurpassed Uses Of Yoni Herbal Steams For Vaginal Health

Gwyneth Paltrow is the popular saint of yoni eggs and herbal steams, thanks to her mugwort antidote. Did you know yoni herbal steams work scientifically? Yes! In fact, the right mix of herbs for benefits of yoni herbals steams can boost feminine wellness.

What are the benefits of Yoni Herbal Steam for Vagina? When I started yoni herbal steams, it was to balance my reproductive system. The doctors had me on PCOS and I was a mess. That’s when my aunt said I needed to charge my yoni instead of merely investing in fertility stones. She was absolutely right and within 2 months of doing yoni, herbal steams, my PMDD was gone and I was carrying a sweet little girl in my womb. Before I rant-off with the miracles yoni herbal steams beckoned into my life, it is important to understand the key uses of steaming your vagina with herbs. Let’s find out what yoni eggs and herbal steaming can do for your yoni!

An Eastern technique for restoring feminine wellness, I was smitten by yoni herbal steams when my PMS started becoming severe. I was a hot mess with thrush, soreness, hot flashes, mood swings and despicable hair fall. What got me back on my feet are calendula and rosemary herbs that I used for steaming my vagina.

After 10 years of successfully experimenting with yoni herbal steams, I am ready to share the secret ingredient to get rid of any yoni issues you have. Find out your secret antidote NOW!

1.    Tightening the Vagina with Yoni Herbal Steam

Do you feel your vagina becomes loose during sex? Every woman goes through this and it's totally normal. It’s not that your vagina is broken. Don’t freak out. The muscles have lost their sensitivity and strength of zero exercise. All you need is a 3-month work out with yoni steams that uses the right herbs.

Aging, natural delivery, and reproductive disorders can loosen the vaginal walls. Herbs such as gooseberries, aloe vera, and Pueraria Mirifica are the most effective ingredients for a herbal yoni steam.

2.    Cozy Menstruation by Steaming Yoni with Herbs

Did you know menstruation can turn heavy when there is old blood? From endometriosis to menstrual cramps, over 80% of women suffer from an array of menstrual problems. Herbs such as basil and lemon balm are ideal for decreasing menstrual pains as they eject the old blood residue naturally.

Remember to never do yoni steaming during your menstruation. It should be complete before ovulation for the effects to work by the time you meditate.

3.    End to Stomach Pains and Digestive Issues

Do you know your reproductive health is directly connected with your metabolism? When you use a herbal yoni steam, your vaginal walls absorb the hot air to plump up first. Next, the volatile oils from the herbal steam enter the bloodstream. Hence, the steam activates your entire pelvic floor including the stomach.

Using a herb like a mugwort for steaming the yoni can work fast on the digestive system. The best way to get all the benefits of yoni steaming is the way I did. Steam your yoni with mugwort today and chamomile tomorrow for 5 weeks. You will notice visible weight loss too!

4.    Reproductive Organ Health with Yoni Steam

When I first did my yoni steam, I was freaked out. Like I told you, my system was freaking out that I thought my vagina was broken. The main problem was the thrush that kept coming 3-5 days before the period. Believe it or not, after steaming with Calendula, my vagina felt like it was snowboarding in alps. The inflammations went down and I never had to worry about thrush stressing me out ever!

From hemorrhoids to PCOS and uterus cysts or impotency, yoni steaming can repair your vagina by directly killing the bacteria in your yoni. If you suffer from vaginal odor during ovulation like me, using Oregano yoni steam is ideal.

5.    Hormonal Stability through Yoni Steaming

Do you know the pH of your vagina? It ranges from 3 to 4.8 so that the acidic medium can keep the bacteria out. When I yoni steamed I could feel the steam going into my pelvic area as well as the brain.

My acne on the forehead which used to my BFF during periods stopped and my mood swings stopped before that. It was a dream come true because my breasts were not tender before menstruation once I began yoni steaming with juniper and cedar.

6.    Better Sex through Yoni Herbal Steaming

Do you know the vagina can stretch up to 200% of its original size? YEAH, we are not kidding because I have seen it with my own.

From lubrication to increased sensitivity, steaming your vagina can significantly help in regenerating cells through improved blood circulation. It brings alive the vaginal cells that stopped working due to stagnancy by strengthening your Pelvic floor.

Key herbs that make your vagina sensitive with steaming are witch hazel and yarrow. If your target is enhancing sex postpartum, yarrow and raspberry leaf are perfect.

7.    Pelvic floor strengthening and vag-detox

Detoxing your vagina from toxins is the effect of vaginal steaming with herbs. I mean, it happens whether or not you like it. But, once you make a habit of yoni steaming, the vaginal muscles get stronger.

It’s more than just pelvic floor tightening. You begin to spend time with your yoni. Be it self-pleasure or peace, herbal yoni steam creates an emotional closeness to your yoni. If you don’t know what to use for enhancing the detox of yoni steam, use marigold or damiana twice a week for 6 weeks to see results.   

How to Do a Yoni Herbal Steam with Yoni Eggs?

What is so Awesome about Yoni Herbal Steam with Yoni Eggs? Learning how to do a yoni steam with herbs of choice is easy. It takes 30 minutes in total and I will tell you how to wiggle around the yoni steam recipe to get exactly what you want.

Ingredients for a Yoni Herbal Steam

  • Seat with a Hole
  • Pot (with lid)
  • Herbs
  • Water

How to Do a Yoni Steam with Herbs

  1. Take a cup of dried herbs or a palm full of fresh herbs.
  2. Add 8-10 Cups of water to the pot.
  3. Bring it to a boil on low heat within 3 minutes.
  4. Turn the heat off.
  5. Close the pot and wait 5 minutes.
  6. Check the heat of the steam.
  7. Your Herbal Yoni Steam is done!

Before you go …

Yoni steaming is an ancient art that comes from Korean legends and folklore. To be honest, yoni steaming made me good, y’know. I was normal and healthy during my PMS/ PMDD after doing a 20-minute yoni herbal steam. It was life-changing because most of us often ignore our feminine yoni problems and it ends up ruining relationships and happiness altogether.

Don’t suffer the pain. Instead, choose for a yoni herbal steam. It is DIY and Quick to do. Ask us any doubt in the comments below about yoni herbal steams for vaginal health and I will get back to within 12 hours I promise!

Stay powerful~

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