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Trending Gemstone Jewelry Styles of 2018

Trending Gemstone Jewelry Styles of 2018

Healing Crystals were a total rockstar at parties and billboards last year. 2018 comes with truckloads of surprise trends for gemstone jewelry wearers. Get ready because we have the list to make your 2018 a smashing year with a #JewelryMakeover. These are powerful, handmade and completely rocking to highlight your attire and looks!

Which Gemstones to use as Jewelry in 2018


If you’re a fashion minded crystal user, we have picked the best gemstone jewelry styles of 2018 to rock your style. These are trendy and magical to heal you externally and internally. With chakra powers and feng shui goodies, wearing the right gemstone jewelry in the Year of the Dog can magnetize good fortune to your way.

1.      Geode Pendant Necklaces

Natural Geode Pendant Necklace

Available in over nine colors, Geode Pendant necklaces are a surefire way to keep yourself safe and happy throughut the year. It is a bold statement accessory and a must-have for crystal lovers all over the world. The geode pendant necklace is available in multicolour, purple, rose, pink, white, grey, brown, green, indigo and peach shades.

Geodes are storehouses of energies and having one close to your heart and higher chakras is a clever way to accessorize your aura as well!

2.      Experiment with DIY Chains made of Gemstones

Natural Obsidian Rainbow Eye Transfer Good Luck Bead Pendant Polyester Rope Chain Necklace

Bring colors to your year with Rainbow Obsidian. This magnificent stone, also known as sheen obsidian is a variety of black obsidian with reflecting luster under the eye of bright lights. This is excellent for making a DIY Gemstone Chain because we’ve designed it for crafty people like you.

Moreover, rainbow obsidian is filled with the energy of multiple chakras, primarily that of the root chakra for protection. Amulets are becoming a hot trend so, crack it with a DIY healing crystal chain right NOW!

3.      Make a Style Statement with Bead Bracelets

Set of 2 Buddha Yoga and Meditation Black Onyx & Matte Agate Bracelet

A wild mix of two philosophies, Buddhism and Hinduism, this style statement bead bracelet sets your record and aura straight. It is cleverly mixed with black onyx and matte agate to make your aura charismatic and charming.

Designed with a cable-wire chain, the style statement bead bracelet is top of the Style charts of 2018. Get your adjustable unisex talisman made of double gemstones for making a timeless New Year!

4.      Dragon Veins Crystal Pendulum to Balance your Looks

Dragon Veins Gem Stone Pendulum Healing Dowsing Reiki Chakra and Chain

Crystal Pendulums are surely hip. But who though dragon veins crystal pendulum could be so powerful! If you want to encourage courage and growth in your New Year, use a crystal pendulum pendant to always keep your mind and body in check.

Dragon veins crystal pendulum can balance your vibrations and make your base chakra stronger. It is excellent for those with a lack of focus or direction in life. It will also help you stick to your New Year resolutions easily!

5.      Agate Bee Ring for the Highlights

Agate Bee Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Are you a bee lover? We’ve got a surprise gift that matches your tastes! Get a base chakra gemstone ring to keep your aura balanced and activated at all times. It raises your consciousness and opens you to new thoughts.

Agate Bee Ring can highlight your inner glow regardless of the attire you wear it with. It can also heal diseases of the mind as well as your aura. To make a startling impression, get the agate bee earrings too!

6.      Abalone Shell Pendants

Natural Blue New Zealand Abalone Shell Bead Pendant

Offering 12 varied types of abalone blue shell pendants of all sizes, these are a great addition to your #2018Styles. From butterfly to stars, geometric patterns, fish, tortoise, crown and tooth, abalone pendants are available in extensive varieties to suit your tastes.

The solitaire type shell pendants are a great hit for beachwear as well as casual wear. Abalone shells also possess healing powers. They can raise your intuition and help you see through the spiritual darkness. Abalone shell pendants bring peace, calm and contentment into your life.

7.      Natural Gemstone Handmade Bracelets

Natural Beryl Morganite Bracelet

Another way to hack as a charismatic gemstone jewelry wearer in 2018 is by getting your own artsy handmade gemstones. You can do so by getting a variety of beaded bracelets and string them together as a DIY project!

Natural healing crystal bracelets like in the picture are a rare find. This is made 100% with beryl and morganite gemstones. It will heal your spiritual and physical energies swiftly. Get your own bracelet to heal your essential chakras right away!

Before you go...

Trending Gemstone Jewelry Styles of 2018

It is not easy to make the right choice when you’re working with gemstone jewelry. You might love a stone, but not its cut or style to match with the attire. To make your style speak for itself, pick one among the above fashionable gemstone jewelry and rock your looks. Name the one trendy healing crystal jewelry that caught your eye!

Which gemstone caught your glance?

Tell us all about your experience of using gemstones for fashion in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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