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Top 23 Meaningful Necklaces For Guys

Top 23 Meaningful Necklaces For Guys

Looking to upgrade your collection? We’ve picked the top best 23 meaningful necklaces for guys with healing crystals in shapes and symbols that are ages old. If you’re a man with spiritual awareness and beliefs, wearing pendants and unique men’s necklaces with meaning will highlight your personality. Your accessories can also be a conversation starter besides attracting other people towards you. Let’s find the best necklace for you or your guy!

Special 23 Meaningful Necklaces for Guys

A good necklace made for men with unique meaning is hard to come by. That’s why, we’ve decided to help you out to find the perfect meaningful necklace for you. It can welcome new changes and invite promising opportunities into your life. Are you ready to find out the necklace that will lead you to your destiny?

1.            Rose Quartz Dowsing Pendulum

rose quartz pendulum necklace for guys

Natural Rose Pink Quartz Pendulum Pendant; Price: $33.00 USD

A beautiful chakra wand necklace that is used for dowsing, this is a powerful way to align all your chakras. Rose quartz pendulum has seven chakra crystals that charge and awaken all your major chakra points in the body.

2.            Raw Citrine Meaningful Necklace For Guys

Natural Citrine Stone Pendant

Classic Natural Citrine Stone Pendant; Price: $22

When you hold a citrine, it opens your sacral chakra where the life force energy dwells. You will feel confident and strong when you wear this citrine. It is a meaningful necklace with metaphysical attributes to attract wealth towards you.

3.            Dragon’s Heart Labradorite Necklace

Dragon's Heart Labradorite necklace for guys

Dragon's Heart Labradorite Pendant Necklace; Price: $25.99

Looking akin to a Spectrolite, this Labradorite pendant is one with vivid colors. However you wear it, the dragon’s heart pendant will make your throat chakra powerful. Your speech will be charismatic and wise.

4.            Tortoise Necklace For Guys

Turtle Blue Fire Opal

Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Blue Fire Opal Pendant; Price: $46.95

Do you know the turtle and tortoise stand for longevity and patience? Wearing the turtle necklace will make you a winner. It stands for wisdom and knowledge. Meaningful blue fire opal tortoise necklace empowers your throat chakra to boost your self-esteem.

5.            Smoky Quartz Star Necklace For Guys

Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal Star Pendant necklace for men

Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal Star Pendant; Price: $49.00

One for confusions and doubts, smoky quartz is a higher and lower chakra stone. It grounds you with the help of charged root or base chakra. Wearing this star pendant will protect you against hexes and evil eyes.

6.            Black Tourmaline Orgone Necklace For Men

Black Tourmaline Waterdrop Orgonite Pendant for men

Black Tourmaline Waterdrop Orgonite Pendant; Price:$65.00 USD

Wearing orgone is ideal for cleansing bad energies. It will keep radiation away from your space if you wear it all day. Be it pollution or evil eye, you will be under protection at all times. It is a stone for confidence and will power besides strength.

7.            Green Fluorite Hexagon Pendant Necklace For Guys

 Green Fluorite necklace for men

Green Fluorite Pendant Necklace for Guys; Price $30.00 USD

A crystal with parallelogram shape, green fluorite connects you with the nature around you. It can bring balance and stability to your life. Green fluorite is a stone for thought and focus. It is perfect for men because the hexagon shape on your necklace looks rad.

8.            Amethyst Necklace Pendant For Men

Amethyst Quartz Crystal necklace for men

Natural Amethyst Quartz Crystal Pendant; Price: $27.00 USD

The stone of sobriety and spiritual awareness, amethyst necklace for men makes you look influential and charismatic. It is a stone that opens your crown chakra to give you foresight and insight. Amethyst necklace for men brings wisdom and quick-thinking too.

9.            Tiger Eye Buddha Pendant Necklace For Men

Tiger Eye Buddha pendant necklace for guys

Tiger Eye Buddha Pendant Necklace for Men; Price: $60.00 USD

Buddha is more than an idea right now. If you believe or follow Buddhism or Buddhist principles, this Buddha pendant is perfect for you. Tiger eye is a stone of focus and concentration. It will make you see the reality you’re missing around you.

10.         Hearthstone Pendant Charm Necklace For Guys  

Hearthstone Glass Round Pendant Charm Necklace for guys

Hearthstone Glass Round Pendant Charm Necklace; Price: $12.95 USD

A bronze style hearthstone pendant that looks as if it was molded from a fireplace, this charm necklace is one of a kind. It glows beautifully and comes on a bronze style chain that goes with casual and party wear.

11.         Mookaite Jasper Necklace For Guys

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Wand Pendant for Men

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Wand Pendant 1 Pc; Price $39.00 USD

The crystal known to stop or reverse aging, mookaite jasper is good for the skin. It can give strength and energy to your spine to help you develop a healthy lifestyle. Mookaite jasper also protects you against dangers and accidents.

12.         Red Jasper Axe Pendant For Men

Ax Pendant Necklace for Men

Ax Pendant Necklace for Men; Price: $19.95

Let this pendant be your battle axe. It will protect you against troubles and safeguard your spirit in challenges. Red jasper is a grounding stone that connects with the root chakra to make you feel relaxed and optimistic.

13.         White Blue Fire Opal Men’s Cross Necklaces

White & Blue Fire Opal Cross Pendant for guys

White & Blue Fire Opal Cross Pendant Necklace; Price:$27.00 USD

Cross necklace for guys in white and blue fire opal signifies destiny. The light of the Cross will enlighten your way. If you’re a disciple of Christ, this will help to tone your personality with the power of throat and crown chakras of the crystals on the cross necklace.

14.         Green Morganite Celtic Necklace For Men

Green Morganite celtic necklace for guys

Green Morganite Celtic Necklace for Men; Price:$175.00 USD

A celtic symbol embossed on the green Morganite makes it powerful and special. The exclusive green Morganite can awaken your heart chakra and guide your path to success. With a celtic symbol, it becomes the key to your manifestations using affirmations and incantations.

15.         Horseshoe Opalite Pendant For Men

Horseshoe Fine Pendant Necklace for Men

Horseshoe Fine Pendant Necklace for Men; Price: $29.95 USD 

A powerful stone that reflects the iridescence of the moon, Opalite is a powerful and meaningful stone for guys. It is a symbol of luck and good fortune. You will be embraced with wealth and prosperity when you wear the horseshoe pendant.

16.         Wolf Tooth Boho Pendant Necklace Layered For Guys

Tribal Bohemian Wolf Tooth Pendant With Braided Leather Rope Multi Layer Tibetan Beads Necklace

Tribal Bohemian Wolf Tooth Pendant Beads Necklace; Price: $17.95 USD

The symbol of intuition and guidance, wolf tooth necklace brings courage to the wearer too. The perfect meaningful necklace to accent your style and spirituality, this is perfect if your spirit animal is a wolf too. It is layered in three to protect you from evil.

17.         Star Of David Fire Opal Pendant

Star of David & Cross Fire Opal Silver Pendant for Guys

Star of David & Cross Fire Opal Silver Pendant Necklace for Men; Price: $27.00 USD

Called the shield of David, Star of David pushes the evil away from you. When set with a cross in the middle, this star of David awakens your Christ Consciousness too. The pink, blue and white fire opals open your heart, throat and crown chakras together.

18.         Viking Thor Hammer For Guys

Viking Thor Hammer Amulet Pendant Necklace for Guys

Viking Thor Hammer Amulet Pendant Necklace; Price: $27 USD

If you’re a fan of Thor, this Viking Thor Hammer is the best necklace for men. It is a symbol of protection, courage and power. Wearing the Thor hammer can kickstart many conversation and give you a cool look.

19.         Elephant Fire Opal Necklace For Men

Pink Fire Opal Elephant Pendant for Men

Pink Fire Opal Elephant Pendant; Price: $19.90 USD

Another symbol of compassion and protection, elephant is the harbinger of good fortune too. The pink fire opal cultivates love and power from people around you. It commands the mind to keep you calm and relaxed.

20.         Chrysoprase Pendant For Men

Chrysoprase Chain Pendant necklace for men

Chrysoprase Chain Pendant Necklace; Price:$38 USD

An abundance and prosperity stone, Chrysoprase can bring harmony and peace to the man wearing it. This tooth chrysoprase pendant necklace will bring you joy and happiness from the divine. It calms anxiety and alleviates your depression.

21.         Bismuth Necklace For Guys

Multi-Color Bismuth Necklace for Guys

Multi-Color Bismuth Necklace for Men; Price:$57.00 USD

One of the unique crystals of leadership and power, Bismuth awakens your hidden potential and confidence. Wearing the Bismuth necklace makes your powerful self wake up. It connects you to everything around you.

22.         Amber Acorn Pendant Necklace For Men

Acorn Cone Pendant Amber for Men

Acorn Cone Pendant Necklace; Price:$12.00 USD


Amber is the stone of wealth and prosperity. When you wear this amber acorn pendant, it shows your connection to the nature as well. Amber acorn is perfect for the man who hikes and treks. Are you one? Amber acorn can awaken your sacral chakra to make you feel alive.

23.         Black Tourmaline Aphrizite Pendant Necklace For Guys

 Black Tourmaline Aphrizite Necklace for Men

Black Tourmaline Aphrizite Necklace for Men; Price: $59.00 USD

A protection stone that wards off the energy vampires coming at you from people who hate you or are jealous of you, black tourmaline Aphrizite necklace for men grounds you by affecting the root chakra.


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